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February, 2008 | Windows Vista Blog

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Entries for February, 2008

Virtumonde Removal and Vundo Removal

since we wrote our vundo removal article just a few weeks ago we noticed that thousands of people are viewing and commenting on that article. It appears there was no single site dedicated for the vundo virus and it’s removal. Well that has changed. I spent the last 16 hours building a site for ONLY […]

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Run Windows Vista on a Mac

You heard me right. You can Run Windows Vista on a Mac. Many of you out there have been eying the Slick looking Mac models but never took the plunge because you have way to many windows applications that will not run on a mac. Many games are PC based and even Smartphones and some […]

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Why you should run a Spyware Scan even if you don’t show signs of being infected

Even if you do not have any signs of being infected with spyware you should still run some free scans to ensure you are not. Nothing worse then finding out after the fact that your identity or personal information has been stolen. All the programs listed here are either 100% free or at least offer […]

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Protect Your Smart Phone from Viruses and Intruders

You knew it had to be coming. As of today Norton has developed a Smart phone Security Suit to protect all Smart phones from viruses, worms and hackers. All I can say is it’s about time!!!!! I’m sure you have started to hear about people getting their personal pictures and files stolen right off their […]

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Computer Will Not Turn On

As with every Monday we try and post an answer to common computer issues.  this guide will walk you through the basic trouble shooting tips for computer that will not turn on.  Computer Will Not Turn On If this is a Desktop read the following.  If this is a notebook Jump to 2. For desktop […]

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Configuring the Windows Vista Firewall

Configuring your Windows Vista Firewall is not a hard thing to do.  Think of the firewall as a brick wall.  The wall blocks people and programs from getting into your computer and also blocks programs from getting out.  In many instances you will need to allow programs to gain access to the web so they […]

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