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Windows Vista Repair | Vista and XP repair guides - Part 24

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Microsoft Registry Cleaner – Restore Computer Performance

Microsoft Registry Cleaner is designed for Microsoft Windows that used Registry Database to store the system, application and software settings. When Microsoft first created windows registry to replace the old INI configuration file, they never though of the support of tree structured registry would slow down the operating system performance when it grows larger, that’s why Microsoft Windows Registry Cleaner  is created.

I still remember when Microsoft first launches its’ free registry cleaner without support, back at the time of Windows 98. Since then many registry cleaners was created to maintain the Windows registry, and from Windows XP, registry cleaner does not repair the windows any more. WinXP Registry Cleaner will help to detect, remove and backup Windows Registry, it doesn’t repair corrupted registry or make the Windows any more stable this it is. WinXP Registry Cleaner is very important to maintain a healthy and smooth system, without the Window XP Registry Cleaner, the operating system will eventually freeze and halt due to the over usage of resources by the windows registry.

Microsoft Registry Cleaner was created and released to the public back in Windows 98, and many software vendors follow the foot steps and created all kinds of registry cleaners that will effectively maintain the windows registry. Only commercially supported registry cleaner is considering safe and effective, because technology evolved fast, and you need a good backup team.

If you install and uninstall applications and games frequently, your registry database will grow rapidly, and without a proper Microsoft Registry Cleaner , your computer will become slower everyday until a point it freezes and halt. A reinstallation of the operation system will be required at that point, and it takes time and effort to recover and restore all your backup data…

Back in Windows 98, Microsoft has released a free registry cleaner, and without any kind of support, the tool still spread widely. The Microsoft Windows Registry Cleaner is no more compatible and useful with Windows XP and Vista, but it did open the door to a new age for registry cleaner’s vendors. Since that day, all kinds of registry cleaners were created to help combat the registry problems in Windows.

Frequent install and uninstall games or software will grow the registry very fast, lockup more resources, reducing computer performance and eventually freeze the computer. You need Microsoft Registry Cleaner to help you maintain a healthy windows system, or frequent reinstallation of your operating system is required!

Visit Best Registry Cleaner for more Microsoft Registry Cleaner Reviews or see reg clean for windows xp and advanced registry optimizer sammsoft for alternative comparison.

Take Advantage of the 3 Red Light Fix Repair Guide

The cost of an Xbox 360 console is not cheap but because of the fun and education the games provide, people are eager to spend the money.  Unfortunately, just as with any technical device, things can and do go wrong.  When this happens, you have two choices – by a completely new console or pay hundreds of dollars to have your current system fixed.  The truth is that you actually have a third choice in what is called the 3 Red Light Fix Repair Guide, which guarantees to have your console running in one hour or less.

This particular program is so amazing and the makers so confident that if the 3 Red light Fix Repair Guide does not work, no questions asked you get a full refund.  Just imagine being able to pay only $29.95, a one-time fee, to have your Xbox 360 pro system fixed instead of the hundreds it would cost through other avenues.  Another benefit is that after paying, you can download the guide immediately to your computer in PDF format and use it whenever needed.

The 3 Red Light Fix Repair Guide is so easy to use that people of all ages have had incredible success.  For the fee, you get all the instructions needed to get your Xbox 360 console running.  Best of all, if for any reason you are not satisfied or the problem not fixed, all you have to do is let the company know and they provide you with a full refund and without asking why.

For only $29.95, you get information on methods for repairing all types of problems to include 3 red lights, freeze ups, over-heating consoles, 2 red light problems, graphic issues, and the dreaded E74 error.  In following the simple instructions, the Xbox 360 console is guaranteed to be fixed in one hour or less – period! getting you back to playing your Xbox Video games in no time.

Also included in the 3 Red Light Fix Repair Guide is several videos for you to watch and follow along with, the PDF guide that can be used whenever needed, easy to follow pictures, special membership area access on the company’s website, immediate delivery, money back guarantee, 24×7 technical support, and constantly updated videos to make the repair process a breeze.

If you use your Xbox 360 console like most people, the thought of having to ship the computer off to a third party vendor for repair and then to pay not only the high repair cost but also shipping and handling is not a pleasant thought.  However, with the 3 Red Light Fix Repair Guide, this is completely avoided.  Instead, the small fee you pay allows you to fix the problem at home and in one hour or less.

With the 3 Red Light Fix Repair Guide, all of this can be avoided.  All you have to do is pay the small membership fee, download the PDF file, locate your specific problem, and fix it.  The program is really that quick and that easy.  With a simple choice, all your Xbox 360 problems are gone so you can once again enjoy the games of your choice.

PST File Recovery

It is always a pain when your PST file takes a dive.  You of course should have a backup of your file but even the best of us can over look making a backup of the PST file.  If your PST file is corrupt then all is not lost.  You can always try the built in Scanpst.exe tool that comes with Outlook.  You can find it by doing a system search or broseing to a similar file location like C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\Mapi\1033\.  The actual file location will varie for some and that is why most people just do a system search for scanpst.exe.

The Scanpst file works great for repairing files that have a corrupt header.  ALWAYS make a backup of the file first before you atempt the repair.  That way you are know worse off in case this free tool does not repair your corrupt PST file.

For those that need to know you should be able to find the PST file under C:\Documents and Settings\useraccountname\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook  in XP and in Vista it is C:\useraccountname\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook.

If the Scan PST file can not repair this then you still have another option.  Try this PST file repair tool.  It’s a great tool that I use all the time on other peoples corrupt PST files.  This simple to use program has a free trial so you know ahead of time if it can repair your pst file.

Drivers for XP after switching back from Vista

If your computer came with Vista installed and then you downgraded to XP you may jusst run into having issues finding the right drivers for your computer.  I run into this all the time with clients.  Gateway is one such company that does not even provide links to drivers for XP if the system came pre-installed with Vista.

The first place for you to look for drivers is on the manufactuers website.  If you have an HP or Dell chances are they will have the HP drivers listed for your computer.  If not then your not out of luck yet.

When I am out in the field I simply install Driver Detective and with in a few mintue I can update all the drivers in the system.  The price is right and it saves you a ton of leg work.

However you will still need to install the NIC driver so you have access to the internet to use the software.  The best solution is to install a wireless card real quick and then install Driver Detective and find the rest of your drivers.  I know for those that don’t have a hundred tech parts at your fingers tips this easy option may not work for you.

If that is the case then it is time to roll up your sleves and start searching google.  Type  “model number XP Driver” in your favorite search engine.  Chances are you will be able to locate and find several of your drivers.  Pay close attantion to model number of system boards.  If you know who made your system board then that manufactuers site is sure to have the driver even if the make of your computer does not.  Still Driver Detective is the easier route so if you are already leaning that way then focus on doing searches around your nic card or wireless card for your model.  In fact if your system has a wireless card installed then take a screw driver and open the wirless door on the notebook or crack the desktop computer lid and write down the model for the wireless card.  You will then be able to go to the maker (Most likely Intell on Notebooks) and download the driver.  From there conect to the internet and use Driver Detective to do a search.  even if you do not end up purchasing the product you can at least identify the rest of your hardware so you can locate the correct drivers.

Laplink PCmover Coupon | Coupons

computer Savvy people tend to look for coupons before they purchase a producy online.  Well Your search has yielded some great deals.  We found these coupons on LaplinkPCMover that will be good for a while yet.

PCmover – $15 Off with Coupon Code S6ch2 (This expires Feb. 20, 2009 and we will implement a new coupon code at that time, please feel free to follow up at that time for the new one).

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Registry Easy – The Fast, Safe, and Free Registry Cleaner

Computers have forever changed the way people conduct both business and personal affairs.  Simply put, technology as it is today is something that we cannot live without.  Because of this, new programs are constantly being developed and existing ones enhanced.  Even with innovative changes and state-of-the-art equipment, it is common for people to experience computer problems.  Some of the most common have to do with the computer’s registry, which includes slow running systems, unknown error messages, annoying pop-ups, a blank screen, and computer crashes.

If you find that you are facing registry problems, you can do something to fix the ones you already have and prevent new problems from developing.    A new solution has been recently released called Registry Easy.  This free, downloadable program works on all Windows operating systems and once installed, it detects problems with a special algorithm.  Some of the corrupt files will be cleaned with this version but to experience the full power of Registry Easy, you pay only $34.95.  As a result, the computer’s performance is greatly enhanced and all this without paying a dime.

Most of us depend daily on the computer so when issues relating to the registry occur, getting things done can be impossible.  Using Registry Easy is something everyone can benefit from and once downloaded the computer’s scan will begin.  The way Registry Easy works is by using a special algorithm that is designed to detect invalid and missing references within the computer’s registry.  With this program, the entire Windows registry is scanned quickly and when done, a list of errors will be provided for your viewing.

As you look over that the error list, chances are you will be amazed at how many problems existed.  With Registry Easy, you can choose to have the program clean the registry automatically or you can choose what you do and do not want fixed in the future.  Regardless of the choice you make, all repaired files are then backed up so anytime you need to recover changes, you can.  Registry Easy can find a variety of problems, some such as Windows
startup, media player, internet explorer, and even the operating system itself.  Additionally, DLL, runtime, scan disk and ActiveX are often on the error list created by Registry Easy.

Just imagine having your computer’s performance optimized so everything you do is fast.  Additionally, having the computer’s environment better protected is another benefit that makes this an exceptional buy.  

Other areas in which Registry Easy can help would include:

  • Eliminating duplicate files
  • Removing junk files
  • Restoring Internet Explorer
  • Finding various invalid files to include:
    Menus for startup
    Recently used files
    File links and associations
    Paths for applications
    Empty registry keys
    Uninstall areas

Although Registry Easy was only recently released, you will be amazed at the improvement in the way your desktop computer runs.  With better speed and consistent up time, production increased while stress decreases.  For maximum protection, nothing beats Registry Easy.  This cohesive solution creates a safer and more secure computer environment.  In addition to several features, Registry Easy offers excellent customer and technical support to make the product a positive experience.