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Windows Vista Repair | Vista and XP repair guides - Part 29

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Why it’s Important Fix Registry Errors before they do Damage

Most PC users don’t know what the Windows registry is or does, rarely have they even heard of it before.An easy way to think of the windows Registry is to consider it the central operating system of your entire PC.Sounds like a pretty big deal huh? It is, and that’s why it’s also important to ensure you’re fixing registry errors as soon as they arise to ensure you don’t run into serious troubles down the road.

How the heck do you know if there are any Registry errors you have to deal with?

Most PC users wouldn’t ever know if there were issues with the registry, that is until you started to show symptoms of it.What’s the cure? Simple, you need to do a regular scan to check for missing or old information in registry keys, and items that don’t belong.

How Do you Check for Errors?

Using Registry Cleaner software, that’s how.An entire software niche exists where these types of programs are sold. They’ve been developed especially for this purpose, scanning your registry files and repairing any errors that exist.Many of these registry cleaners offer free trials to users like you and me to test their system for errors that might need repair. Only after you’ve determined if there is anything needing fixing will you actually have to pay for an full version.

What Types of Errors Might you Find?

When ever you remove or install a piece of software registry entries are made and removed.If a program is removed, but some pieces are left behind then there can be entries made in the registry that don’t get removed until you scan with a registry cleaner.This of course is only one item that could cause troubles with the Windows registry.

What do you do Next?

If you’ve never done it before get a free scan utility and scan your entire registry, this will check to see if there are any errors in need of repair.I’ve spent a lot of time comparing the top registry cleaners. You can get some additional information about our top pick in these Regcure reviews. This article will also help you download a free scan tool from their website to work with.

Depending on the results of the free scan you can opt to pay for the full version of the software, or if nothing major turns up have peace of mind.

The Basics Elements Found In Registry Repair Programs

Having problems with your Windows registry can cause you a lot of unneeded frustration. Programs, applications, and drivers may load slowly – or not load at all. It’s a difficult job to fix these errors manually, and you’re be pulling your hair out during the tedious process of reviewing every entry.

This is the main reason why registry cleaners have become so well recommended among savvy PC users who want to keep their computers running smoothly without tedious reformatting or expensive PC store repair bills.

But what can you do to find the best registry repair program for your PC? So what can you do to ensure you get the best deal on a registry cleaner?

In this guide, we are going to take a closer look at the main things to look for in a registry repair program, so you make the right purchase decision.

You need to take a good look at the features of a registry repair program before you make a purchase. The best registry cleaners have the option of “deep” scanning your registry, of “selective” scanning certain parts of the registry for errors.

All windows registry cleaners should have a back-up feature, too.


Because if you make changes to your Windows registry settings, there’s a high probability that you’ll cause damage which can only be fixed by reformatting your entire hard drive. Having a recent back-up available can be a life-saver if something was to go pear-shaped.

The better registry repair software applications have advanced features which can de-frag your system registry. This particular feature automatically sorts your registry files into an easy-access system, with just a single click – your computer will run faster and load quicker.

Something you need to think about before you buy a registry repair program, is how easy it is to use – this is very important if you’re not a computer whizz. The most popular registry cleaners are also very simple to use, just like operating a TV remote control – they can detect and repair errors with just a few easy clicks.

If you’re going to buy registry repair software, then you’ll want to make sure the customer support is up-to-par. The best software producers also offer comprehensive customer service.

Some even offer “live chat” facilities where you can ask for help via an instant message window. You’ll also find plenty of tutorials and frequently-asked-questions which cover every aspect of using the application.

In conclusion, registry cleaners are certainly one of the most effective ways of fixing registry errors on your PC – but it’s important that you get the best software for your money. If you make sure your registry cleaner fills these three main roles, you’ll have the peace of mind that you’ve avoided all the scams, and you have an application which offers good value for money.

Changing Faster than the Speed of Light – Your Computer Magazine

In the US, technology touches every one of our lives.  Whether you were born yesterday, or 90 years ago, advances in technology has been involved with you in ways that we now take for granted.In the United States, each house hold averages two computers.In the age group 15 to 24 nearly 20% possesses a cell phone.  20% of US residents over 12 now own an MP3 player and one in twenty own more than one.  How do we keep up with all this technology?  Computer Magazines contain all the information we need to learn about new devices and upcoming gadgets.  The articles on technology in computer magazines we will learn about Future technologies that is starting to break through and will change many of our devices that we own today.

If you are reading this article youare certainly using IT, although you may not know what it stands for.Information Technology, is abbreviated IT,.  Information technology is all about the world of computers. In the broad sense it means the processing, managing, and editing of information stored in computer databases and on the Internet at large.This includes software and computer generated entertainment.There are Computer Magazines to weed through this information and guide you along certain aspects of the procedure.

For instance home computers have evolved from simple word processing to multimedia gaming monsters.  Kids can perform Internet research for school as well as download music and playing realistic games.Articles in computer magazines offer information on updates to software and games as well as new hardware that makes the computers faster and more dependable.

And what about cell phones, once only the rich had in their cars, now everywhere you look kids, students, adults, businessmen and woman and even grandparents have cell phones.Cells phones functionality ranges from simple to advanced.Many cell phones offer text messages to be sent back and forth over the phones.  The more advanced phones have full operating systems and function similar to a laptop.They can send and receive email, browse the Internet, compose documents, keep schedules and use organization software if available.

Future articles on technology in Computer Magazines even cover cutting edge topics.Nanotechnology, one of the hotest topics today.  Nanotech deals with structures that are extremely small, therefore allowing electronics to be created equally as small.  For example a computer hard drive can be created using nanotech and small enough to fit on the head of a pin.  This technology is far from everyday use, but on the way none the less.  Major advances in technology also touches our daily lives in the medical field.  More lives are saved than ever before due to the advances made and how the technology is used to get better medications and machines to assist when we are ill.

Online Vista Backup

When it comes to backing up your data you have hundreds of options out there.  Most people never think to have an online backup service.  Chances are if you are reading this then you are one of the few who actually thought about how important your data is.  It might be your photo’s, business files, a grand worth of music.  Whatever your reason is your still one of the few.

Having an online Vista backup service protects your data against water, fire and even some punk breaking into your home and stealing your computer.  You can recover all your lost files.  Most services out there charge by how much data you store on the remote server and it can be in the hundreds per month for people like me who have over 500Gigs of personal files.  Well there is another solution out there and it’s under 5 bucks a month for unlimited storage.  I’m not talking some junk fly by night company either.  Chances are when I say the name you already know who they are.  The company is called carbonite and there website is www.carbonite.com.  This company is one of the few that have been around since backing up data went online.  They also have a sweet 14 day trial that you don’t even plug a credit card into.  It’s super rare that a company does not have you fill out 10 mintues worth of forms before you use their fre trial software.  This is one product you ar sure to love if you need an online Vista backup solution.

One great things about carbonite is the ability to restore a previous version of a file.  We have all at one piont or time changed a word file by accident and lost a ton of work.  Now all you have to do is log into your carbonite account and open up the original document.  It is a sweet.

Vista Backup Utility

Everyone knows they need to backup thier data.  Well your a step ahead of most because you are actually looking for a solution and reading about it rather then knowing you need it but doing nothing.  When it comes to using Vista you do have a free option for data backup.  That is to use the built in Vista backup utility that comes with Vista Home and Premium.  You can read all about it at www.microsoft.com/windows/windows-vista/features/backup.aspx but don’t leave just yet.  If you have the business or ultimate edition then you have even more backup features that are built into the operating system like being able to backup your whole computer including prgrams just in case your computer takes a dive or because very unstable.

The sad part is most of us do not have those two versions.  Even most businesses don’t have the business edition.  Not that I blame them because the added cost really was not worth it.

Not to fear we have two solutions that are very affordable and personally I use them both and for good reason.  The first is to use a program called Acronis.  This handy backup program will do a full image backup of my entire computer.  That way if anything happens I don’t have to worry.  I simply plop in my Vista disc and when asked I tell it I already have an image backup and I’m already in the clear.  No having to re-install programs or anything like that.  The down part for some is you should use an external hard drive to back all the data onto.  This can add on a 100 plus dollars having to purchase the hardware but it is still worth it.  Check out the Acronis website at www.acronis.com to learn more about there backup software.

I did mention two methods that I use.  I saved the best for last and chances are you have heard about it.  It’s on the AM radio shows all the time.  The program is called Carbonite.  This is a online backup tool.  You can backup everything on your computer to this and have it auto sink so you never have to worry about it.  Let’s say you changed a word document and wanted the old version back.  Not a problem you go online loggin and pull it down.  I use this as well because it’s SO CHEAP!  It’s my just in case of fire or robery insurance.  Thats what I call it.  So if you loose all your data not a problem.  You can pull all you music, pictures, personal files the works down from this online backup service.  I am talkin ALL your files.  Not just a gig worth, not 20 gigs or 500 gigs.  As much as you got, all for the same price.  They have a 14 day free trial that you do not have to even plug your credit card into to get started so yes you should at least check this thing out and see how it works.  60% of all people who do the free trial end up purchasing it so that’s how well it works.  That is a huge conversion margin in the software world and the highest by far that I have ever heard of.  You can learn more about this on their website at www.carbonite.com

If you have your own method already or a better one feel free and chime in to let others know.  If for any reason any of the above did not work for you post your opinion so others can know about it.

I keep Forgetting My Password

All of us have been there and more then once.  How many times have you gone to a website and were like !@# I don’t no the user name and password I used.  Think about it for a second!  How many user names and passwords do you have?  As a blogger and someone who has at least a hundred accounts online I would be lost with out my favorite tool.  The program has a real name but I refer to it simply as Bud.  I know it may sound funny to call a piece of software Bud but that’s how much I appreciate the tool.  The name of the program is RoboFrom.

Perhaps you have heard of it.  In a nut shell it works like this.  I turn on my computer an log in under my account.  Now all I do is open up my web browser and when I go to a website that I need to log on I just click a button and the form is auto filled.  I am prompted to log into the program first using a top secret master password.  After that I can just click the button and have the form filled.  For every site I go to even the ones I do know my password on I just hit click and I’m good to go.  Now the free version of Roboform is good but the paid version that I use has hundreds of other uses and features.  For instance I can safely add my credit card number , and all information I want into the program that is built into the web browser.  Now any time I need to register an account somewhere or fill out any form online I can simply hit one button and have the whole entire form filled out for me including a password.

I already know what some of you are thinking.  That does not sound safe at all?  Nothing could be further from the truth.  You see only I can access this information using just one well thought out password.  Until that password is entered no data can be pulled from it.  If I walk away from my computer I have it preset to deactivate in 15 minutes.  You can change this to what ever you want.  You do have to log into the program any time you log back onto your computer and that is what makes it so safe.  The really nice part is I can transfer all the data using the export feature and load all the saved passwords and user names onto another computer in just a few short clicks.  This program has many more features but you should just check them out for yourself.  Download the trial and see if this program can be your Bud to.  Head over to www.roboform.com for the trial.