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Discover the Advantages of Today’s Best Wireless Reading Device


Amazon’s new Kindle 2 reader is a great option for many people. This revolutionary wireless reading device offers you an entire library in the palm of your hand, hosting far more books than the previous generation of readers and allowing you to carry them anywhere. This reader also gives you great new options like reading the text aloud and reading all kinds of file formats. Let’s look at some of the reasons it’s a great idea to choose a Kindle 2.

The Kindle is great if you travel. Anyone who loves to read will appreciate being able to have reading material available at all times. It takes up far less space than traditional books, and it’s more durable, too. You can put almost anything you want on it, even converting files from text, document and PDF formats for just ten cents.

This next generation of wireless reading device is a big improvement over the original, too. It offers faster downloads, more memory, and a longer lasting battery. Thin and lightweight, the Kindle is incredibly portable and convenient to carry.

You can find almost any book on the Kindle store, making it possible to read pretty much any book at any time. Ebooks are becoming more and more popular with publishers, so you’ll always have plenty of great options for reading material. It really does let you carry a while library. In addition, ebooks cost a lot less than hardcover or even most paperback books.

The new kindle makes bookmarking and notetaking much simpler, and you can write in the margins of ebooks without worrying about damaging them. A regular paper book can’t offer that.

Want a dictionary? Check out the online version that gives you the ability to find what a word means just by selecting it. Illustrations are available in 16 shades of gray, an improvement over the older 4 shade version. It’s still not full color, but it’s a real improvement for viewing, even illustrations that were originally in color.

If you love reading but want something a little easier and more portable, you owe it to yourself to check out the Amazon Kindle 2. It’s an amazing piece of wireless reading device technology that just made reading a whole lot easier.


USB Comes Of Age

Many of us slightly older folk will still remember the humble floppy disk which was the computing industries first real mobile storage media for the mainstream user and when first introduced was an ideal way of transferring data across computers, as long as you did not mind formatting the disk or re-writing it a number of times because of corruption on the first few attempts.

Also the USB 1.0 format was relatively new back in the day, devices that took advantage of the technology were relatively thin on the ground so if you were really lucky you did not have to get involved with larger files that often required spanning across many disks which was even more fraught with frustrastion.

But as files grew larger the floppy simply did not make the grade, but as time passed the CD writer came of age which could hold a hefty 500mb of data, still a little more than most people required and media was originally quite dear as well.

Fortunately the USB (universal serial bus) standard was rapidly gaining ground and it was not long before a new breed of mobile storage hit the market which was of course the humble memory stick also affectionately called a thumb drive. These simple plug an play devices could hold a heady 2,4,6 or even 8mb of data (ok don’t laugh) and data transfer speeds of 12mbps which although slow by modern standards was in fact blisteringly fast back then.

The computer repair and IT industries where some of the first serious adopters of pen drives primarily due to the fact that system tools could be easily carried on a flash drive and with the larger capacities reduced the need to carry around a number of CD disks used for diagnostics or computer maintenance utilities.

Increased capacities then drove the need for higher data transfer speeds and it was not long before USB 2.0 and then Hi-speed USB appeared and filled the need for speed

There was of course a lot of confusion between USB 2 and Hi speed USB at the time, which could transfer data at an astonishing 480mbps per second but a lot of early adopters were left more than a tad upset as industry often sold devices and PCI cards as USB 2.0 but in reality they were only USB 2.0 compliant and still had a much slower transfer speed.

All of that seems lost in the past know as the standard has emerged and is widely accepted by many as the de facto transfer protocol although the firewire camp would disagree but as technology matures time will tell.

The humble and originally very expensive thumb drive really took the market by storm and capacities rose to become greater than some people still have on their old computers, and it is now estimated than in excess of 150 million flash drives will be sold a year which of course is only the tip of the iceberg when you consider the estimated 6 billion plus USB interfaced devices in circulation which is growing at a rate of 2 billion per year.

Increases in drive capacities has raised a number of issues across many industry sectors including the data recovery industry, which has had to evolve new USB memory recovery techniques for recovering data from these flash based devices.

It is so easy to transfer and store data on these devices that many users are really taking them for granted and not saving their data elsewhere, which is all well and good until your drive breaks or gets damaged, or perhaps the memory controller fails.

Some Data recovery companies have of course stepped up the mark and the pen drive data recovery industry is now alive and well.

Another issue these devices have highlighted is the need for security as sensitive data (business or personal) can be quickly and easily stolen from the source. Technology has answered the problem and secure pen drives are now available and manufacturing giant Fujitsu has continued its innovation in security with the invention of a smart USB drives which even have the ability to auto erase data on a USB memory device.

As it seems with all technology every development brings us even greater speed and the new USB 3.0 standard is no exception promising data transfer speed 10x greater than current specs which will give us transfer speeds around 5Gbps.

This very fast transfer speed may of course signal the end of the older firewire standard which has been falling behind more recently.

The USB 3.0 standard has now been rolled out and accepted by most mainstream technology players but it may be still be some months before we see any consumer based products or reasonably priced motherboards supporting this latest standard.

Rural High Speed Internet Access

Rural High Speed Internet Access

Finding Rural High Speed Internetp can be a big challenge for most.  The good news here is you can finally ditch dial-up and get high speed internet even if you live out in the country side.

Many of us love to live in rural areas.  The people are kinder and the fresh air is great.  While living in rural areas can have it’s downside we would not trade it to live a city life.

One of those downsides for years on end has been dealing with super slow internet service.  The whole dial-up thing worked years ago but now you want to be able to not only free up your phone line but actually surf the web at decent speeds.

Checking the futures market is a must for many rural farmers and I know all to well that most forms have to be filed online now a days.  It’s nice not having to deal with all the paper work but waiting for the internet page to load is just like watching the corn grow.

If you are looking to find a solution with out putting a huge dent in your pocket then I would encourage you to check out this High Speed Internet site.  There you will find a nice list of internet providers for any were in the USA.

You will find to great options for living in rural areas.  The first is High Speed Satellite Internet. I know you most likely looked into this option a few years back and said there is no way you are going to pay a few hundred bucks a month for internet access.  The good news here is the price has dropped to as low as 35 bucks a month and you still get speeds that are up to 50 times faster then dialup.  The really nice thing about going this route is you can install a wireless router and have internet service on every computer in the house.

Another great option to consider is getting a USB broadband service.  This does not work in all areas but on the high speed internet sight mentioned above you will be able to see if it does work in your area.

Surveillence Detection Devices

Everyone has heard of the secret spy gadgets that are available to spy on people like multi functional watches or night vision goggles. But are people aware of other gadets that are used to detect.

Everyone knows about ways to spy on people using secret gadgets like covert cameras disguised to look like everyday house products, devices that can change your voice for talking on the phone or even mobile phones that can record all calls made by that phone, mainly used against the suspectful partner. However, there are also a huge amount of gadgets that you can use to detect surveillence devices.

There is a great deal of counter surveillence gadgets that cost anywhere between £100 and £3000. Here are just a few that you can pick up to find out if you are being spyed on:

  • Entry Level Counter Surveillance Sweep – This is one of the best entry level counter surveillance devices available to buy. It costs around £280 and can detect basically any type of transmitting devices including GPS trackers and mobile phones.
  • LaserScan – LaserScan is a great device that is used to detect all sorts of covert camera equipment, both wireless and wired. This device is so small it can be carried in your pocket and it only costs around £150. This gadget is amazing at keeping your meetings and conversations private.
  • Encryption Software – There is a wide range of software that you can buy to use with your mobile phone that will make sure that all your convertsations are completely encrypted. The price of the software varies aswell as the type of phone that you are able to use it for.

All the above gadgets are great for keeping all your conversations and meetings the way you want them, private. Also, the devices listed are resonably cheap compared to the cost of some surveillence equipment.



Why You Need A Backup Recovery Process?

recover deleted files

As we become more and more dependent on computers, we must realize that they are not perfect. Unfortunately, most times we do not think about backup recovery issues until important data is lost. Data backup and recovery should be used as a safety precaution and not thought of as a last ditch effort to save information. If procedures are put into place to protect important business information in the first place, then the company can rest at ease knowing the information about their business itself and their clients can be retrieved, if faced with unforeseen circumstances.

If valuable information is lost and no backup recovery system has been put into place to protect the data, then there still may be a way to recover files. Depending on the type of damage that has been done, a professional data recovery service may be able to retrieve the lost information. While there is never any guarantee that information can be recovered, professionals who are skilled in recovering lost information will have a better chance of retrieving the files. It may require specialized software used in data recovery or replacing computer and/or hard drive components. But if steps are taken to properly back up the data in the first place, then these methods may never have to be used.

Knowing that you can call upon professionals to help retrieve data can give you peace of mind, yet having a system of backup recovery can also save you stress and aggravation. If the proper steps are taken to protect your valuable data, then the need may never arise for more drastic recovery methods. It is extremely important to choose a method of backup that will work for your business and then implement the process. Having to recreate months or even years of information would be very difficult, if not impossible. Take the time to research the methods available for backing up data and choose one that works with your company’s system.

Awesome New Spy Gadgets

With the latest Bond film, Quantum of Solace, being released recently, here are some great spy gadgets that will satisfy anyones spy fantasies. Unfortunately they are not cheap things to buy.

Land Rover Defender 10 (£67,850) – This car may not look wonderful, however, it could take a punch, or well anything you want to throw at it really. The beast of a car has armour plating that can protect you from 5.56mm and 7.62 mm rounds. Plus with bullet proof glass, you can be sure that no bullets will hit you on the school run. If you’re concerned about the odd grenade or mine, fear not, the bottom of the car is grenade and anti personnel mine proof.

Tornado Night Vision Goggles Generation 2 + (£3,162.50) – Although they may be pricey for some goggles, you won’t be walking into lamp posts at night with these things on. These goggles come with 2 eye pieces and one night vision tube, they really are state of the art. Also, if you fancy zooming in, there are different lenses available. All of this runs on 2xAA batteries and comes with a bag to keep it in.

Taser C2 (£248) – This one is for non UK residents really as it is illegal in the UK, unless you’re a policeman. The Taser C2 is a stun gun that allows you to zap your target by shooting a C2 cartridge at them. The powerful lithium battery is good for 50 uses, plus the whole thing fits in your pocket.

Spy Camera Glasses (£89.99) – Some covert cameras now, they are normal sun glasses, however, these come with a 1.3 megapixel camera built in. The sunglasses also include 1 GB of memory which can store up to 1000 pictures. That’s not all, you can listen to your favorite music while stalking someone with the built in earphones.

Every James Bond wannabe should have some of these gadgets. The only problem is that you won’t look like 007 driving in the Land Rover.