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Robotic Arm Uses

robotics technology

Cybernetics professor Kevin Warwick professes to be the “first Cyborg.” Project Cyborg began in August of 1998, when Warwick implanted a computer chip into his left arm, which later allowed him to open doors, move a robotic hand and operate an electronic wheelchair. The implant also allowed him to tap into the Internet at Columbia University in New York and control a robotic arm at the University of Reading in the UK. Another one of the experiments tested telepathic communication between two individuals by way of implants. In the 70s, researchers felt that robotic arms would be a vital asset to the workplace. Little did they know, humans would consider fusing themselves with this technology to become super-human cyborgs!

Starting in 1975, robotic arms have been used for industrial purposes. In some cases, they do the work more quickly, more accurately and more efficiently than human workers ever could. Yet in other instances, they simply perform work that is too monotonous, dangerous or undesirable for men and women. In the US auto industry, for example, there is one robotic arm for every ten workers. Industrial robots lift heavy objects, handle chemicals, and paint and assemble parts. Rather than replace jobs, the robotic system is intended to free up more creative, fulfilling work for people instead. After all, the Czech word “robota” translates to “drudgery work.”

Using a modified robotic arm, Dr. Alon Wolf and Dr. Howie Choset have developed a machine that can perform minimally-invasive surgery with great accuracy. The invention is called the “CardioARM” and has been designed for abdominal surgery, heart bypass surgery and mouth surgery, but can also be used to perform a laparoscopy, colonoscopy, and arthroscopy. The CardioARM is operated by a joystick and can navigate through the body to the problem areas. The flexible tele-operated probe is programmed to remember pathways and it can take tools into regions that surgeons would otherwise have to slice into. “Tools in operation rooms are not flexible. The CardioARM is flexible enough for remote and hard to reach anatomies,” explains Dr. Wolf. “The heart is a good example… now we don’t have to cut the person open.”

The first robotic arm was a crude device, similar to arcade games. However, the latest robotics automation technology has arms functioning more like the human anatomy, able to perform a wide range of motions, with fingers waving and wrists rotating. Perhaps the greatest challenge will be to devise a way to make these devices affordable to more people so it becomes a practical solution for hospitals, small businesses and homes.

An Overview Of The Electron Microscope

microscope images

An electron microscope can offer a person many different types of advantages over other microscopes. If someone has never used one of the many types of electron microscopes, then they are seriously missing out. This type of microscope offers more clarity and a better magnification than most any other type of microscope on the market. In order to choose the best type of the many electron microscopes, a person must understand the various types that are available for them to enjoy.

Three types of electron microscopes exist. They are the transmission electron microscope, the scanning electron microscope, and the scanning-tunneling electron microscope. The original of all of these types of microscopes is the transmission electron. The TEM, as it is commonly called, transmits electrons through a small slice of a specimen in order for the image to be seen. These types of microscopes are great for seeing inside the cells of beings on the planet. Much has been learned by using these microscopes for seeing all types of various cells.

The other electron microscope types that are used are the scanning electron microscopes and the scanning tunneling microscope. The SEMs, or the scanning microscopes, have a greater depth of field because of the difference of how they work. Because the specimens are covered with atoms, when the electron beam is scanned over the item to be looked at, the electrons on the surface become excited and thus an image is created. These images can be 3-d and can allow a person to see the image in depth. The scanning tunneling microscope or STM, can show the tiniest of atoms on a surface because the electrons actually jump between the tip of the microscope and the specimen. This tunneling current will then create an image. These images are also very in depth and can allow a scientist to see atoms that previously could not be viewed.

The electron microscope can make viewing specimens so much easier than ever before. Things, such as cell mitochondria and cell nucleuses, can now be seen and studied in order to better help those who suffer from certain dysplasia. Looking at things under a microscope has never been more fun and more exciting.

What To Look For When Buying a Digital Camera

Every few months, if not more frequently, a new series of digital cameras are introduced to the market, and poorly informed or undecided buyer is forced to make a tough decision when selecting among the huge range of models. With the good buying options that we will point out in this article, you will hopefully pick one because of its proper features instead of relying only on sales pitch from manufacturers.

Most stores, both online and brick-and-mortar, concentrate on promoting megapixels as the main factor. This is only a selling technique and is not always true. Let us understand why.

The picture made with a digital camera is constituted of a lot of points named pixels. The more pixels that photo is created of, the more details it can present. That means that the more megapixels a camera delivers, the more you can zoom into the image, or print in a large comfortable size, before it becomes cloudy and unclear. Imagine, for example, of a 10×10 inch mosaic and suppose filling it up with 2×2, 1×1 and 0.1×0.1 inch pices and the more pieces you use, the better the picture will be.

Because the price of the digital camera increases with the amount of megapixels, you should better analyze what you will use the camera for. If you will just use it to take shots for your website or probably won’t use to print pictures larger than a 5×7 there is no ground why you should go for something higher than a 4.0 MP camera. Keep your money for other features and accessories instead of putting money in megapixels you will never use.

But, the main gain you would get if you chose on spending more for a higher resolution camera is cropping: a 9×12 photo taken at 5.0 MP can be resized to 8×10 or 5×7 without any problems.

Most, if not all new consumer cameras have a zoom feature. This option can be particularly useful when taking a shot of something that is too far away and you have no possibility to get close to the subject, or you want to take a portrait without taking a lot of the distracting surrounding.

Optical zoom option is the real magnifying characteristic, the camera magnifies the picture with an assembly of lenses before the image gets to the image sensor  on the other hand the digital zoom enlarges the photo that is already saved in the camera. Be certain you understood the camera’s technical specifications well. The total zoom is measured by multiplying the digital and optical zoom numbers. Make positive that the optical zoom meets your needs and don’t count on digital zoom at all, you can achieve its very same effect with any photo processing software.

One of the best digital cameras we can recommend is Canon SD880IS. But if Canon SD880IS is too expensive go for the cheaper Canon SD1100IS.

Digital Camera

Panasonic has always been a front runner in the electronic market with several of their products starting from wrist watches to highly sophisticated digital technologies. In between there comes cameras that are a part of highly sensitive creativity. Not many electronic equipment manufacturers have found out the art in it. But Panasonic has always been amongst the top choices.

When NASA first experimented on how to convert pictures into digital format it was SONY who introduced commercial digital cameras. Soon after, few others have also put their step up into consumer marketing of digital cameras. Panasonic who were only concentrating on conventional film cameras by this time were forced to bring down their foot to the new refreshing technology. But if you inspect the quality of Panasonic digital cameras, you will realize that their efforts have not been in vain. Today, Panasonic has climbed the ladder of success to become one of the front runners of digital cameras as they were with the conventional film cameras.

Panasonic digital cameras come with a wide variety of choices targeting several types of consumers starting from home users to professional cameramen|From home users to professiona. With simple point and shoot cameras to digital SLR level, Panasonic digital cameras are widely known for their bright and clear screens. Optical image stabilizing is one major revolutionary technology they own out of many other cutting edge technologies. Many Panasonic digital cameras also have a special LCD mode which gives the user a good view of the screen if you are holding the camera above eye level to take a shot over a crowd. The newly introduced ‘Lumix’ products are rapidly gaining popularity and already in the list of top most selling digital cameras.

Exceptional colors and the black and white balancing are their main features. With an impressive shutter speed, most of Panasonic digital cameras are able to capture moving objects with ease making it a very popular choice amongst point-and-shoot photographers. Extreme sunlight or lower temperatures are not anymore problems for Panasonic with their newly innovated technologies. Panasonic’s most recent development is the two step noise reduction system which brings both high and low frequency noises to a low frequency noise while preventing colour bleeding when reducing chromatic noise. The noise reduction has been a worrying factor for almost all the digital camera makers, and now with the new innovation Panasonic is expected to give their customers better quality pictures.

With all the expected qualities been packed up in Panasonic digital cameras they are rated as a top digital camera maker in most surveys. With wonderful options and choices given to their customers Panasonic surely is a pretty good choice if you are looking for quality.

Are You Looking for a Computer Technician?

If you are looking for a computer repair technician in Auckland, what would you look for? Does the repair technician in question have years of experience in the field? What systems do they repair? What qualifications does the technician have for hardware and software repair?  If you are looking for a computer repair technician, do they have qualifications with IT? Do they guarantee their work and offer it for a reasonable price? These are some of the questions that you need to ask of a potential computer repair technician.Has the computer company that they work for been in business for years?

Our computer services technicians have been in business for over 10 years. We cover every type of computer repair such as software, maintenance, computer hardware, as well as peripheral service and support.  Some of the areas of troubleshooting include crashes, lockups, spyware removal as well as integration for both Mac and Windows.Our computer repair technicians are also skilled in hardware upgrades and virus protection and backup systems. We work on many different computer brand and specialize in Windows and Linux systems. Does your computer technician have Novell and Sun IT qualifications?

If you need an upgrade, then we can help you. We can repair existing systems and make upgrades to mainframes as well as other computers that your business will use.We also specialize in virus cleaning and antivirus.  If your computer has locked up or frozen, our computer repair technicians can repair the problem and have you running again in no time.We are familiar with all the new service updates to a majority of computers used in business. We also can repair mainframes as well as repair any backup systems that have need of repair.

If you are having problems with computers or need repair for any computer system that your business has, give us a call.  We will be happy to assist you with all of your computer and network needs for your business. A friendly computer repair technician will be dispatched immediately to the premises in order to facilitate repairs.  Our prices will be well within your budget and will have your business up and running in no time at all. So give us a call at the number listed below. Your business will thank you and your wallet will thank you too.

Remove nasty cookies with Ccleaner

Your PC, irrespective of it being of Windows XP or Vista will build up numerous provisional and lingering internet files due to its usage over a period of time.To tackle this problem, we are about to take a look at Piriform’s CCleaner in detail to check if this product can be deployed to clean your PC and how effective it really is.

Installation and Setup

The process of installation is very easy and takes just 20 seconds with a broadband connection. Excepting for some alertness that is required for the recycle bin shortcut, the rest of them are straightforward and of the usual kind. CCleaner allows for the inclusion of the Yahoo Toolbar and it is left to the user whether he would want this to add to the other toolbars existing in his computer

You can get rid of all previous transitory files, unnecessary browser internet remnants, and any short cuts to documents as well as things gathered at the system level because of long term usage of the PC with the use of CCleaner. You can rest assured that with CCleaner, you need not be concerned about precious files, passwords and logins getting cleaned out. Your computer can become lethargic due to cookies which help advertisers to observe your internet behavior.

Running C Cleaner for the First Time

CCleaner gets rid of the cookies which tend to slow down the computer and despite you being unable to habitually login, your passwords and login names remain undisturbed. You then need to use CCleaner to clean up those momentary internet files that have built up and can also reduce the speed of your PC. The latest CCleaner works well in clearing browser linked matter of Firefox3, Google Chrome and the Safari browser from Apple.

Help & Support

Some of the popular problems faced by users can be addressed by the FAQ which is mentioned at the site and also by posing those problems on the online forums whose threads can provide solutions.

The CCleaner does a good job of safely getting rid of the unnecessary stuff from your PC and is highly recommended due to its protective coverage and uncomplicated method of usage. 
Get your copy of CCleaner