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April, 2009 | Windows Vista Blog

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Entries for April, 2009

Rural High Speed Internet Access

Rural High Speed Internet Access Finding Rural High Speed Internetp can be a big challenge for most.  The good news here is you can finally ditch dial-up and get high speed internet even if you live out in the country side. Many of us love to live in rural areas.  The people are kinder and […]

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Surveillence Detection Devices

Everyone has heard of the secret spy gadgets that are available to spy on people like multi functional watches or night vision goggles. But are people aware of other gadets that are used to detect. Everyone knows about ways to spy on people using secret gadgets like covert cameras disguised to look like everyday house […]

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Why You Need A Backup Recovery Process?

recover deleted files As we become more and more dependent on computers, we must realize that they are not perfect. Unfortunately, most times we do not think about backup recovery issues until important data is lost. Data backup and recovery should be used as a safety precaution and not thought of as a last ditch […]

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Awesome New Spy Gadgets

With the latest Bond film, Quantum of Solace, being released recently, here are some great spy gadgets that will satisfy anyones spy fantasies. Unfortunately they are not cheap things to buy. Land Rover Defender 10 (£67,850) – This car may not look wonderful, however, it could take a punch, or well anything you want to […]

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Robotic Arm Uses

robotics technology Cybernetics professor Kevin Warwick professes to be the “first Cyborg.” Project Cyborg began in August of 1998, when Warwick implanted a computer chip into his left arm, which later allowed him to open doors, move a robotic hand and operate an electronic wheelchair. The implant also allowed him to tap into the Internet […]

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An Overview Of The Electron Microscope

microscope images An electron microscope can offer a person many different types of advantages over other microscopes. If someone has never used one of the many types of electron microscopes, then they are seriously missing out. This type of microscope offers more clarity and a better magnification than most any other type of microscope on […]

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