Is this you?

When you try and print in IE7 ( internet explorer 7 ) your printer just spills out a bunch of giberish other wise known as html code. Well if this is you then there are some very simple fixes for the printing html code. I have seen some people out there writing registery fixes for this but it’s not all that hard.

If you have XP then click the Windows “Start button > Control Panel > Add Remove Programs > Set Program Access and Defaults (this one is on the left bottom side of the box. Now select Custom and press the down arrow over on the right. The First thing you see is : Change a default Web Browser. Choose Internet Explorer or whatever your browser is that you use. Now close and re-open your web browser and click the print button. Walla!!! problem solved.

If you have Vista then click the Windows Start button and then choose “Default Programs” Make IE or whatever your web broswer is your default again and your good to go.

Many people want to know how this happened in the first place. Often times whe you un-install a program like AOL or Earthlink your default web broswer was never re-set. When this happen you get the pinting html code thing.

If this worked for you POST a reply and let us and others know.

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