Is Windows Vista Slow for you.  Well you are not alone.  Many people have discovered that the hardware requirements are far more demanding for Vista the XP.  It used to be a Gig of memory was enough but for any person out there that has under 3 gigs of memory you really should consider upgrading your memory. This is just one small factor to why Windows Vista is So Slow.

To see what kind of memory your computer takes and what you currently have here are some links to check out.  they open in a new window so you do not loose your place.

Kingston mem configurator : Just pick your brand and enter your model.  From there you can see exactly what your computer can hold.  Buying online will save you some bucks.  We normally purchase hardware from.  FYI  Go with a 2G DDR2 stick and not a 1G DDR2 stick.  The price difference is not much and if this memory configurator says your computer can hold it then that is what you want.

To see how much memory is currenlty installed on your computer hit the windows start button and then right click on COMPUTER and select “Properties”.  A new window will open and you can read din there how much memory you have installed.

Memory is not the only reason why Windows Vista is Slow.  There are as always many facotrs. One of the biggest things you can do on your computer is get a tune-up for it.  Places like this COMPUTER REPAIR site can help out big time.  They remote into your computer and can fix just about anything.  They do computer tune-ups for only 89 bucks.  It’s a great way to get those quick fixes with out having to pay those high prices.  Besides having a pro check it out you can also consider a registry cleaning program like Registry Mechanic.  We have a direct link to the free trail here at Registry Mechanic.  You have to make a purchase to do the registry cleanign but many of the optimization features are unlocked and ready to use.  It’s a great program that we have been using for years and have found it can speed your comptuer by up to 30%.  For what this program does it’s a great buy.

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