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October, 2008 | Windows Vista Blog

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Entries for October, 2008

Registry Cleaner – Freeware VS Commercial

Let’s compare both freeware registry cleaner and commercial registry cleaner, highlight each other differences and how to use them for your advantage. Advantages of freeware: Pros #1 – No Cost. You need not pay any money to use them. Pros #2 – Can combine many cleaners for best errors detection and result. Pros #3 – […]

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Keeping Important Files Safe – How to Backup your Computer

The majority of us know that we should be backing up our data.If you’ve been lucky enough to never have a computer crash on you then realize that you’re a lucky fella and there’s never been a better time then right now to start backing up your important data. There’s a few tips and items […]

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How To Undelete Deleted Files

Your first reaction if you’ve just accidentally deleted a file on your computer is probably to go to the recycle bin. If you deleted the file from the “right” place, there’s a good chance that your file will be sitting there and you can just right click your mouse and select “Restore”. But what can […]

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Small Business Backup Software

As a computer repair expert and network admin I know how important it is to have a  small business backup plan in place.  My company servce many small businesses and in almost every case none of them had a backup solution in place.  Once we explain to them how cheap it really can be to […]

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History of Bluetooth

Bluetooth history Bluetooth takes its name from a character in history called Harald Bluetooth. He was born in 910AD and the Bluetooth concept takes his name because in 940AD he had the ability to Unite two warring countries, Denmark and Norway. It was because of the uniting of two countries by Harald Bluetooth that the […]

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Finding Careers In Computer Animation.

Nowadays, there are more ways to find careers in computer animation than ever before. Back before the age of cheap and powerful computers, animation careers were hard to come by. The equipment  needed was extremely expensive, the technical expertise requirements were very demanding, and the job was time-consuming. For these reasons, becoming a professional animator […]

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