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Is Blu-Ray the answer for film?

Going high definition was high on our Christmas lists this year as sales as reputation of the Blu-Ray movies rocketed through the roof. In all honesty, I hadn’t seen what a Blu-Ray was capable of until I had looked at one my brother had purchased. When I saw the quality and clarity a Blu-Ray disc could produce I was amazed. It is absolutely magnificent. I can only say that it looks so real you feel as though you can put your arm into the screen. It is like nothing I have ever seen before.

According to figures that were released by the British Video Association (BVA), sales on the Blu-Ray disc were up 400% on the same period compared to the year before, with 1.5 million titles shifted in December alone. The lead selling Blu-Ray disc was ‘Dark Knight’ starring the late Heath Ledger and Cristian Bale. Everyone knows that to introduce a new video player of any sort is no easy task to commercialise, getting everyone to own one of the Blu-Ray players is the key. They have to be affordable and the benefits have to be clear. There have been a few developments in recent years after the DVD that have not caught on, one of them being the ‘HD DVD’ and the ‘Mini DVD’ which is practically un-heard of. Yet, the Blu-Ray disc is something different. It offers something that other films have never offered before and that is un-paralleled quality and detail. When you watch a Blu-Ray film for the first time it is kind of a head spin because your eyes are not use to that sort of amazing quality on a TV screen. After a short while you get use to it and when you do it is so worth it! I have seen the Dark Knight on Blu-Ray and it feels like it is a different film all together.

I am a firm believer that the Blu-Ray will catch on with the public and will be the next progression in disc technology purely because it offers something that nothing else does. If you haven’t seen anything on Blu-Ray then please get yourself down to the nearest video shop and treat yourself. As far as getting a Blu-Ray player – the PS3 is a Blu-Ray player, other than that most modern flat screen TV’s all have Blu-Ray players in them so you could always get one of those.

Wedding Caterers.

Catering Companies.

Are all Click Bank products crap?

If there is one thing we all hate it’s a crap product or service.  I’ll be honest here.  I sell afiliate products online and have done so for the last few years.  Over my two year span I just see time and again crap products being pushed on people.  Anything from junk Security products to those 7 page e-books people try to sell for 50 bucks.  When was the last time you saw a real book selling for 50 dollars!!!!.

Clickbank is an affiliate market place were people can go to sell their digital products.  I have sold a few Click bank products in the past but they were actually great products.  I have never sent a reader of mine to some junk program just so I can make a buck.  The sad truth is most online marketers don’t care.  They will sell anything to anyone and recommend any product as long as there is someone to buy it.

There are many good products on Clickbank.  I don’t want to down them or say you should not buy one.  I just want to piont out that 99% of all the products are over priced and not worth it.

These guys do have one great thing going.  Any product that is sold through their market place has to have a guarantee.  It seems to be 8 weeks for most products but don’t quote me on that.  I think this is a very responsable thing for them to do and I my self have used the refund process a few times.  I would say 50% of all products I have boughten on there I have returned to get my money back.  When I go to buy a product I don’t care for all the hype.  If it contains just a few things I can learn I am happy.

Before buying any product online ensure they have some kind of guarnatee.  Be very leary of any e-book out there.  Most of these have been written by ghost writers and then a fancy sales page person was hired to write the page and hype the product.

How To Stop My Xbox 360 From Freezing Up?

“Why the heck does my Xbox 360 keeps freezing up?!” Is this the biggest frustrations you ever had since you started playing console games? I can bet more than 50% of Xbox 360 users are experiencing this Xbox 360 freezing up problem, so if your Xbox 360 keeps freezing up, you actually have a few options to stop xbox 360 from freezing up that you can do all by yourself.

During the whole troubleshooting process, there is one main reason my xbox 360 keeps freezing up – Overheating!

We all understand that Xbox 360 is a simplified version of a high end gaming PC. When you play games with especially high requirements it gets busy on the inside and guess what – it freezes!

One thing that I’ve done to solve my Xbox 360 from freezing up so often is to let it “breathe” better. Well, you can do this by simply taking out your Xbox 360 from the closed cabinet, or put it some where near the window to cool the system better.

Besides that, the another reason I’ve suspected on why my Xbox 360 keeps freezing up is the internal hardware that is malfunctioning. You’ll see it when this happens because your Xbox 360 will first freeze up and show you the 3 flashing red lights.

For this, you are left with 2 options, you can either send your Xbox 360 back to Microsoft and then pay a $140 fees plus 6 months waiting time, or you can solve the Xbox 360 freezing up problem yourself immediately. However, the components of Xbox 360 are not as simple as you might thought it is, a simple error could damage the whole system.

Xbox 360 keeps freezing up no matter what you’ve done?

Learning from a step-by-step Xbox360 repair guide is the best way you can do to save your time and cost to fix your Xbox 360 from freezing up. There are certain guides out there that shows you how to dismantle your Xbox 360 and repairing it, but most of them don’t include clear videos on the actual process.

A high-definition Xbox 360 video repair guide is exactly what you’ll need to start working on it, all by yourself without any fancy tools, all you need are simple household tool kits.

A High-End GPS System – Garmin Nuvi 760

The Garmin Nuvi 760 GPS Navigation System is among the best offerings that can be found for navigations. The maps that come with the Nuvi 760 cover all of North America so you can journey to the United States, Canada, or Mexico and have your navigator to aid you.


The readout on the Garmin Nuvi 760 comes with a large 3.8 by 2.25 screen that includes a backlight and an anti-glare screen. The readout boasts a good resolution of 480 by 272 pixels as well ass a 3-D image display.

Your Garmin 760 also includes an FM radio transmitter to offer you a way to keep up with the most recent real-time traffic reports that allow you to avoid congested traffic areas in the urban world. All of the information that you need to enter in the unit is easily reached on the touch screen so the package is compact with sleek lines and a nice ball socket construction.

You stick the Garmin Nuvi 760 to your car’s interior with a small suction cup that can be taken down with ease when you are ready to get out of your car. The small system is perfect when you do not want to leave the system behind; the product will effortlessly slide into a pocket or handbag as you work or shop.

Extra Features

The Garmin Nuvi 760 Travel Assistant offers you the ability to remember the most frequently used routes. For instance, if you travel to hotels fairly often, you can save the hotel address in the unit and then simply put in your destination address to receive the fastest and most advantageous route.

You can even save the names of your favorite restaurants and boutiques in the navigator to arrive at these places with no trouble in a new city. This is a good feature when you need a certain item that is not sold in some places.

The Nuvi 760 is also a good tool to have if you experience trouble finding where you have left your car in a sizable city or parking garage. The unit will remember exactly where you parked by keeping track of the final location that the unit recalls. This is an excellent feature that cannot be found on the previous Garmin Nuvi products.

Adding Features and Maps

If the Garmin Nuvi 760 GPS Navigation System that you have right now must be modified, all you need to do is go to the official website to load new maps and extras onto the product. A few updates will cost, including travel instructions and maps. You Nuvi 760 package will include a USB cable so that you can effortlessly link your unit to your home computer for downloads.

You should also have the option of selecting the location of the touch screen letters on your Nuvi 760. Most people are accustomed to a regular keyboard and find it easier to use this style when putting in data.

Here’s a few detective tricks that are now available for anybody to use

Hey – call me a geek if you want, but since I was young I have been fascinated by spy tools.  Back in the day I was a huge detective movie fan and was frequently buying different spy gadgets.  Ok, Ok – I’m a geek!

Ok, so today I don’t read Sherlock Holmes anymore, but I still am fascinated by a few of the tools that are now available.  And instead of ordering fancy gadgets from comic books, I now go online to check out detective tricks.

The internet now makes it possible to do investigations on just about anybody just by typing a few letters.  Let’s have a look at two of the detective tools I use a bunch.

You might have heard of a reverse cell phone lookup.  This type of search lets you punch in a telephone number and then uncover exactly who is the owner of the phone.  Just by typing in the phone number you can find out someone’s full name, complete address plus all types of other personal details.

You’ll be able to use this trick quite often.  There might be times when I don’t recognize a number that keeps showing up on my call display or I have even received texts that I didn’t know where they were coming from.

The next one I use is an online criminal background check.  You can find out lots of information on anyone just by typing in their name at a background search website.  I like that these searches are instant and display to you the individual’s full criminal history (if any), marriage records, employment records and a whole bunch of other information.

These little tricks make me feel like a detective right from home.  It’s really inexpensive to use either of them and they are useful in all sorts of circumstances.  Enjoy!

How to Get Rid of Xbox Three Red Lights Fast

If your Xbox 360 console has stopped functioning and only displays red ring of death, then it’s confirmed that there is a problem with your console. Even though there are hundreds of Xbox repair guides on the internet, most of the instructions have proven to be a failure. It has to do with lack of detailed instructions which could be done better with a proper set of videos.

Most experts will advise you not to fix Xbox 3 red lights with the help of a guide that relies on pictures solely as you can damage the game console for good. The only option here is to choose only video collections that actually show you what to do and how to deal with the red ring of death also known as RROD.

You should identify the cause of the Xbox problem before you go all mechanic on the console. If you start fixing a wrong problem correctly, you might actually make things worse.

Microsoft standard report suggests that the 3 red lights issue is generally related to overheating of the gaming console. The device freezes to stop further damage from taking place inside the console. If this is the case, you can remove the 3 red lights problem once and for all using the video instructions from a good repair guide.

There is a drawback to the use of a repair guide purchased online: you can lose the warranty for the product. Though they generally work to help you fix Xbox 360 3 flashing red lights caused by overheating, things could be different when it comes to hardware failure.

You might consider the traditional and safer alternative and just send it to Microsoft for the repair. Did you know Microsoft charges over a $100 for the fix? And did you know that they take longer 4 weeks to get the job done? I wouldn’t want this for the world!

If you really want to take a chance and get the red rights problem taken care of once and for all, maybe the repair guides online can help out. How do you pick one that can work like a charm? Simple! Don’t go for the price, and don’t go for one that ends up giving you tonnes of bonuses.

Just make sure that you purchase one with great quality videos. If you don’t find anything good, make sure to claim a refund and go for the next one that you came across. Quality is important because if you miss a single step during the repair, say good bye to your console. So be mindful and less stingy.