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January, 2008 | Windows Vista Blog

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Entries for January, 2008

Repair Windows Vista the Easy Way

Did you know that the majority of all software issues related to Windows Vista can be resolved by just doing a system restore? I’m not talking about reloading your Windows Vista operating system or even using the Windows Vista Restore disk. Think of the Windows Vista Restore as a way to send your computer back […]

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Transfer Files from XP to Vista | How to Guide

Now that you bought your new Vista computer you may be wondering how are you going to transfer all your data from the old XP computer to the new Windows Vista computer. Not to worry we have you covered. We will go over the free Windows easy transfer already installed on your computer and a […]

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Ready Boost Use This Device Greayed Out

So you have heard about ready boost and got all excited to use your USB device only to find out you can’t.  Well not to worry we have a work around for using those older USB devices that windows Vista deems not worthy.  Follow this instruction set to get up and going and give Vista […]

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Remove Startup programs in Vista

With windows Vista it is easier then ever to eliminate those startup programs that you just don’t need. Simply open up Windows Defender and select “tools” then software explorer.  Here you will see all those programs that are auto starting on you.  Do not remove them all because many are needed.  You want to remove […]

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Speed up Vista with one Click

If your are looking for an easy way to speed up your New Windows Vista operating system then this program is for you.  While it works great be sure and read the full review before purchasing. Tune-Up Utilities will speed your system up by doing the following, Defragmenting your hard drive, repairing the registry, easily […]

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Find What Processes Are Runing with Process Explorer

Have you ever been working on your computer and all the sudden you hear your hard drive working hard.  Has your computer just slowed down for 30 seconds and then gone back to normal.  Well if it has and your running Windows Vista you now have a great free tool from Microsoft to help you […]

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