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January, 2009 | Windows Vista Blog - Part 2

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Data Recovery And Why It Is Always Best Left To The Experts

In recent times with the “Credit Crunch” beginning to bite a lot of people may well be tempted to try to repair or recover their data from a failed hard disk drive or memory stick. Alternatively they try to use recovery software, which is easily available on the net, can be paid for and downloaded […]

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Is Blu-Ray the answer for film?

Going high definition was high on our Christmas lists this year as sales as reputation of the Blu-Ray movies rocketed through the roof. In all honesty, I hadn’t seen what a Blu-Ray was capable of until I had looked at one my brother had purchased. When I saw the quality and clarity a Blu-Ray disc […]

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Are all Click Bank products crap?

If there is one thing we all hate it’s a crap product or service.  I’ll be honest here.  I sell afiliate products online and have done so for the last few years.  Over my two year span I just see time and again crap products being pushed on people.  Anything from junk Security products to […]

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How To Stop My Xbox 360 From Freezing Up?

“Why the heck does my Xbox 360 keeps freezing up?!” Is this the biggest frustrations you ever had since you started playing console games? I can bet more than 50% of Xbox 360 users are experiencing this Xbox 360 freezing up problem, so if your Xbox 360 keeps freezing up, you actually have a few […]

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A High-End GPS System – Garmin Nuvi 760

The Garmin Nuvi 760 GPS Navigation System is among the best offerings that can be found for navigations. The maps that come with the Nuvi 760 cover all of North America so you can journey to the United States, Canada, or Mexico and have your navigator to aid you. Features The readout on the Garmin […]

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Here’s a few detective tricks that are now available for anybody to use

Hey – call me a geek if you want, but since I was young I have been fascinated by spy tools.  Back in the day I was a huge detective movie fan and was frequently buying different spy gadgets.  Ok, Ok – I’m a geek! Ok, so today I don’t read Sherlock Holmes anymore, but […]

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