So you have heard about ready boost and got all excited to use your USB device only to find out you can’t.  Well not to worry we have a work around for using those older USB devices that windows Vista deems not worthy.  Follow this instruction set to get up and going and give Vista that shot of adrenaline.

Step 1. Plug in the USB stick, ignore the auto play thing.  Select the windows vista start button.  Now select “Computer”.  Now right click on your USB device and select “properties”. Now you got to select the “Ready Boost” Tab on top.  Check the “DO not retest this device” and press the OK button.

Step 2. Remove the device and hit the windows vista start button again and type in regedit . Now you have to browse down HKLM (Local Machine) -> SOFTWARE -> Microsoft -> Windows NT -> CurrentVersion -> EMDgmt .  You should now see a list on the right that shows the many different USB devices you have used.  You need to select the one that you just unplugged.  Now that you select the device you will now double click on Device Status and change the value to 2 then just hit the ok button.  Double click on for ReadSpeedKBs and WriteSpeedKBs, changing their values to both 1000.

Reboot the computer and stick that disk in.  You should now be able to use the device for Windows Vista Ready Boost.

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