If your are trying to connect a network printer or a shared printer in Windows Vista you may of come across this great error “Windows Cannot Connect to The Printer Access is Denied”. when I first ran into this I ended up uninstalling the firewall on both sides of the systems. The thing was I could see the files and access them just fine. I was even able to share another printer on the network but when I tried sharing and connecting my HP printer it just would not work. Now I have not spent enough time to figure out why this is happening but I do have fix. I would rather have my issue resolved and not know what’s happenign then to know whats happening and not have my issue fixed.

Anyways on to why you came here.

Instead of clicking add network printer just select “Add Local Printer”. Now at the bottom click on “Create a New Port”. You will see the default is “Local Port”. Keep that the same and then click next. Now is were you add in the location to the printer. All you have to do is use the computer’s name you are connecting to and the shared printers name.

It will look like this


BE SURE TO USE THE SHARED PRINTER NAME,  not the regular name of the printer.

so my path was \\COLUMBIA\hpdeskjet5500

That is it. Now you solved your frustating Windows Cannot Connect to The Printer Access is Denied error.

Be sure and respond if this worked of if it did not for you. If it worked then share the wealth and spread the news. You can allways just point people to this article as well.

P.S. The super bowel this Sunday was awesome. I did not have a team in it so I was rutting for the under dog. It was awsome seeing the Giants pull it out.

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