For all those people who want to upgrade from Windows XP to Widnows 7 I have great news. There is now a way to do it with out having to jump through a hundred hoops.

As many people know Microsoft does not support a direct upgrade to Windows 7 on XP computers. This has made things very hard for all those who did not want to use Vista and have been waiting for Windows 7.

There are two standard ways to do an upgrade to Windows 7 from XP but only one of them will preserve all your programs and the currents settings as well as all your documents. The method involves using PCmover Upgrade Assistant. With this very affordable program you can very easily upgrade your computer with out loosing any data at all. This program has worked great on two test computers of ours. The only catch is you need to purchase multiple licenses if you are going to be installing Windows 7 on multiple computers.

The only other way to upgrade from Widnows XP to Widnows 7 and keep all your current programs is to first upgrade XP to Vista and then upgrade again to Windows 7. This is a big pain for most and why would you want to purchase a whole other operating system just to be able to upgrade to Windows 7 from XP. It just does not make sense.

Those are the only two options we have been able to find that will work to easily migrate all your current programs over to the new operating system with out having to re-install and re-register them.

Other options you can consider

Another option you can consider if you do not wish to purchase PCmover Upgrade Assistant is to wipe your XP computer then install Widnows 7 onto it. Of course you would need to do a data backup first. You can use the Windows Easy Trasnfer method and do a delayed external backup onto a seperate hard drive or over the network. Then wipe off XP and upgrade with Windows 7. We should point out that this method will not transfer over any of your current software programs and that you will need to re-install them all. In order to transfer over programs you would need to use the PCmover Upgrade Assistant.

For those that are trasnfering Data from an Old Windows XP Machine to a New Windows 7 computer you have other options

If you needed to migrate all your programs over from XP to Windows 7 then you should use the regular PCmover program. This program works great at moving all your data including all the programs you select and custom settings over to a new Windows 7 computer. This is the simplest way to go for sure to transfer data from XP to Widnows 7.

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