So the question on many peoples minds with the OCT release of Windows 7 is how they are going to transfer data from Windows XP over to Windows 7.

We are first going to look at transferring data from an old computer that has XP to a new computer that has Windows 7.  The option that is going to work best for you will depend largely on the computer skills you have and what current hardware you may own.

For all those that are not tech savvy or those who want to be able to transfer over registry settings and programs then you will have to purchase a third party utility.  the bad news is one does not exist just yet.  Don’t worry I have spoken to PCmover and they have assured me that before Windows 7 is out they will have a data transfer program that will be able to migrate over all XP setting including programs over to windows 7.  I love Laplink PCmover and this is the program I use when I am hired to do data transfers for end users and companies.

For those that have a network setup then transferring the data over the network is you next best option.  you can still use PCMover if you want or if you just want your personal settings and documents then you can use the Easy transfer Wizard that is built into XP and Widnows 7.  The process is not that hard.  Simply open up the program on Windows 7 by typing in Easy transfer wizard.  start the program and run through it till it asks you to start the process on the old computer you want to transfer the data from.  Then on XP go to the Windows Start button > Accessories> System tools > Easy Transfer Wizard and start the process there.

from my personal experience I can tell you the name can be misleading at times.  When transferring over the network I tend to have to run it a few times and it takes a long while.  This is why I just stick with using PCmover and a data transfer cable.  however it does work and it’s a free method.

Another rather easy way is to transfer the data from the old computer using the Easy transfer software and place it onto an external hard drive.  In fact I personally like this method better then doing it over the network because it seems to have less errors. The down side is you would need to purchase an external hard drive if you do not have one and for far less money you can just you PCmover so once again it’s a catch 22.  however you would have the external hard drive in the end.

I am sure that several other software makers are going to have data transfer programs ready when Windows 7 hit’s the stores.  By then Microsoft is sure to have a step by step guide.  As soon as they do I will update this will the latest info.  till then if you have any experience with this feel free to comment.

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