Why is my computer slow?  That has to be one of the most asked computer repair questions I get.  The best explanation I can give is by making an analogy.  You own a car right?  well every 4000 miles or 3 months you do an oil change to keep your car running smooth.  Then once a year you take it in or at least you should tak it in and get a tune-up done.  All the fluids get checked and if need be you replace the parts needed.

Your computer is no different.  The only difference is it’s on the software side.  Places like your registry need to be cleaned and oiled every few moths to keep your computer runnign smooth.  This helps stop the crashes and will also speed your computer up.

There are several other items that need to be addresses as well.  One of the most important is removing auto starting programs.  Yes you may use adobe and office and photo software as well as a slue of other tools but these programs don’t need to auto start.  Well most programs now adays pre-cache so when you do open them up they open faster.  These programs need to be removed and that alone can make your computer roar again.

Other such things like defrag and the removal of junk temp files will also help to speed your copmuter up.

So the next time someone at work asks why my computer is slow? you can give them a great answer.

Now onto how to speed your computer up!  This is the real part you have been waiting for.  We recommend one of two things or you can always do both.  The first is to download a copy of Registry Mechanic.  This stuff is gold all by itself.  They offer a free trial and it tkaes like 10 seconds to install so you should check it out.  While it will not fix anything you can still demo it out and do the registry scan and hit the computer optimize section.  This is an all in one tool that works wonders on peoples computers.  We use it out in the field to help speed up clients copmuters and yes it works with Vista and XP.

The other method does cost more money but works better.  The reason it works better is because you have a pro do a computer tune-up for you.  The place to go is www.onlinecomputerrepair.org.  We have been sending people their way for years.  This is by far the best online computer repair company we have ever come across.  They remote into your computer and do the tune-up or repair right then and there.  It’s a great way to go and for a third of the cost of having a computer tech out to your house.

regardless of what method you choose you should get a tune-up done once a year or at least every other year.  This will ensure your computer stays problem free.  By taking a pro active role you can keep your copmuter from slowing down.

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