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To-Do Or Not To-Do – Ask Outlook 2007


The Outlook 2007 To-Do Bar pulls together information from Outlook 2007’s Calendar and Tasks views making it simple to keep track of what you need to do. You used to have to check the different views to find this information, now it is right there where you can work with it almost instantly.

Every element in the To-Do Bar is live. That is, you can use the Date Navigator to control the Calendar, open and modify the appointments without leaving the current view, manage the list of tasks, even create new ones, again without leaving the current view.

Having the To-Do Bar available really reduces the jumping back and forth between views that was necessary in earlier versions of Outlook.

By default, the To-Do Bar appears as a pane to the right of every view. When the To-Do Bar is minimized, it appears as a narrow strip down the edge of the main Outlook window. When the bar is expanded, by default it shows the Date Navigator (a small calendar) at the top, your next three scheduled appointments in the middle, and a list of your tasks at the bottom. use the left and right arrows at the toop of the To-Do Bar to minimize or expand the bar.

Note: You can easily modify the To-Do Bar to change the way it displays information.

Actually working with the items in the To-Do Bar couldn’t be simpler:

  • Click a Date navigator date to open the Calendar to that day.
  • Double-click an appointment or task to open it.
  • Type into the Type a new task box at the top of the task list to add one.
  • Click the header of the task list to change the order in which tasks are displayed.

It doesn’t get much easier or more intuitive than that!

Having the things you need to do next easily visible wherever you are in Outlook is a significant benefit. I think you will quickly find the To-Do Bar to be one of the most useful new Outlook 2007 interface features.

Selecting The Right All In One Printer To Fit Your Needs

Hp All In One Printer Video

Purchasing an all in one printer can be a great economical decision.  For the price of roughly one average model printer you can purchase a basic all in one printer that has three times the capabilities.  An all in one printer can offer a variety of different options in several different configurations.  In addition to printing they can also scan and copy documents as well as function as a fax machine.

What Can An All In One Printer Do For Me


If you know you will be printing high volumes of paper you will want to select a device that offers high speed printing so you do not end up wasting time waiting for your printouts.  Laser printers are much faster than an inkjet device and the cost per page to print from a laser device is often times much less than an inkjet.  Laser printers are an especially great choice for those who only need to print black and white.  For a premium price you can purchase a color laser printer if that option is required and you want a faster device.

If you want to print digital photographs you should select an inkjet printer that was designed to print photographs.  Often times these devices will hold special ink cartridges that will produce high quality print outs of your photographs.

All in one printers are available in two main forms.  If you know your device will not be required to produce large amounts of volume consider
purchasing an inkjet all in one printer.  These devices are often times less expensive but tend to print slower than a laser all in on printer.  

By purchasing a laser device your upfront cost might be higher but the overall cost per page will be lower than an
inkjet in the end.  Also keep in mind that the majority of laser printers available only print in black and white.  As color laser technology becomes more popular more all in one printers of this design are entering the product market and the price is becoming reasonable.

There are also all in one printers available for purchase if you have a need for a device that not only prints but faxes, scans, and copies. Once you have answered the above questions you can begin to narrow down your selection of printers to choose from.

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007 Spy Gadgets

You have surely seen a lot of James Bond Movies in the past. A lot of us have always wanted to put our hands on some of those really cool 007 spy gadgets that he was using. Whenever something bad happened, he would just use one and get away with being unhurt. Now although most of those spy gadgets were not real, some of them did become reality since the series started. Gadgets that appeared in James Bond Movies are a reality and spy gadgets are available.

Contrary to popular belief, there are hundreds of spy gadgets available on the market at the moment. They range from spy cameras to computer spyware programs. No matter what the purpose is to use them, it is still spying.

It is easy to understand why spy gadgets are so popular. The practical part of spying is very hard to neglect. You are basically getting to use tools that are so small that nobody will see them. You can catch a cheating spouse, partner or anyone that might be talking bad about you. You can monitor your nanny or maid. You can basically do any type of audio or video surveillance that you can imagine. Spy gadgets are really special.

Now where can you buy spy gadgets? The best answer possible is the Internet. There are hundreds of sites that will offer you every single gadget that is useful for surveillance and spying activities. The range of products starts with watches and ends with wireless surveillance cameras. Keep in mind that spy cameras are also useful for discrete surveillance. All is up to your personal imagination. It is nearly impossible for you to go out and not find the spy gadget that will make your job easier. Now just think about all that you want to do and then simply analyze what you will need to do it.

At the end of the day you will surely love the button camera or the telephone voice changer. There are thousands of spy gadgets to choose from.

Hiding your Files in Full view

Your thinking why would someone choose an Internet backup system. Well, there’s a whole bunch of reasons. First, you can use the Internet to backup your data instead of dedicated hardware or software. If you have Internet access, your good to go.Second, you can retreive your files from any computer connected to the Internet (well, only by you of course).  And with proper encryption and security, nobody else will know it’s even out there.

The Internet has thousands of pedabytes of disk space available, and there are several good services you can find that specialize in Internet backup.I pay right at $4.00 each month to store just under 30 gigabytes of files.Now I’m using 60% of my backup space which leaves plenty of room for my future updates at a very reasonable price.

The first step is to decide which site to use.  Most sites that offer a free trial are more expensive on a monthly basis than those that don’t.So you can do a little homework and get a better deal by discovering and joining a site with great features and no hidden expenses.In the end it’ll save you a lot of money. With all the product review sites, blogs, comparison sites, etc. it’s simple to make a quality decision.

So now, you’ve made a decision as to which provider you’ll use. Next, you need to make some judgements about what data is important and need to be backed up. The best online backup providers have software that does all the work for you. and will upload the backup files only after encrypting them for security. As you have figured out by now, the easiest to use services are also generally the best ones out there.And the best providers will run identically on the common operating systems (Windows, Linux, and OSX).

The reason is they want you to use their service and if it’s too tough you’oll find an easier one to use. Just like any Internet service, there’s plenty of competition, and providers with few featurs or provide service for Windows only, OSX only, etc. generally arn’t reliable at all and may not even be around for you in the future. So it’s important to make sure they support MacIntosh and Linux in addition to Windows.They will if their serious about their business. 

So, now you have an idea of what is involved with Internet backups, let’s go over some questions you should ask.

Do they provide free software to do the dirty work for you?

Does their software provide all features on Linux OSX, and Windows?

Can you backup many computers with a single account?

What kind of data backup is it? How often do the backups occur?

Is encryption provided by default? You must insist on AES 256bit encryption to protect your data.

You have other issues that are important to you.But these questions will help you narrow down your selection to only the best providers in short order.

Has Your Business Planned For A Data Disaster?


Many businesses risk grave losses due to failures and disasters yet continue to depend on un-validated tape backups should they need to recover from a major outage. Implementing a disaster recovery plan can be time consuming and daunting; to the point which many simply put it off.

Through some basic steps, businesses can better protect themselves against catastrophic data loss, these steps include:

Fire, flood, human error, hardware failure and malicious acts can all cause a small business to at best suffer financial losses, at worst and is far too often the case, shut down for good, every business is susceptible to some king of outage, the need to plan for a disaster is real and needs to be carried out.

The first thing you need to do is understand what is important to your business. Identify those systems that are critical to the running of your business, be it an email server, bespoke financial package or other data, building a continuity plan will help you recover these systems in the most cost effective, efficient way possible.

Another important aspect of your plan should be that the business downtime should be a short as possible, an hour lost in a small business with a few employees can be manageable but if you have hundreds of employees then even an hour downtime is equivalent to weeks of lost work cumilitavely.

Have your data backed up securely offsite, even in the event of a total loss of premises your data can be available in a different location with minimal fuss. Traditional tape backups although adequate if set up correctly can and do fail recovery is a lengthy process even for a single file. Other technologies such as data replication and remote offsite backup are more efficient, simpler and more reliable.

No two companies are the same; it pays to plan your implementation. A documented project plan can help with your disaster recovery procedures, A project plan allows it to be broken down into more manageable chunks. With proper planning you can avoid some of the pitfalls and ensure nothing in left unaccounted for and will prevent having to go back.

Finally you need to test you DR procedures regularly, there are no end of stories about companies who just assume they are being protected, everything is fine until there is a need to recover?

Disaster recovery planning, data recovery service and online data backup protocols should be in place for every business that has critical business data and systems. Don’t wait until it is to late and disaster has already struck.

Data Recovery And Why It Is Always Best Left To The Experts

In recent times with the “Credit Crunch” beginning to bite a lot of people may well be tempted to try to repair or recover their data from a failed hard disk drive or memory stick. Alternatively they try to use recovery software, which is easily available on the net, can be paid for and downloaded online.

In most cases this software will be a hard drive recovery programme for a hard disk drive that has suffered from some form of logical table corruption and will not assist with

  1. Mechanically failed devices
  2. Degraded hard Disk Drives
  3. Devices with electronic failures

This software will of course not be able to help and if the drive is degraded or suffering from a mechanical failure attempting to run this software will in most cases cause further damage to hard disk drives, potentially making the disk unrecoverable.

The software itself is very often very reasonable priced – usually under $100 but is only good for one purpose to recover either deleted or logically failed drives, so if you are not sure what you are doing trying to do a self recovery can in the long run cost a lot more.

There are of course a lot of IT experts around of course and you may even have some in your own business, but do they really know what they are doing when it comes to the serious issue of data recovery? You would think that your onsite IT support would be data aware bit this is quite often simply not the case.

In a typical case a drive was initially presented for diagnosis and duly diagnosed with a blown PCB – the drive seemed completely dead and would not spin at all. As an additional test a new PCB was placed on the board so that the response of the heads could be tested. The result of the diagnosis was that the hard drive read heads had been damaged following a power spike.

Upon further discussion, with the client, it transpired that the IT dept had decided to remove the HDD from the laptop and as it was an IDE device mount it as an external storage device by using an IDE connector. Unfortunately they plugged the HDD to the connector “upside down” meaning that crucially the drive received a huge power spike through it when the connector was hooked up to a PC.

It appears that the lack of care taken by the IT dept has caused the drive far more problems that what was probably a simple case of “bad sectors” on a hard disk drive. The cost of a simple bad sectors recovery has now become a full HDD rebuild with the search now on for suitable parts – causing delay and additional costs to the School concerned.

Naturally the client is somewhat annoyed that his data, whilst probably still recoverable, is likely to cost much more and take longer in the recovery process.

Sadly this is not an isolated case and data recovery companies the world over will have a whol;e collection of stories where simple recoveries were turned into data disasters by the DIY and have a go brigade

So the moral of this is that whilst many people will look for a quick and cheap fix for their hard drive recovery problems, they really are best leaving it to the experts.