Every few years, a newer version of the most widely used operating system, Microsoft Windows, hits the market. This means that as soon as a new version of Windows comes out, users will be clamoring to upgrade their computers to it. If you have upgraded your version of Microsoft Windows among different computer systems or within the same system, you will know what a hassle it is to move all your files from the old installation to the new one. It is extremely difficult to manually move all the files into the virtually unknown file system of the new Operating System. This problem springs up when a user is attempting to move files from Windows XP to Windows 7 as well. As Windows 7 is the newest operating system and not fully documented, it would be very easy if there were some method to transfer files without having to do it manually.

There are software tools available to perform the ardent task of file transfer across operating systems for you. One such tool is the well-known PC Mover, which can complete the transfer for you in an easy-to-use, quick manner that will completely remove the burden of moving files. For a minimal fee, you will be able to download and install Laplink PC Mover from its homepage: www.laplink.com/.

PC Mover makes it possible to move files within the same computer to a different hard drive or to a different installation of Windows 7. It also allows file transfer to a brand new computer (which has Windows 7 installed) via USB cable. The process is easy and takes little time, as PC Mover will copy files in increments of 4GB each to maximize speed and minimize data loss. Along with files, PC Mover also transfers registry settings, programs and personal user settings such as browser settings, desktop background, favorites and bookmarks. All network and internet settings which make your computer your own personal workspace will also be migrated to the new installation of Windows 7, along with Media playlists and images.

PC users may be hesitant to upgrade to a new operating system such as Windows 7 from their old installation of Windows XP due to fears of losing files and personal data. However, with applications such as PC Mover being available, this fear becomes irrelevant.

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