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Windows Vista Repair | Vista and XP repair guides - Part 36

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The Importance Of A Web Firewall

A web firewall should be installed given the rise in numbers of computer hackers, scammers and viruses around the Internet. Defense from malicious data harming your computer is provided by a web firewall. Dangerous attacks to your computer can negative impact on you but these can be avoided.

Since there are a wide variety of web firewalls available, including those from major corporations such as Microsoft, you first need to determine what kind of web firewall your PC requires. A web firewall is likely to be set up and ready to use if the computer came installed with the Microsoft XP or Vista operating system. Check that it is turned on and working properly. Purchase your own software if you do not have one of these newer operating systems. The XP version doesn’t get great reviews so you may still want to buy separate web firewall software if you have Microsoft XP.

There are many products available, including as the most popular – Norton, AVG, and McAfee and you can either visit a store that sells computer software or download a web firewall product through the Internet. The price of software varies depending on how sophisticated it is but there are also plenty of low cost versions available, even from the big name companies. Prior to the installation of your web firewall, a few things must be taken into consideration. The program must not stop you using the functions that you need, such as file and printing sharing. Settings can be configured during installation or at a later date using the documentation provided.

Web firewalls can limit access to certain parts of the Internet. This can happen if you use a local area network or a router, so it is important that you are familiar with how you connect. Secured networks in particular are difficult to access when you have installed a web firewall in place. Installing a web firewall to a pc linked to a company network may require a specific settings configuration to allow you to connect to them and this can be provided by a company’s IT department.

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What To Do When The Data Loss Monster Strikes.

We would all like to think that we are immune to a system failure and that our trusty computers will just keep on going without a hint of a problem. Sadly regardless of whether you’re are a home or business user, systems are prone to boot up failures and these often result in unexpected data loss of varying degrees.

Knowing how to deal with the potential for data loss is what separates those who have been there from those who are yet to experience it. So what kind of scenarios are we talking about here and what are we looking for?

Computer starts up but never reaches the login window: When this happens there are a number of potential problems that can be to blame, these range from hardware issues relating to the hard disk drive, down to driver incompatibility or the loss of important system files. Sometimes the problem can be resolved by booting up in Safe Mode, however, not always.

Your computer loses its zing and starts to feel very jaded and slow: This could be the result of hard drive fragmentation which can be rectified, or could be a more serious operating system problem. The potential for data loss is possible in both scenarios and the most serious operating system problems are best dealt with by doing a totally clean OS install.

Viruses, trojans and malware: Unless you are sat behind the strongest firewalls known to man, or are not connected to the internet or share any files then your computer will always be at the risk of data loss due to these rogue programs. In extreme cases the only rectifiable solution is a totally fresh install.

OK so you have been unlucky and have suffered from the worst potential problem, your system is dead and the only option left is to reinstall your operating system. So how could you have avoided data loss?

The Key, wherever possible, and where there is no hard disk drive fault requiring professional data recovery services is simple: Backup! Sounds simple enough if the drive is working fine, but not enough people do it.

External hard drives can be purchased in most computer shops now days and a quick search online for online backup will also give you a number of remote back up options.

So what’s the answer when the data loss monster has knocked at your door? Well if you truly cannot afford to lose data, take out the hard drive from the machine and replace it with a new device for the reinstall. This leaves you the option of professional help if all else fails.

You can find more great advice on data recovery and in particular for businesses raid data recovery here.

The Beginners Guide to Wireless Fidelity

There are many images of the future, all showing spectacular technologies which will apparently control our lives.  But before we get to grips with these wild and whacky ideas, there is wifi, a technology which is already with us and still seems alien and confusing to many people.  There was a time when wifi was being talked about all the time, in the papers, on the news, but then it was not available to the average internet user.  Now, with the wifi networks popping up all over the place, it seems we are all supposed to understand it, even though many of us are just using it for the first time.  So here are a few tips on wifi for beginners, just for those of us who sometimes feel a little left behind.

So what does wifi mean?  Wifi is a shortening of wireless fidelity.  Wireless fidelity works by allowing the users to log into and use a network by receiving and transmitting signals through radio waves.  If you have just bought your laptop or notebook and are thinking of ‘going wifi’ then the computer will probably already be set up for wireless fidelity.  If, however, you are using an older laptop then you can still buy adapters which will turn your computer wireless.There is one potential problem with relying on adaptors, as more and more computers are made wireless then the number of computers wanting adapters will reduce and before you know it the manufacturers will stop making them, hence forcing people to buy new hardware if they want to get to grips with wifi. So wifi for beginner advice is certainly to look at and probably to buy a suitable computer.

Explaining wifi for beginners also requires explaining hotspots for beginners.  Hotspots are places where you can use your wifi prepared laptop.  Hotspots are usually located in areas where people will go when they are waiting for someone or something, such as airports, cafes, or hotels.  A hotspot is a network which is open and hence will allow anyone to log on.  Most locations which offer these will be hoping that you will be using other facilities while utilizing their hotspot, such as drinking coffee, eating, or buying drinks.

When trying to cover the basic information on wifi for beginners it is important to discuss security.If you are logging onto a public wifi network then you will be transmitting information across the airwaves between your computer and the network.  Most people who run hotspots are not concerned about your security, they are more interested in how much money they can get you to spend while you are surfing the net.  Accordingly the majority of public networks have no encryption at all.  There are however, step which the user can take to help ensure their security.  These include the following; ensure that the firewall on your computer is turned on, you should also make sure that any file sharing facilities on your computer are turned off.  The firewall is an important measure as the file wall will try to stop other users from accessing your computer.  The file sharing is a facility which Microsoft offers and if you turn this off and password protect any files which are confidential then you will be taking steps towards a more secure connection.  As you learn more and more about wifi for beginners you will realize that no steps are guaranteed to keep your information private, but all these little adjustments do help.

I hope that this wifi for beginners guide will help you to log on with some degree of confidence.  One important thing to remember is that wifi is addictive, once you discover the freedom of wifi there will be no going back.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS 2007) is a server platform developed by Microsoft released as part of Microsoft Office Server 2007. The main features of this server platform are collaboration, content management, portal management, enterprise search, business process, business intelligence, social computing.

MOSS 2007 Capabilities

The following are specific information on each of teh capabilities written above for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

Collaboration – SharePoint enable teams to work together through publishing of documents, materials, information, intellectual asssets, workflow implementation to a single portal location. Team can work effectively thru this centralized location of information.

Social Computing –  the new features found in SharePoint Server 2007 include blogs, wikis, rss which allow enterprise to implement social computing and share knowledge across employess throughout the company.

Portals – teams have the ability to create their own specific sites with pre-built templates and site definitions like list, document libraries, standard webparts, etc. This feature of MOSS easily allows team to request for their own space for project management purposes.

Enterprise Search – Microsoft has definitely built a robust search capability that runs on top of SharePoint. This allow the entire organization to search specific information tailored to their needs. Available searches include documents, archived materials, people, etc.

Enterprise Content Management – SharePoint boasts of feature packed enterprise content management which allows management of document libraries, information, archiving, auditing, approval processes, etc.

Business Intelligence – MOSS 2007 supports SQL Server and thus the ability to implement analytic services that help in building a comprehensive business intelligence system for the organization.

Business Forms & Processes – Forms can easily be created thru forms library or with the use of InfoPath that integrates well with SharePoint.

Office Integration – SharePoint has the ability to integrate seamlessly with Office tools such as word, excel, power point, outlook, etc. This allows the extension of SharePoint into a more feature rich portal.

Workflows, alerts, notifications – SharePoint has the ability to offer out-of-box workflow solutions but at the same time customization of these workflows is possible that allows approval processes and routing of documents and information throughout the organization rapid and easy. The alert and notification features of SharePoint allow users to get information throughout the system on an updated basis.


SharePoint Office Server 2007 is a heavy weight in enterprise server platforms that help organization in their information technology needs. MOSS 2007 already sold millions of licenses and would continually grow in the future.

Repairing and Tuning Up Computers

Computers can be fixed besides at a repair shop.

Registry scans are available online to abstain from high cost geeks and get your computer functioning properly.Registry errors are the reason behind a lot of computer problems.Registry repairs do not need to be paid for.You can do this simple fix yourself.

How to tell is your computer registry is messed up.

Your firewall may not always block off viruses leading to these symptoms.It could also be an abundance of junk in the registry.

*Nonfunctional Computer

* Computer freezing

*Continual error messages

* Problems downloading

*Alarming blue screen

*Horrendous black screen

* Computer too slow

*Stagnant internet speed

Don’t start modifying the registry yourself.

Tech wizards are trained to handle the scary place of a computer registry.There is stuff you may attempted to change that your computer actually needs. So before you mistakenly disable your operating system, do the smart thing and get a registry cleaner.

No need to go to the store to get a registry cleaner.

An online registry scan is easily performed by anyone to tune up their computer safely.You can find some registry scans right on a website.You can download registry scan tools online for free too.This can be helpful if you don’t know exactly what is wrong with your computer. For no cost at all you can check out any registry errors and problems inside your computer operating system.

Don’t be surprised if you have over 1000 registry errors.

This can also work to find Trogan viruses that are hiding in there.You can find all kinds of issues by running a registry scan online on your computer that you had no idea you had.For one of the best free online registry cleaner downloads check out these Registry easy reviews.RegistryEasy has positive ratings and comments floating around.This registry scan online has won awards for it’s easy use and as an excellent repair tool which is a good reason to try it.

You Know Not, When A Computer Crash Cometh

Making Backup Copies of Files and Data is a Must

Those of us that don’t run a business from our PC should also be backing up files. It would be heartbreaking to loose all your family photos due to a hacker or virus.Computers have become our lives, all important data is stored there, therefore we must start making backups a priority, not just businesses should be doing it, everyone should be.

If you haven’t lived through a computer crash, you must have lucky stars.

While sometimes a computer crash will still allow you to recover files, others can totally blind side you wiping all of your data that was once there.Corrupt Files Can Cause Problems AlsoBacking up files will ensure that if you have computer issues you won’t lose any of your important data.

If your a Savvy PC user you should have a Full Hard Drive Image On Hand

This is done with Windows backup software.If you have a full backup you’ll be able to simple restore everything on your current hard drive should your whole PC crash.To ensure complete safety from disasters and fire store a copy of your full PC backup offsite, possibly in a safety deposit box to ensure you don’t lose both your computer and your data.There are some backup programs such as Acronis which don’t just offer the ability to backup but also the space to store your backup files after their made.

When you have a crash or hard ware failure software like Acronis True Image can be a life saver.

For a backup that is imaging your entire hard drive and storing all your files you’ll want to be sure you have storage space that can be accessed any time and is secure enough that your data is safe. Systems crash without warning and immediate access to your Windows backup software can solve your entire nightmare quickly and completely.

A backup made using Acronis is like having a mirror image of every inch of your PC Hard drive.

Multi Media files can take up a ton of storage space but the Acronis online space allows you even enough to safe keep your videos and music.Read this Acronis True Image Home review, you’ll learn all about the detailed features this program offers and just how much of a headache this software can save you if the time ever comes.Ensuring you’re prepared for an emergency is smart, doing so for your PC is no different.

Bad things happen in threes.

Imagine if your computer system was one of them!Protecting yourself before an episode occurs just makes good sense.Grab a copy of Acronis or another piece of windows backup software and you’ll have more time to fix those other two bad things that occur since your PC will be protected. Some days it might be best to stay in bed.