When it comes to backing up your data you have hundreds of options out there.  Most people never think to have an online backup service.  Chances are if you are reading this then you are one of the few who actually thought about how important your data is.  It might be your photo’s, business files, a grand worth of music.  Whatever your reason is your still one of the few.

Having an online Vista backup service protects your data against water, fire and even some punk breaking into your home and stealing your computer.  You can recover all your lost files.  Most services out there charge by how much data you store on the remote server and it can be in the hundreds per month for people like me who have over 500Gigs of personal files.  Well there is another solution out there and it’s under 5 bucks a month for unlimited storage.  I’m not talking some junk fly by night company either.  Chances are when I say the name you already know who they are.  The company is called carbonite and there website is www.carbonite.com.  This company is one of the few that have been around since backing up data went online.  They also have a sweet 14 day trial that you don’t even plug a credit card into.  It’s super rare that a company does not have you fill out 10 mintues worth of forms before you use their fre trial software.  This is one product you ar sure to love if you need an online Vista backup solution.

One great things about carbonite is the ability to restore a previous version of a file.  We have all at one piont or time changed a word file by accident and lost a ton of work.  Now all you have to do is log into your carbonite account and open up the original document.  It is a sweet.

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