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The Many Benefits and the Few Drawbacks of Wifi

It's easier than ever to access the net and connect with people around the globe.  The invention of the World Wide Web has allowed communication to become fast and convenient.  All you need is an internet service provider and a few clicks of your mouse.

As the technology developed, companies started to offer wireless fidelity, which is the technology commonly referred to as WiFi.  This technology has increased the availability of the internet and allowed work to continue while traveling.  To explain WiFi, begin by looking at how the technology helps people communicate.

What is WiFi?

If you like to take your laptop with you to work out of the house, WiFi is a technology that you should know about.  It can provide high speed internet connections without confining you to a cord.You'll be able to now access the net from a variety of locations, including around your home.  Wireless Fidelity is managed by the Wi-Fi Alliance, who has a goal of improving wireless connections and local area networks.

How to Explain WiFi Uses

Computers are not the only modern technology that takes advantage of modern wireless World Wide Web connections.  You may own video game consoles, digital cameras, or MP3 players that also have the capacity to use your home or office WiFi connection.  You can do anything over a wireless connection, from playing games to making phone calls with voice over IP technology.

The Wi-Fi Alliance is a consortium of independent companies that all make compatible products.  This is a wonderful idea for the consumer, who knows that any certified item will be compatible with their wireless network.  You do not need to purchase all your items from one brand.  When you explain WiFi to a novice, this is a major advantage.

WiFi’s Contribution to Society

Life is easier as wireless technology improves and becomes available in more locations.  Other items can be more effective, and business can be conducted from anywhere.  There are so many different providers and hotspot locations, so that you can take your internet connection around the world with you.  There is no need to lose touch when you are traveling.  The world is becoming smaller every day.

Explain WiFi’s Advantages

WiFi is is for more than just accessing the internet.  You can also share files in a peer to peer connection, which is wonderful for gamers and other consumer electronic devices.  You can also set up your wireless network with a router to connect to multiple devices and allow a variety of internet connections.  WiFi even aids in interior decorating — there is no need to place your computer near a phone jack anymore!

Drawbacks of WiFi

There is not a WiFi hotspot everywhere yet.  You may find that there are dead spots even in your home connection, thanks to the placement of your device in relation to the walls.  You may need a booster to fix the problem.

Wireless internet connections may not be perfect, but the consumer is benefiting greatly from the wide availability of access to communication.  As the technology continues to develop, so too will the uses.

Sync Outlook with G1

Today I got my hands on two G1 phones.  I know it’s been out for only about two weeks now but already I have another setup for a client early next week.  This quick guide will go over several of the issues I ran into when using the G1 phone.

It was very simple to get gmail up and going but as I already learned before the client setup Outlook was going to be a totally seperate issue.  Here are a few tips to help others out.

( Update:  There is now an import tool created to export all of Outlooks folders and e-mails into Gmail.  Go to mail.google.com/mail/help/email_uploader.html

Use the Google Sync software located at dl.google.com/googlecalendarsync/GoogleCalendarSync_Installer.exe . This software is easy to install and will sync your calendar.  This feature is very sweet and perhaps the only upside I have seen for e-mail.  Just install and plug in your g-mail account and in about 5 mintues your callenders from outlook, g-mail and your G1 phone are synced.

For contacts it’s not that easy.  In fact I had a hard time manually doing it.  If your existing SIM card already has all your contacts then it will make it a little easer.  You can import them in under contacts then add contacts then hit the menu and import all.  It only imports User names and phone numbers however.

The work around is to open up out look and then select your contacts folder now on top hit file and then “Import / Export”. Select export to a file and then select the “Export to Comma seperate Windows File.  Now save the file  to a known location like your desktop.  Now you have to log into G-Mail and select the “Contacts” folder located on the left hand side under the INBOX Folders.  Now you will see an Import / Export option on the top right hand side.  Import the contacts in.  I had to attempt it 5 times for it to work so if you get an error message the first time don’t worry.  Just try it a few more times.

There are other ways to sync contacts that might be easier.  Check out this plug-in www.funambol.com/blog/capo/2008/04/funambol-community-showcase-3-google.html

The third method we found works very well for syncing contacts and your callendar.  However the google sync software is better for the callendar but this will work great for getting those contacts over.  They have a free trial so it’s worth a look.  check out www.companionlink.com/products/companionlinkforgoogle.html

One very anoying thing I ran into is after I set up 4 pop3 accounts on the phone I discovered that the e-mails are not stored on the phone.  Unlike with a Blackberry if the e-mail is removed from the mail server it will also be removed on the G1 phone. This means that if outlook is set to remove the e-mail from the server ( It is by default) then it will be wiped from your G1 phone.  I personally think this is very stupid.

There are a few work arounds.  The best way it to open Outlook and then go to Tools > E-mail Accounts > View or change existing accounts > Change or Edit > More Settings > Advanced Tab > check the box that says leave a copy on my server.  Then you have two other options.  The first is for how many days.  I set this to 30 days.  And the second option is to delete them when you remove it from your deleted folder.  I also checked this box.

Now your e-mails will not disappear every time you open up Outlook.

The other options is to forward all your other e-mail accounts to G-mail.  The down side here is when you reply you do so with your @gmail.com account.  This is not good for most pro’s out there and looks a little ghetto to me.

The last thing I was asked to do was move everything from Outlook like older folders and inbox items into G-mail.  This can be done several different ways but it’s not a straight forward thing to do and I ended up talking the person out of it because anything new coming in will not be synced with the G-mail account.  If you want to move away from Outlook then there is nothing wrong with it but other wise I would not do it.

for those that want to we will write a seperate guide in a day or two detaliling different ways to do it.

Update: If you own your own domain we suggest setting up Goggle aps for your domain and having them host your e-mail.

How does an Online backup service work

Malware, computer viruses, a fire at home, or a glass of water all of the capability of wiping out all your important personal data.Much of our life is stored in digital form on a computer so doesn’t it make sense that you’d do almost anything to keep that data safe.

Imagine how you’d feel if your house caught fire and you lost every photo album that you own? How about if a thief broke into your house and stole your tax information for the last ten years from a file cabinet in your den?

You know what, unless you are one of the few people who are using a data backup service for their important files and information you’re leaving yourself open to something like this happening any day.

What is an online data backup service?

An online data backup service is a private, secure, and offsite location where you can store your important files and folders online.The service connects with your PC via the Internet and allows you to upload files and folders via their secure connection to a storage area on a computer that is only available to you and is protected by high tech PC security 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It’s the online equivalent of keeping your sensitive documents or invaluable family heirlooms in a safe guarded by police.

A couple of the more popular online data backup services are Mozy Backup and Carbonite.A detailed Carbonite or Mozy review will reveal that either of these companies offers a worth while priced right service. Both will protect important data from the potential hard ware failure or flood, as well as hackers or viruses.

Why should I use an online data backup service?

For starters you value your privacy. Because you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that a team of professionals are keeping their watchful eyes on your valuable data.So you won’t be taking any chances that your personal information on your computer could be compromised.

Recovering data after a crash is very expensive, and usually isn’t successful.Of course the question has to be why would you wait until something is gone to try and restore it. Being responsible means being proactive about protecting yourself from catastrophic data loss, and the only way to do that is to ensure that your data is backed up and protected with an online data backup service.

Laptops For College: 5 Tips For Success

If you’re a student planning on going off to college, you’re almost certainly considering purchasing a laptop. This is a excellent idea. As a college student myself, I realize how incredibly useful having a notebook computer rather than a desktop can be. With a laptop, you’re not tethered to any one location for doing your work. You can be in the library, at a friends house, or in lab, and have all your work with you!

In my opinion, a notebook compter is the most important accessory any college student can own. Your laptop will become a much valued accessory during your college years. However, you need to make sure that you get the right laptop for your needs, and thats where this article intends to help. Below are five tips to help you select the right laptop for college, quickly and easily.

1. Know Your Price Range

This is critical. Since you’re about to spend a ton of money on tuition, you don’t exactly have a lot of extra cash to blow on a laptop. Fortunately, you can get very usable laptops for very low prices these days, making them more accessible than ever. You may even find that you can buy cheap used laptops to save even more money.

2. Get the Right Size

Size matters. Getting the wrong size of laptop will lead to frustration. To large, and you won’t be able to carry it around easily. Too small, and you won’t be able to get anything done with such a small screen and keyboard. Be sure to try out different sizes to see which ones work well for you.

3. Watch Out For Battery Life

Battery life is a very important factor for the student user. Since you will probably use the laptop on battery much of the time, be sure that you choose a battery that will last long enough. Be sure to check into extended life battery packs that will greatly enhance your battery life at the cost of a little extra weight.

4. Mac vs. PC

This is a huge debate. Don’t buy a Apple laptop just because you think they are cool, be sure that they are in line with your needs. Certain popular software packages do not run on Macs, so if you need these for your course work, be sure to look elsewhere. However, if the easy of ownership that a Mac provides appeals to you, then go ahead and buy. This article was written on a Mac.

5. Be Sure To Get The Software!

Don’t forget to get the software you need! Things like Microsoft Office are pretty essential for every student, so don’t forget to include these in your budget.

So, I hope this helps you see how you can select the right laptop for college. It’s not rocket science (though that could be what you are studying!), but keeping these simple things in mind can be really beneficial. Thanks for reading.

Making Your Life Easier with Wireless Internet

It is not easy to give an answer when someone asks “How does wireless internet work?” Though the precursor to WiFi was invented in 1991, many people still have difficulty understanding the concept.  It seems that wireless internet is easier to use than to explain.  The technology was originally only of interest for those within the computer industry, but has spread to be used by a variety of consumer electronics as well as computers.  There are many internet options available for home users, with far greater speeds than ever before.

It can be pricey to get a high speed connection for your home.  Broadband, cable, and dial up connections all have costs associated with them.There is an increasing demand for free wireless internet connections, but it is key to learn how the connection works.  Is it really free?  How does wireless internet work?

Wireless internet is easy enough for anyone to understand if they take the time to examine the technology.  Wireless internet is frequently known as WiFi, which stands for Wireless Fidelity.The concept is similar to the way in which a radio works.  Antennas are placed strategically and broadcast an electromagnetic wave, which is constantly broadcast to a specific area.As the signal is constantly present, users can log into it whenever they need to.  You can use your computer or handheld device to connect to the wave and access the internet from your present location.  Knowing how does wireless internet work, let’s see how it is present in your daily life.

Wireless Internet in Your Daily Life

If you want to access a wireless internet connection from your home, you will need a computer that is equipped with a receiver.  Beginning in 2006, almost all laptops and computers now come with a wireless card as standard equipment, as do many cell phones and handheld devices.  However, if you have an older device or one without a built in card, you can still purchase one to use.  Keep in mind that as technology progresses it will become more difficult to acquire one of these devices.  To legally use a wireless internet connection at home you will have to subscribe to a service provider.  As the demand rises and more people take this option, the prices have been reducing.

How Does Wireless Internet Work While Traveling?

Many libraries, cafes, and even fast food restaurants now offer wireless hotspots.  Some are free, some can be used with a purchase, and some have a small cost.  In most of these places, you should be able to turn on your devices and connect easily.  However, connections can become interrupted or overloaded.  There are also things that can interfere with a signal, just as with our radio example.

Wireless Internet While Abroad

Check ahead if you are going to be traveling abroad and you may be able to find wireless internet connections.However, if you're travelling to a remote destination there may be no way to access the internet.  Despite the sales pitch, your internet connection may not be available in every location.

Once you understand the answer to “how does wireless internet work” you can begin to think about “Will this technology be right for me?”

Finding the Best Laptop

Before you put your money down and buy a new or even second-hand laptop, you should be clear in your mind as to where the best laptops deals are, and only then proceed further based on such information. Of course, there are a number of brand names as well as laptop retailers that provide customers with appealing options, though even then you need to be savvy enough to understand what you require and what can be done without.

The first thing that you have to do when you are looking for the best laptop is to keep your own needs in mind. Remember that not all laptops are the same. In fact, they are going to provide you with different things depending on who you are and what you are doing with them. If you need a laptop for work, you are going to have different needs than if you need one just to play games. So, the first thing that you should do is make sure you have your own needs set. This is the best way to make sure that you have the best laptop for you.

How long do you need the battery to last?  This is important.  If you are only keeping the laptop at home, it will not need as
powerful a battery as a traveling salesman. How big of a screen do you need?  You probably won’t need a big screen, but big screens can be easier for showing graphics and charts.  If you have poor eyesight, be sure your laptop has a “Zoom” function that magnifies everything.

With a well known brand such as Dell, there are many attractive features available in their laptops such as exceptionally quick processors and a wonderful graphic
engine, and its laptops are also ideally suited for gaming. So, if you want speed, great graphics and plan on playing many games, you would do well to check out various laptop reviews about this particular make, and a notable offering from Dell is its XPS 170 that has blistering speed of processing, and is in fact one of the fastest available on the market today.

Another brand that stands out when it comes to buying a laptop is Toshiba that is well known for its multimedia features that include facilities for TV, stereo, DVR and also DVD players, and so, if you are going to spend your time on listening to music, watching movies and videos and want outstanding visual effects, then read up laptop reviews on this particular brand so that you get an idea about which models are suited the best to meet your requirements.

More info on notebooks can be found here Microsoft Photo Gallery