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Apple Mac pull out of Macworld Expo

In a shock and surprising move, Apple has said that it is to abandon the annual tech seminar event called, 'Macworld' after this years January event. News is still circulating that Steve Jobs, the CEO for Apple will not be addressing the popular seminar after more fears about his health. Steve Jobs suffered a bout of cancer four years ago which was very serious and it is reported that concerns have risen once more.

An Apple spokesman, Steve Dowling said that he did not want to discuss the issue of Steve's health and said that the reason they are pulling out of the Macworld seminar is because they are not relevant anymore. "Apple is steadily pulling back on trade shows and in recent years is reaching more people in more ways than ever before", Mr Dowling stated. It is cmpletely understandable considering that over 3.Five million people visit the Apple retail stores and much like any other company, trade shows are a small part of how they can reach their audience. Although Apple have scaled back on the trade shows they have put more money into promoting their promotional adverts on television and all over the internet like they have in September this year to launch the new 3G iphone.

The Macworld expo is regarded by many people as the highlight of the year for Apple fans as new products like the iphone and ipod are introduced by the charismatic Steve Jobs. However Steve's last appearance at the Macworld expo shocked many worried fans as he appeared extremely gaunt and weak. All we can hope is that Steve recovers as soon as possible as he truly is a loved character amongst the Mac world. The main thing obviously is that Steve regains his health as soon as possible. I can understand Apple's choice to back out of trade shows however it is important for your audience to interact and relate to a face on the company and Steve Jobs performs this job very well indeed.

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Im a Mac what are you?

I have only just seen the new adverts from Microsot starring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld. The latest ad campaign from Microsoft is an extremely eager attempt to compete with the infamous Macguy adverts that people know and love.

I myself use a mac computer and I wouldn't use anything else. At work I use a pc and I can instantly tell the difference in usability and work flow and speed. There is no comparison in my eyes. Getting work done on a mac is considerably easier. Why? One answer is that it just works and thats that! Nothing will ever let you down on a mac, not in a million years. I have had my macbook for about one year and I have never had to call up "task manager" to close a program down, I have never had to take it into the mac store and tell them something has blown up or something has gone wrong, it has been my perfect tool in designing.

Don't get me wrong I know that windows can be useful. However, it completely depends where and when you are using a windows computer. It is a known fact that in a battle between Microsoft and Mac there is only one winner. Currently, it would have to be Microsoft. It hurts me to admit this but it is an unfortunate fact. They have the market under their thumb only because of the fact they were first on the "scene" and have been for so many years. PC's are cheap, affordable and easy to chuck into a school, home, office for a few hundred pounds, its no big deal.

A MAC requires a bit more thought and risk. People ask themselves about spending all that money on a new machine that they dnt know well, whether or not it is worth it or not. 'Will I be able to use it properly after being so use to a Microsoft pc?' This is primarily the problem with anyone surely wanting to purchase a MAC. People are intimidated by the change of software. What people don't realise is that a MAC may cost slightly more money but the benefits are un-surmountable. You buy a PC and expect it only to last for a few years literally if your lucky! I buy my MAC and expect it to last for ten years, easily! So you have to ask yourself what is more expensive? Having to continuously buy more and more PC's over the space of ten years or just having one MAC that you know will last you.

It arguable to say that a lot of Microsoft software from the past had originally been based on Macintosh programming but that is still not confirmed they are only rumours circulating various websites. Either way, this battle between a MAC and a Windows machine will always rage on for many years to come! But I would personally never buy a Windows machine ever again in my life.

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Comcast Cable Triple Play Deals

It is not hard to see how cable television is related to Internet and telephone service. All of these services are incredibly important if you want your house to be able to keep up with modern telecommunications. All of these services are sources of everything from entertainment to information and all allow you to keep up with what is happening in the larger world.

Because all of these services are so important and so connected, it makes sense to get them all through one trusted company. The best choice for this company is Comcast Cable. No other provider has been able to gain the trust of so many Americans or been able to provide such a terrific level of service. In fact, out of all the telecommunications companies in the nation, Comcast is the one most often named when customers name their favorite company.

What puts Comcast above all other telecommunications companies? Pretty much everything. From great customer service to exceptional products, this company has found many ways to keep its customers satisfied. Its newest innovation has been the Triple Play- a way of letting customers get all three of these important telecommunications services in one easy to manage service. The Triple Play’s advantages include lower costs and more convenience, and the idea is quickly gaining ground with customers.

Cable television is at the heart of Comcast’s services because the company has been a cable television provider for many years. This has enabled it to create extremely advanced service options that meet customer’s needs to a tee. This is extremely evident in the programming package selection.

Plenty of different options are available so that every customer can find the perfect match. Are you looking for a programming package with a large choice of premium movie channels? Try the On Demand Platinum Plus or On Demand Gold Plus. Would you prefer a package that had just the basics so you can catch the news and an occasional game?

How about the Enhanced Cable TV With On Demand or the Digital Classic package. If you have specific viewing preferences, such as wanting HDTV or specific sports programming, the current Comcast Cable TV Promotions will also meet your needs. Just check out the growing selection of specialty programming and add your preferences to your subscription.

Comcast’s television equipment is also meant to meet customer needs. The DVR is becoming especially popular because of people’s needs for more flexible programming schedules. When you have a Digital Video Recorder, you no longer need to worry about running home for a show because you can easily program your DVR to record it.

Plus, the DVR holds hundreds of hours of TV programming so that you can save your favorite shows to watch again and again. Comcast’s On Demand programming is also growing due to the same demand for flexibility and now includes hundreds of options at any time.

Next to its digital cable TV services, Comcast high speed Internet is its customer’s favorite service. And no wonder, considering that it provides up to 8 times the speed of the fastest DSL services! Faster Internet service is sure to make your time on the Internet better whether you are using it for work or for pleasure, and with Comcast’s selection of High Speed Internet services, you are sure to find the speed and service that best suits you.

Digital Voice is a wonderful service and one worth adding on. This service makes sure that the customer never is dissatisfied with their telephone service again by including all long distance in the monthly fee and offering tons of features like voice mail.

It only makes sense for a cable television company to start offering Internet and phone services, and Comcast has done an exceptional job of it.

Start Backing Up today Easily with an Automatic Backup Program

It’s just a fact of life not enough people do the things they really need to. Whether it’s saving money, eating right, or backing up their PC.

Backing up your computer might seem like a tough task, how ever using the right automatic backup program makes the process simple and hands free. In this article I want to give you an overview of just how painless and easy it is to backup your important data, and how fast it is to get started.

Download your Automatic Backup Software

There’s a variety of companies that offer this service, but I suggest you use an online backup service for your needs. Why? They all offer an automatic backup service, and it stores your important files and data at an off site location.

Get started by visiting either Carbonite or Mozy Online to sign up for a free trial.To learn more about exactly how these online backup programs work you can check out our Carbonite review, or read reviews on all of the top online back services at our website.

Once you sign up for your free trial you’ll be able to download their free automatic backup program for your desktop.

Select your Files to Backup

After you have downloaded and installed the backup software application you’ll be ready to choose which files you want backed up. Most programs will automatically select your My Documents folder.If there are files in other areas of you PC that you want to ensure are backed up you will need to tell the program about those folders and files and where they are located.

Start Backing up now

Now we’re ready for the best part, you’ve setup the program, told the application what files to backup and you’re almost done.The first upload of your backup could take several hours to a day to complete. How ever that’s it, the longest part is the initial transfer of all your files and folders.Once that’s done the automatic backup program will upload newly added files to your backup directories, or upload new versions of files that are already backed up all automatically.

Everything will happen automatically behind the scenes while you do your day-to-day work on your computer.

Do Disk Imaging Tools do a Good Job?

Most people that use a disk imaging program never really know if their image is done correctly or not. That is until something crashes and they need to recover files or lost data.It is how ever something that should be looked into since most find out their image is bad after a crash occurs and it’s to late.

Educating yourself on the right disk imaging tools and learning how to check your backup are two easy ways to rest easy that you’re backed up safely.

Choosing the Right Tool for the Image

There are a lot of software products that do disk imaging.The most popular is probably Norton Ghost, been out for quite a few years.While Norton has been making this program for a long time I’ve read several users found their images made using Ghost didn’t work correctly in times of need.

The new breed of disk imaging tools led by Acronis True Image Home edition is more promising.

To learn more about this program specifically check out these Acronis True Image reviews.

Make Sure your Hard Drive Image Works

Using a program like Acronis creates a restore image, rather then just a regular image on disk. So rather then just an image of your hard drive you’re left with a complete restore system that you can boot from should your entire PC crash. This means that you don’t just get a backup of all your files but you also are assured of having a backup of your system setup, registry, email settings and contacts etc.

Testing your Disk Image

It might seem like over kill but I’d suggest that you test out your disk image and backup after creating it.Why Should you Test? Well as mentioned before if you don’t test the results of your backup software you could find out the hard way that things didn’t backup correctly, or the disk and files are corrupt.

How To Delete Your Start-up Program

Are you wondering why your Windows PC starts up slower as it gets older?Well, you must have included in the start-up menu more and more programs that must be loaded right from the start.Anti-virus or firewall programs are necessary for PC protection, but free software or trial versions may come with other software you may not know about or are not informed of.These needed and unneeded programs load onto the memoery at start up, so the computer slows down to sort out the confusion.

In this article, we will cover methods of removing unwanted programs, cleaning your registry, and simultaneously freeing up some space on your hard drive. If your computer came “fully loaded” from Best Buy, Staples, Office Depot, Circuit City, or another computer store, you may experience a slow start up from day one.This is due to the store overloading the computer with many usually unnecessary software for system management, cd-writing, photo editing, games and some others.

The simplest way to begin pruning your start up programs is by visiting your Control Panel. You can find the Control Panel under the Start menu on the lower left of your screen. Once inside the Control Panel, you can visit Add/Remove Programs. It may surprise you how long this list actually is.It may even include programs you don’t know about.List down those programs you need or may want to use later, then review the rest for probable deletion.

Removing items from your Startup folder is generally safe, but deleting items individually from your Registry should only be done as a last resort, as this can be a little more dangerous.To play safe, you can use a program called Registry Easy.It is compatible with all Windows versions, including the Vista series. Registry Easy easily scans your PC and safely cleans missing or invalid entries that cause slow-downs, freezing, and delayed start up times.Get a better understanding of all the features this program has to offer in these Registry easy reviews.

Scanning can be set to either manual or automatic mode, so you control Registry Easy’s actions.Registry Easy can also eliminate now-unneeded toolbars and add-ons you once fancied including in your PC by restoring Internet Explorer to its original default status. If you change your mind, or inadvertently removed a program, Registry Easy has the back-up feature that can restore it.