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January, 2009 | Windows Vista Blog

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Entries for January, 2009

I keep Forgetting My Password

All of us have been there and more then once.  How many times have you gone to a website and were like !@# I don’t no the user name and password I used.  Think about it for a second!  How many user names and passwords do you have?  As a blogger and someone who has […]

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To-Do Or Not To-Do – Ask Outlook 2007

  The Outlook 2007 To-Do Bar pulls together information from Outlook 2007’s Calendar and Tasks views making it simple to keep track of what you need to do. You used to have to check the different views to find this information, now it is right there where you can work with it almost instantly. Every […]

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Selecting The Right All In One Printer To Fit Your Needs

Hp All In One Printer Video Purchasing an all in one printer can be a great economical decision.  For the price of roughly one average model printer you can purchase a basic all in one printer that has three times the capabilities.  An all in one printer can offer a variety of different options in […]

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007 Spy Gadgets

You have surely seen a lot of James Bond Movies in the past. A lot of us have always wanted to put our hands on some of those really cool 007 spy gadgets that he was using. Whenever something bad happened, he would just use one and get away with being unhurt. Now although most […]

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Hiding your Files in Full view

Your thinking why would someone choose an Internet backup system. Well, there’s a whole bunch of reasons. First, you can use the Internet to backup your data instead of dedicated hardware or software. If you have Internet access, your good to go.Second, you can retreive your files from any computer connected to the Internet (well, […]

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Has Your Business Planned For A Data Disaster?

  Many businesses risk grave losses due to failures and disasters yet continue to depend on un-validated tape backups should they need to recover from a major outage. Implementing a disaster recovery plan can be time consuming and daunting; to the point which many simply put it off. Through some basic steps, businesses can better […]

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