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Learn How You Can Use Yahoo Mail with Outlook

Would you like to connect your Yahoo Mail account to Outlook so you can send, receive, and manage all your email in one place? If so, this article can show you how to get Outlook and Yahoo Mail working together. Once you get this set up, You’re really going to enjoy the pleasure of having all your email in one place. You’ll also benefit from being able to use Outlook’s familiar interface for everything, instead of being stuck with a different way of doing things for each account.

Unfortunately, you can’t use a free Yahoo Mail account with Outlook. You must! have a premium Yahoo Mail account. That means, you must be using either:

  • A Yahoo Mail Plus account ($19.99 per year)
  • A Yahoo Business Email account ($9.95 per month)

If you don’t have one of these account types, you cannot connect Yahoo Mail and Outlook. But its easy to convert a free Yahoo Mail account (the kind you probably have if you don’t remember paying for the account) to a Mail Plus account is easy. mailplus.mail.yahoo.com/ will open a new window where you can upgrade your free account to a Mail Plus account. Close the new window once you’re done with the upgrade so we can configure Outlook to work with your Yahoo Mail Plus account. And don’t worry. If you’ve already upgraded to a Yahoo Mail Plus account, the Mail Plus page will tell you that you don’t need to upgrade.

The process of configuring both types of Yahoo Mail to work with Outlook is very similar. But before we talk about that, you need to be aware of something. During the configuration process you will be telling the Yahoo mail servers not to keep copies of messages on the server once you view them with Outlook. Once that happens, you won’t be able to read them anymore using the Yahoo Mail web interface. This is most likely the way you want things to work anyway, since having more than one copy of a message in existence at one time will surely cause you headaches, and is something to be aware of.

With that out of the way, let’s move on to the configuration process, The detailed procedure you have to follow during the configuration process depend on which version of Outlook you have. To keep things simple, there are two completely separate procedures, one for Outlook 2007, and the other for earlier versions. In the interest of saving space and allowing the procedures to be updated as needed, the procedures are on the Living With Outlook (www.Living-With-Outlook.com) website instead of right here.

If you want to make Outlook 2007 work with your Yahoo Mail account, go to www.living-with-outlook.com/yahoo-mail.html#Configure2007Anchor

If you want to make a version of Outlook that’s not Outlook 2007 work with your Yahoo Mail account, go to www.living-with-outlook.com/yahoo-mail.html#ConfigureOutlookAnchor

Maintaining Good Condition With Windows Registry Cleaner Softwares

The heart of your computer. The registry.The Windows registry is the big control center that houses all data and information on your computer. In the older version of Windows, all software and programs had their own files savings. These files, known as INI files, were placed all over the hard-drive and it was impossible to keep track of them and make repairs when necessary. Later version of the Windows solved this problem by centralize all such data and information into the Windows registry.

Why these issues occur within your Windows registry?

Plenty of reasons as why issues arise inside the Windows registry. Some reasons includes:

Uninstalling programs and deleting files. When you uninstall programs or software and deleting files, part of the software or file get left behind in the registry. Windows continually refers to these invalid keys during its operation, wasting time and resources while slowing down processing information. Usually, the cause of degradation of your registry is just by installing a new program and uninstalling the old one.

The use of tracking softwares. There are softwares that install themselves through the web that have multiple registry keys in folder under different program names. To fully delete these programs, you might have to go through complex procedures of deleting each and everyone of these registry keys. Sometimes, you cannot finish deleting it all, and may find some left behind.

Virus infection. When viruses attack your computer by modifying existing registry keys, or by creating new keys that are irrelevant and sometimes destructive. Doing so may create many erros and slow down to the computer. Sometimes, there will be loss of important information.

What are the signs of symptoms caused by the registry?

Usually the operation system will have slowed down pace and if the registry is badly in need of a tune-up, you'll receive error messages for some unknown reasons. You will be getting these DLL erros, which just comes and go whenever. Sometimes, your PC will get the habit of just crashing randomly. When you see these problems are happening, then it's time to take action about it.

You should use a registry repair software?

A registry repair software is basically a Computer error diagnostic scanner, and a repair tool. It works by scanning the registry and the operating system, then it locate any issues found by removing any unnecessary keys and fixing majority it comes across.

Some of today’s registry repair software combines several new enhanced options that are capable of analyzing and automatically repair corrupt paths, files and registry keys. Because these registry cleaner software are a time saver and is great for people that don't know how to manually fix their registry.

Modify Outlook Fonts

Are you tired of straining your eyes with the tiny font sizes Outlook throws up on the screen? Would you be just a bit happier if you could make Outlook’s font just a bit bigger? If so, I’ve got just the information you need. Keep reading to see what you need to do to change fonts in Outlook.

You can give your eyes a break by changing the fonts Outlook uses. Unfortunately, one thing we can’t adjust is the font size of the text in messages you’re reading. That’s mostly set by the person who created the original message and out of your control. I’m talking about things like the ability to change font size for column headings and Subject lines.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a single “Make the text bigger!” control you could set. Instead, you need to tweak individual settings in each view.

The general process for changing fonts in your current view goes like this:

  1. Open the Customize View dialog box. Typically you reach it by right-clicking an empty spot in the view and selecting Customize Current View in the shortcut menu that pops up. You can also get to it from the View menu. Click View, then click Arrange By, then Custom.
  2. Click Other Settings. This opens the Other Settings dialog box. The Other Settings dialog box is the place to customize the main fonts in the view.
  3. Click Automatic Formatting to open the Automatic Formatting dialog box. Here you will enter settings for various types of items in this view, depending on which options are available. These settings override the ones you made in the Other Settings dialog box.
  4. In the Customize View dialog box, click Format Columns to open the Format Columns dialog box. Here you will adjust various characteristics of the columns in the view.

As you can see, changing the fonts and other visible elements in a view can be a bit of a project. Your best bet is to only do so if it will make a real improvement in the way you work with Outlook. And if you do decide to do it, only do it with the views that are most important to you.

For detailed step-by-step guidance on how to change fonts in Outlook Mail view, go to this page at www.living-with-outlook.com

Finding the Best Registry Cleaner for Vista

If you have an idea of optimizing your vista registry files, then you would be probably wondering what is the best vista registry cleaner. The sad part of pursuing the “BEST” software is that you would have to be willing to pay a huge pile of cash. The best registry cleaner for vista will only give you an increase of 5% speed compared to any other low priced software.

The functionality and features of all registry cleaners is pretty basic and easy to understand. The most basic step is to clean up the garbage of broken and dead files that are no longer needed by the registry. It should be able to terminate these files without leaving any signs of it. One of the key features of a registry cleaner these days is to make a backup of the registry everytime a clean up is performed for “just in case” moments. A key function of a good registry cleaner is to be confident that the files it is cleaning up has no play in your computer.

Another key feature of new registry cleaners for vista is the ability to sort the files and tighten them up for easy reference – the process is known as defragmentation. This is because after cleaning up those unwanted files, the important files need to be re arranged for smooth reference by Vista to perform faster. This increases computer speed by a great number.

An interesting feature of the best registry cleaner for vista is the real time scanning it performs while your PC is on – it protects your registry from any modifications that could harm your operating system. This feature goes by many names – mainly known as “real time protect”. This feature can be a pain in the nect though the program tends to pop up several times in an hour asking permission for registry modification. A high rated registry cleaner has the ability to sort out most of these permissions and popups without disturbing the user, thus making it worth the price.

Well, the same features can be found in any other registry cleaner software for vista. Read my review on the best registry cleaner for vista, and while you’re at it, get hold of my 20% off RegistryMechanic Coupon.

Gadgets have developed over the last 10 years

In today’s society gadgets are just about everywhere. As early as only 10 years previous, people had far fewer gadgets in their homes. Just how did people cope back then when you consider they did not have the amount of gadgets that they now have access to. As things have developed, the availability of the many gadgets has since increased.

So what gadgets do we use mostly nowadays, certainly the most common gadget that we have is the trusty mobile phone. We use our phones without thinking and it is clearly one of the most important tools that go wherever we go. There are that many people who are dependent upon their phones that without it they feel naked and as a consequence they use it so often in both home and work environments.

Within the home, a common gadget that many people have is the mp3 players, and this was certainly not around 10 years ago. With mp3 players we can store hundreds, if not thousands of songs and enjoy hours of music. Coupled with that is the fact the quality of the music is excellent and the sound is as good as, if not better than CD’s.

I remember as a small child getting a cassette walkman for a birthday present and being overjoyed. This clunky, large metal box had bright red headphones and large clunky buttons. I had never felt so much pride as the day that I walked into school with my cassette recorder. Modern day mp3 players are so small in comparison and yet the sound quality is much better than my old cassette player. I would not have ever thought of insuring my old casette, but insurance for expensive gadgets is becomming more common, and this type of gadget insurance can be purchased from companies that provide computer insurance.

 Over the last 10 years MP3 players have also developed somewhat considerably. The first MP3 player I owned was quite a size, although, the sound was near perfect. As mp3 players you can actually buy waterproof mp3 players. Not just water resistant, but fully sealed swimming mp3 players that you can take in the swimming pool with you.

Another gadget that is becoming more frequent amongst gadget owners is the iphone. I actually own the latest iphone and I do find it hard to think how I coped before. With it I am able to check my emails wherever I go and this can be good for business when I am returning emails to customers. When I first go into computers 10 years ago I would have been amazed that my phone had the same power as my computer back then.

A large amount if people are heavily reliant upon gadgets and have them all over their home an indeed on their person. Even though over the last 10 years there has been lots of development, over the next 10 years I would argue there will be more development to such an extent that we will recollect with amusement the technology we now consider to be cutting edge.

As the risk of damaging portable gadgets is high, gadget insurance would provide protection accordingly. Many specialist computer insurance specialists offer this type of insurance cover.

A Registry Cleaner Review


When you are experiencing slowdown in your computer, the first thing that you suspect is there might be a virus “lurking in them woods”, so to speak. But have you stop to think that maybe the culprit is not a virus, or not just a virus but a “dirty” Windows registry? You know, everytime you start to install anything, the registry leaves a lot of “footprints” that can make the “floor” very messy to look at. Think of it as your living room with lots of things scattering all around and you can’t get past them without stepping on some and without swearing. So, what you just need is to clean the floor and sweep it good, okay? And talking about ideas, the best ideas to get help in “sweeping” the floors of your Windows registry is to get a software like a registry cleaner and here is a registry repair reviews site that has a wide array of cleaners which they have reviewed and rated.

If you really want to keep your PC physically fit, so to speak and burning wheels all the time, you also need a registry cleaner aside from a virus killer, firewall or a adware killer. With messy and filthy registry, it can really slow down everything. So, get a good cleaner in the form of a Windows registry cleaner and in this registry software reviews site, you can choose one which you think is best for you.

However, there are some people who would entertain the thought like because they already have something like this registry cleaner to help them out in maintaining healthy PC, they would resort to do things that can do damage for their computer and they would just say that it’s okay to do so because they have a Registry cleaner in their hands. But, always remember, it’s also a fact in computers that if you don’t do make an initiative to take care of your PC, you could lost a lot more than having a snail computer. And you also need to be choosy with what you opt for, that’s why, the best thing for anyone to do is to go to this registry repair software reviews site and select from among the choices which they think can work for them.