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No more Beta Windows 7

Well it seems as though Windows 7 is now due for its official release as Microsoft have just announced that it will not be releasing another BETA version of the operating system. Yet the company are yet to give an official release date for the software other than sometime in late 2009. The disclosure came in at the end of January update to the Engineering Windows 7 blog by Steven Sinofsky, Microsoft’s senior vice president for Windows software.
The new Windows operating system is set to be completely compatible with a range of wireless hardware such as a wireless keyboard and a numeric keyboard without having to install any software. Normally such accessories would require an installation disc.
The move means that Windows 7 will have had only one official beta before the full version ships, in contrast to recent versions of the various Microsoft products such as Windows Vista. This is because the company has taken a completely different approach to development with the new platform (Windows 7) according to the Vice President, Steven Sinofsky.
This high-tech operating system will be the seventh instalment in the Windows history and is set up to be the most successful piece of software yet. The compatibility and usability of the program is supposed to be very different to anything else that we have seen from Windows before. I hope it is more compatible than previous versions of Windows as I have always struggled with the software in general. I have always used Macintosh software myself but I am interested to see what the new Windows 7 will have to offer. With a bit of luck it will be more user friendly and much more easy to navigate than its predecessors. Windows XP and Vista always seemed to never be finished and there were plenty of gaps and flaws in the programming that would reveal this but with a bit of luck the Windows development team have learnt from their mistakes and are prepared to release a unique and eye catching bit of kit.

A Short Intro On Cheap Laptops For Newbies

What is the difference between the various new cheap laptop models and more expensive ones? Well, technical features have a heavy word to say for the matter and cheap laptops are usually the ones which come with less RAM, less memory, and also which can be used as notebooks for accessing the Internet and sending e-mails at more affordable prices. Most of the cheap laptops available are perfect for document processing and Internet use, but for more complex applications they have a limited range of capability. Among the manufacturers that offer cheap laptops we can mention some like Dell, Toshiba, IBM, Gateway, Sony or HP notebooks, all great names in the field.

In what follows you can find some information about these manufacturers’ supply of cheap laptops. Dell Inspiron 1100, Gateway 400SP Plus, Toshiba Satellite A15, Sony VAIO GRT CTO, IBM ThinkPad R40e Series, as well as others, represent the most common items available in retail shops or with online dealers. One common feature that these cheap laptops share is their 10/100 integrated Ethernet. The duration of their batteries, though it varies considerably, it ranges somewhere between 1 and 3 hours.

Therefore it is normal that the products be included in different price categories, try looking for various laptop computer reviews for finding the best price. Almost with all of these laptops the display is around 14 – 15 XGA TFT. In as far as the hard disk size is concerned, we can say that they are quite similar with a 20 or 30 GB capacity. The cheap laptops under discussion are also similar in size and weight. Their weight varies slightly from 6lb to 8lb. They all incorporate Intel Celeron processors ranging from 1.7GHz to 2.2GHz, but if were we to judge by the slight distinctive elements among these cheap laptops, we could say that the price variations should be almost nil.

On the other hand there are stores and online companies which sell refurbished used cheap laptops. For instance, if you access laptopcloseout.com of Toronto, Canada, and you will be able to find and buy cheap laptops, used laptops or refurbished laptops/notebooks. This firm works with renowned computer and laptop manufacturers, therefore, the quality of the merchandise is quite high enabling the customers to purchase best quality refurbished used computer PCs and notebooks accessories.

In addition, another explanation for the high-demand of cheap laptops is the necessity for computerized education that opens the access of the electronic world to children with few financial means. I assume everybody has heard of the program One Laptop Per Child – OLPC, whose purpose is to help children in financial difficulty with laptops and PCs. Evidently, for such projects it is not necessary to buy and use only state-of-the-art computers or laptops. The cheap laptops offered by different manufacturers will do the job as children who will benefit from this project do not need the most complex devices for learning purposes.

How To Setup A Home Wireless Network

Download Network Magic Essentials Free

I've been using a home network for almost a dozen years and I still need help with setting up all the pieces on a new network.  I recently had to setup a new home wireless network at my girlfriend’s apartment and I downloaded Network Magic because I had heard good things about it and how easy it makes setting up your home network.Find out how you can configure your own network with a nifty program like Network Magic Essentials. 

Network Magic is put out by Pure Networks, who is now owned by Cisco, the world’s leader in networking, so you know it has a strong reputation.  Network Magic makes managing a network relatively easy.Once you install the program, it will show you a diagram of the network and show you what is working.If your network is not working, it will show you what part is not configured correctly and how to repair the problem.  If you forget to turn on SSID broadcasting to find your network, it will show you how to turn it on.

If you need to setup shared printing with your home network, you can follow the instructions Network Magic gives you and start printing wirelessly.  The same goes for file sharing such as music and photos.  Network Magic also helps you secure your network so you can prevent hackers from seeing your network or hacking into your network. 

Now all this is fun and good but how much does this software cost me?  Network Magic Essentials will set you back $29.99 which is a small price to pay to end the frustrations you can sometimes have when setting up a home network.  But in tight times like these, I like to get products free if possible. 

Download Network Magic Essentials Free

Here's how to get a free copy of Network Magic.  Watch this video on YouTube that says download Network Magic Free and it will show you how to get your free copy of Network Magic so you can setup your home wireless network with the world’s leader in networking – Cisco, and start enjoying the freedom a wireless network provides.

So with this software, I was able to setup a new home network in my girlfriend's apartment and now she can connect and email me all the time.

If You Download RegistryFix You Can Speed Your Computer up

If you own a PC, it is inevitable, you are going to experience a situation where your computer freezes up and your hourglass just rotates back and forth acting as if it is doing something, when in actuality it is thinking itself into oblivion.

When using constantly, every computer system experiences slow downs and lagging. Virus attacks, unwanted worms and malicious software, errors in the registry system – are the main reasons why your computer slows down. People search for an effective solution on the internet in getting back the original functionality and performance of your computer.


Fixing Registry for Functionality


Most of the reasons for the slowing down of a computer are rooted in the registry system . As such , it is important to fix up these problems to again speed up the performance of your computer . In this aspect, the RegistryFix software provides an effective solution for this problem and is able to fix all of the known problems, issues and errors in your registry system.


How does RegistryFix software solve the problem? Generally, it addresses your registry system problems through dealing with the problems leading to slow downs and process conflicts in the said information inventory.


First of all when you download RegistryFix, this software removes invalid entries and information in the registry that are consuming your needed resources. Second it cleans up worms, trojans, and other malicious software that are placed in your system over the course of your time spent internet surfing. Third, this software scans and fixes conflict problems related with .DLL issues, exe errors, ActiveX control files, runtime errors, and others which can also lead to significant problems in your computer unit, in the end restoring your system and optimizing its performance.

Regain your computer resources and speed up your computer’s performance with the help of RegistryFix software. Go and check out actual user feedback and RegistryFix review site before download RegistryFix.

Keep Up With Outlook Updates


Just because Microsoft Office Outlook has been around a while, that doesn’t mean that Microsoft isn’t updating it. Truth be told, there’s a fairly steady stream of Outlook updates coming out of Microsoft labs in Redmond, Washington. One thing they have been good about is continuing to make changes to supported versions of Outlook to fix bugs and protect you against the latest email marketing scams and other junk mail. The only problem with this is that you need to keep installing them if you want to reap the benefits of Microsoft’s diligence. The rest of this article talks about how to do exactly that, and points you to more extensive resources online.

Microsoft has put a lot of time and effort into making the update process as painless as possible. Unfortunately, it can still be confusing. Conceptually, the process is easy. You tell Outlook to check for updates, then download and install any of the available updates that you want. And this is where the first problem can arise.

You don’t have to install all the updates Microsoft offers you. One example would be updates for languages you don’t speak. It’s tempting to not install those. However, the simplest approach is to just install every update that comes along. Doing this will simplify your life by eliminating the need to evaluate whether or not you want each update every time one comes along.

I recommend that you check for updates about once a week, ideally on Thursday or Friday to best work with Microsoft’s usual release schedule. Normally they don’t come out that frequently, but if there is an emergency release, you won’t want to be without it for long. It only takes a moment to do if there aren’t updates available. If there are updates available, you want to get them installed as soon as possible. Setting up a recurring task is the best way to remember to do this.

NOTE: Your company may have a policy about doing software updates which may conflict with this advice. If your company does have such a policy, you should always follow company guidelines instead of general suggestions like these.

While dealing with a continual stream of Outlook updates may seem like a distraction from getting actual work done, over time you will be rewarded with a better-running program and less junk mail than you would otherwise have to deal with. The reduced amount of spam mail alone makes installing updates worthwhile.

Here’s an outline of the steps you need to follow to check for and install Outlook updates:

  1. Use your web browser to go to the Microsoft Office Downloads home page.
  2. Find and click the link that lets Microsoft scan your computer to figure out what updates you need.
  3. Select the updates you want to install and download them.
  4. Install the updates.


For step-by-step instructions, go to:



Net 10 Phones For Personal And Business Use


Having your own pre-paid cellphone is what you really need to have but sometimes, you can almost hear your teeth grinding when you found out that you made a call which lasted 30 seconds and you pay for the whole minute. This is not what you’re thinking, correct? If you have used an air time of 10 seconds, then, you have to pay for 10 seconds. But wait, there is only one kind of cell phone that will let you pay just for what you have used up and it’s called Net 10 prepaid phones and so far, this is the best brand of cell phone today. Many have already used Net 10 and they are quite satisfied with the features that are being offered.

Using Net 10 phones is quite convenient that any other units. When you want to buy more airtime, all you need to do is get to its site and there, you can choose what you want. You can activate your your ringer on its website. With Net 10 Phones, you are charged 10 cents a minute and for your text messaging, it will only cost you 5 cents per message. Another juicy part of this phone is that while you’re using it, you can actually see the actual total air time consumed and the total actual air time left so you don’t have to worry again whether you have sufficient airtime or not.

Net 10 also offers Net 10 Wireless for people on the go. Now, you don’t have to miss another phone call or trying everything to get in contact with somebody else. Net 10 Wireless has the largerst area of coverage so far today and wherever you are, you can always avail Net 10 services without any worries of low or zero signal. So, whether you are a businessman, a student or a professional, it helps to get in contact with somebody with totally no interferences and no worries and Net 10 phones can offer this kind of service.