Today I got my hands on two G1 phones.  I know it’s been out for only about two weeks now but already I have another setup for a client early next week.  This quick guide will go over several of the issues I ran into when using the G1 phone.

It was very simple to get gmail up and going but as I already learned before the client setup Outlook was going to be a totally seperate issue.  Here are a few tips to help others out.

( Update:  There is now an import tool created to export all of Outlooks folders and e-mails into Gmail.  Go to

Use the Google Sync software located at . This software is easy to install and will sync your calendar.  This feature is very sweet and perhaps the only upside I have seen for e-mail.  Just install and plug in your g-mail account and in about 5 mintues your callenders from outlook, g-mail and your G1 phone are synced.

For contacts it’s not that easy.  In fact I had a hard time manually doing it.  If your existing SIM card already has all your contacts then it will make it a little easer.  You can import them in under contacts then add contacts then hit the menu and import all.  It only imports User names and phone numbers however.

The work around is to open up out look and then select your contacts folder now on top hit file and then “Import / Export”. Select export to a file and then select the “Export to Comma seperate Windows File.  Now save the file  to a known location like your desktop.  Now you have to log into G-Mail and select the “Contacts” folder located on the left hand side under the INBOX Folders.  Now you will see an Import / Export option on the top right hand side.  Import the contacts in.  I had to attempt it 5 times for it to work so if you get an error message the first time don’t worry.  Just try it a few more times.

There are other ways to sync contacts that might be easier.  Check out this plug-in

The third method we found works very well for syncing contacts and your callendar.  However the google sync software is better for the callendar but this will work great for getting those contacts over.  They have a free trial so it’s worth a look.  check out

One very anoying thing I ran into is after I set up 4 pop3 accounts on the phone I discovered that the e-mails are not stored on the phone.  Unlike with a Blackberry if the e-mail is removed from the mail server it will also be removed on the G1 phone. This means that if outlook is set to remove the e-mail from the server ( It is by default) then it will be wiped from your G1 phone.  I personally think this is very stupid.

There are a few work arounds.  The best way it to open Outlook and then go to Tools > E-mail Accounts > View or change existing accounts > Change or Edit > More Settings > Advanced Tab > check the box that says leave a copy on my server.  Then you have two other options.  The first is for how many days.  I set this to 30 days.  And the second option is to delete them when you remove it from your deleted folder.  I also checked this box.

Now your e-mails will not disappear every time you open up Outlook.

The other options is to forward all your other e-mail accounts to G-mail.  The down side here is when you reply you do so with your account.  This is not good for most pro’s out there and looks a little ghetto to me.

The last thing I was asked to do was move everything from Outlook like older folders and inbox items into G-mail.  This can be done several different ways but it’s not a straight forward thing to do and I ended up talking the person out of it because anything new coming in will not be synced with the G-mail account.  If you want to move away from Outlook then there is nothing wrong with it but other wise I would not do it.

for those that want to we will write a seperate guide in a day or two detaliling different ways to do it.

Update: If you own your own domain we suggest setting up Goggle aps for your domain and having them host your e-mail.

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