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April, 2008 | Windows Vista Blog

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Entries for April, 2008

PC to PC Data Transfer

We have been getting a ton of questions on how to do a PC to PC Data Transfer. It’s no real surprise when you consider everyone moving over to Windows Vista. The most requested data transfer guide is how to transfer XP to Vista? Because of this we have dedicated a whole new site just […]

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Internet exploer 7 seven printing html code

Is this you? When you try and print in IE7 ( internet explorer 7 ) your printer just spills out a bunch of giberish other wise known as html code. Well if this is you then there are some very simple fixes for the printing html code. I have seen some people out there writing […]

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How To Secure Wireless Netowrk With Vista

Setting up a wireless network on Vista and Securing your wireless network on Vista is the same as XP. the security for your wireless device is not on the computer. the encryption and security is setup on the wirless router. The best way to figure out how to setup security on your wireless router is […]

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Top Rated PC Backup Software

Because there is such a serious probability of something going wrong with your computer at some point in time, it is really imperative that you take the proper precautions beforehand. This means having your computer fully backed up, so that in case it ever crashes you will still be able to retrieve all your important […]

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PC Repair Online: Safety Issues and Frequently Asked Questions

PC repair online is becoming a new trend that people opt for on fixing their computers. This is due to the numerous benefits it could give you. Some of these benefits include convenience, affordability and efficiency. However, there are some issues or questions that you may be concerned about especially if you’re new into having […]

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Backing up your computer

We have just got done writing two great guides for backing up your Vista and XP computer. both of these articles can be found at How To Backup A Computer and Backup Vista Home Premium

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