Please provide a quick solution to restore Internet connectivity. This is not a “virus” issue. Many people have the same problem when removing anti-virus software from their computers. Here are the sequence of events:

1. Uninstalled Kaspersky Anti-Virus 7.0 through a 3rd party uninstaller called Revo.
2. Uninstallation process was not smooth with plenty of traces in Registry.
3. Deleted many items in Registry pertaining to KAV.
4. May have deleted some critical files that are the root of this problem.
5. Lost Internet connection and all network connections were deleted.
6. Uninstalled all network drivers, rebooted and Vista reinstalled again.
7. Yellow triangles next to all drivers including Intel wireless driver & Marvell.
8. Fixed TCP/IP stack and Winsock through command prompt.
9. Ran CCleaner to clean system.
10.Computer is running well with exception to network drivers.
11.Must be a problem with systems32 files that were deleted thinking they belonged to KAV.
12. Turned off System Restore so no going back in time to restore old settings in Registry.
13. Computer: Sony SZ780, T8300, 2.4 GHZ, 7200 RPM, 2GB RAM

Have spent three days researching and feel a solution is close. Please provide all suggestions that may help restore Internet connectivity. The solution will benefit many others. Thank you for taking the time in advance to assist.

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