In order to be able to transfer files from Vista to Windows 7 it is important to first decide on the exact selection of data that needs to be migrated. Once the selection has been made, there are several methods by which transferring files from Vista to Windows 7 can be accomplished.

Even if by many experts burning data on external storage disks such as CD or DVD is considered as a rudimentary solution, it is still one of the primary methods of transferring files from Vista to Windows 7. However, due to the fact that most likely the PC user will have a large volume of data for backup, such as media, installers and other possible large archives, transferring files from Vista to Windows 7 by burning them on a DVD and then copying them back to the target operating system may prove to be a redundant and inefficient method.  This is an option you really should only use if you have very little data to be transferred over and even in those cases I would personally just use a USB thumb drive also known as a USB jump drive.

Perhaps the best option out there for most people is to use a third party software program that was built for the purpose of transferring over data to a new computer from the old one.  Laplink PCmover, software specialized in managing the process of file transfer from Vista to Windows 7, has been published and appreciated by most software reviewers. As a matter of fact, Laplink PCmover is capable to assist in the file transfer process between any older version of Windows and Windows 7, turning it into the perfect software companion when upgrading to the latest operating system released by Microsoft.

As an alternative, when upgrading from Vista to Windows 7, it is also possible to use Easy Transfer Wizard. Windows Easy Transfer has been designed to aid in the process of transferring files from Vista to Windows 7 in order to allow Microsoft operating system users to transfer personal files such as e-mail, files and various data from an old computer setup to a new one.   However this program does not transfer over programs.  To do that you would have to use the Laplink PCmover program.  Also with the Easy Transfer Wizard you will need to install your programs first on the Windows 7 computer in order for data to be imported correctly from whatever program settings you are transferring over.  This tool is not always the easiest to use but it can get the job done just fine for many people.

Regardless of the solution that a PC user will find more suitable for his own particular case, there are several options by which it is possible and comfortable to transfer files from Vista to Windows 7. In the end, it is all about scalability and usability, according to each operating system and especially according to the volume of files that need to be transferred from Vista to Windows 7.

We do recommend transferring the data over a network or directly to a new computer using the Laplink PCmover software and a data transfer cable.

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