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What To Do Once You Have Wireless Internet Problems

After hours and hours spent reading every box in electronic departments of all the stores in town, you chose what you thought was the perfect wireless internet kit.  So after all your research, Why is your internet still not working?  Try not to stress, many wireless internet problems exist out there, but they are easy to solve.  This is good to know.  Surfing the world wide web is just a few clicks away.                                                                                              
The Right Hardware to Help With Your Wireless Internet Problems

Choosing your hardware carefully will minimize your wireless internet problems.  One of the first things you will be purchasing is a wireless router and a wireless network card.  Be sure these two items are compatible.  Remember the same brand names on products do not mean they will work together.  Read the box carefully, never guess, wireless internet problems can be avoided when installing if your hardware is compatible.  If you have any questions, a clerk will be glad to answer any  them for you.  Always check the return policy of the shop,if you are not 100 per cent confident in them shop some where else.   If in any doubt do get in touch with the manufacturerof the hardware to check on the compatibility before you start installation.  Yes, it is a lot of effort but this will save hours of stress in finding solutions to your wireless internet problems.If it is a hardware problem,it is unlikely it will ever work.              

Company Updates for Wireless Internet Problems

At the outset to troubleshooting any electrical problem, including your wireless internet problem, is to check to make certain everything is correctly plugged-in.  Making sure all connections are tight and in the right sockets.  After this is done, you will need to check the indicator lights.   Watch for several minutes to see if there is any interruption in the lights, flickering lights can mean loss of your connections, this will make it impossible to enjoy a wireless internet experience.  Turn everything off then try turning on again.  Hopefully by simply rebooting the system this will fix your wireless internet problem.  If the lights continue to flicker, you will need to look for other answers.  One of the other things to check if your wireless internet problem continues is the router.  Firmware is built into them and often needs updating.  Try calling the manufacturers helpline and talk to a certified technician about the firmware updates and where to download them, this will often go some way to solving your wireless internet problems.  You usually can find instructions for a hard-wired internet connection on the manufacturers websites.  Every three months it is advisable to check for updates for your router’s firmware.This is one of the easiest wireless internet problem to solve.

The Modem Can Cause Wireless internet Problems

Even  when equipment is supplied by an internet contractor it can malfunction.  Don’t get paranoid often equipment is faulty when it is new.  Most of us have experienced this problem with computer technology.  After trying everything in this article and you are still having wireless internet problems, the final step is to check with  your internet service provider.  On their end, they can check your modem connections.  They can give you an answer within minutes.  If the problem is the modem, they will replace it no questions asked.  Wireless internet problems are something internet providers deal with daily and they are willing to help you as it ensures that they keep your business.

CRT Monitors

A CRT Monitor is one of the most common types of computer monitors used today. The other most common monitor being the more recent invent, the LCD monitor. But what are the differences between the two models? How can you be sure that a CRT monitor is right for you? The main step is understanding the difference and the benefits of each type.


What is a CRT?


CRT is an abbreviation of cathode-ray tube. A CRT works by moving an electron beam back and forth across the back of the screen. Each time the beam makes a pass, it lights the phosphor dots on the inside of the glass tube. This illuminates the active portions of the screen, and by drawing many of these lines from the top to bottom of the screen, it creates the image or images you see on your computer screen.


Comparing CRT and LCD


Size-wise, the CRT monitor is much larger than the newer LCDs that are more compacted and lightweight. Due to the presence of the cathode-ray tube unit inside, adequate desk space must be allowed for CRT monitor that offers an added advantage of a larger viewing display size. LCDs, however, are becoming increasingly comparable in size to CRT monitors.


Many CRT monitors are able to display unlimited colors as well as multiple video resolutions. Both of these factors give CRT a leg up on LCD monitors that are limited in color capability and resolution. The CRT monitors can display multiple resolutions at the same quality while LCDs are limited to what is known as a Native resolution (the best display resolution).


CRT monitors generally do not have an issue with brightness due to the construction of the unit itself. The CRT also has the benefit of being able to be viewed from a very wide angle and from just about ever side.


While CRT monitors are generally cheaper than their LCD counterparts, the long-term costs of the CRT over the LCD are higher. CRTs consume much more energy than LCD monitors.


CRT Monitors in the Workplace


While LCDs have decreased in prices over the years, CRT monitors still have their fans in industry. The printing and broadcasting industry as well as other graphic fields (where higher resolution and viewing capabilities are needed) still use, almost exclusively, CRT monitors. Professional video and photography businesses are also still using CRTs because of the better color and contrast abilities.


Finding CRT Monitors


Deciding what type of monitor you purchase depends on your individual needs. Many major manufacturers of CRT monitors have discontinued or plan to discontinue production of these monitors. So, if you wish to purchase a CRT model, you may find yourself having to search harder than originally hoped.  However, be diligent, even with the newer models of LCD monitors becoming available with new capabilities, CRT monitors still have them beat in many important areas.

Web Software Testing

The software development life cycle (SDLC) is composed of various stages. Software testing is an important stage within the software development cycle (SDCL). Different types of testing are employed in each phase beginning with development till it reaches the market. These methods are employed during various stages of the SDLC. The software itself also comes in different varieties, which all require testing before they’re released on the market.

Software for web applications is one type of software. The importance of this type of software has increased rapidly since the arrival of the Internet.  Because of the high impact Internet has on our daily lives any web software is carefully tested before launching in order to reduce the associated security risks that originate from the use of the Internet.

The time available to develop and test web software is always limited. While the web software is being designed and developed it is also being tested by the testings engineers using different types of tests. The different types of tests can be grouped in code testing, [load testing], compatibility testing, functional testing and regression testing.

The web software is usually released by means of a model of software release known as alpha/beta testing.This is a simulated or actual operational test conducted by potential users or an independent test team at the developers’ site. Because during alpha testing the software is actually still being developed only small modules of the software are tested during this stage.Alpha testing is often used for ready to use software as a type of in-house acceptance testing. Software that passed the alpha test will not be released till all the major functionalities of the software are built and tested.

Beta testing is done by a limited amount of users that can use the software before its official release takes place. Since the web site design uses HTML coding, it’s easy to integrate individual web pages on site; hence the alpha/beta method is usually not used for website development This means they can build and test one page at a time. After completion they can move onto the next one, with each page independent of each other.

Code testing refers to the process where the testing or development engineer verifies the code and make sure that there are no software bugs. Web development is a very rapid process so the abscence of bugs is required. A popular method used by experienced programmers for bug free coding is the paired-programming.

Two coders working at a single workstation it is at the core of paired programming. The developer typing the code is called the driver while the programmer that checks every line of code as it is produced is called the observer or the navigator. Support for this methodology is provided by some research data produced by Laurie Williams at University of Utah in Salt Lake City. According to this research paired programmers produce code with 15% less bugs while only being 15% slower than individual programmers.

The fact that the software is tested many times during the development process should provide a bug free software by the end of it. Load testing is used to check if a web-site/application will fail or loss performance under the added pressure of heavy loads or imputs from multiple users log-in, mail servers, etc. Load testing will provide information regarding the amount of users that could connect simustaneosly to a site, the number of transactions that the system can cope at the same time and its responsiveness under different circumstances or amount of traffic.

The testing done to estimate the compatibility of the application with the different interacting hardware of software is the Compatibility testing. This method tests how good the software is in interactions with operating system, peripherals, database, browser etc. It also tests the computing capacity of the hardware platform and the peripherals.

Functional testing asses the alignment between the application and its specifications checking that it provides all the required functions. To do that an extense range of both normal and erronous data will be imput to validate the behaviour caused by each of the software features The Regression testing the type of testing done to make sure that improvement, defect corrections or any additional changes to the software has not broken down any existing functionality.

When interative methodology is used to develop software regression testing is crucial. In this type of development, the developer adds another module with some functionality to the existing module that’s running. One should make sure that adding this module does not ruin the existing functionality. All the types of test mentioned above are necessary to provide complete web software testing.

How Do I Use a Registry Cleaner?

The registry is a complex directory which stores your computer’s hardware and software settings and user preferences. When working correctly, these settings enable your computer to function smoothly in order to give you a positive user experience. In essence, the registry is the central nervous system of your PC’s operations. Every time something happens on your computer, it’s stored in the registry.

Sometimes the registry gets loaded down with unwanted and unneeded instructions, and may need to be cleaned with a registry cleaner. A registry cleaner scans your registry and identifies broken links, files, and any other information that is not needed by your PC. These may even be damaging entries that take up disk space and slow down your registry’s operations. In this context, a registry cleaner should be used every few weeks, depending on how often you use your PC.

There are many different types of registry cleaner available, and each one operates differently. You may need to look at the choice of registry cleaners that are available to choose the one you think will help you most. Equally, it is a good idea to seek advice to find out what is the best registry cleaner for your computer’s set up.

There are many sites that compare and rate the top registry cleaners on the market, and these make your decision much easier. The best registry cleaners will give you the option to make backups of your registry first before making any changes. Some of the top registry cleaners are Registry Easy, RegCure, Registry Smart, Registry Fix, and Error Nuker.

Installing a registry cleaner is very safe and easy, and the instructions on how to use them are extremely simple to follow. Once launched, the scanning process will take approximately five minutes to scan the registry and then display the information the cleaner believes is redundant and not needed, giving you the option to remove it. Once finished, your computer will run smoother and operate more efficiently.

Super Fast Way To Batch Convert Word Doc Files To Text Files

OK, so converting Doc files into text probably isn’t the kind of thing you’ll need to do daily. (If that’s the case, could be you need to leave the house more often!)

Chances are that it’s a sudden need – maybe caused by your boss or your boss’s boss. Suddenly, you’re given a pile of Word format “doc” files that need changing into regular, old fashioned text files (the ones with the .txt extension). The thing is, Microsoft Word adds all sorts of formatting and other things to make your documents “what you see is what you get” and chances are that you need just the raw information from the files.

What’s more, they’re wanted very urgently. Right now. Instantly.

If you’ve only got a handful of files to convert into text then the simplest method is to use the “Save as” option in Word. That does work. So long as you can put up with Word telling you over again that all your formatting will be forever lost. Yeah, whatever, you knew that already and sure don’t need to be told it every single time you want to save a file as text.

But what can you do if you’ve got tens or hundreds or even thousands of doc files to convert?

Word’s macro system might do the trick. Of course, us mere mortals will more likely take the next hour or two in a vain attempt to get the Word macro to actually work.

Far and away the simplest way to convert a folder or CD full of Doc files is to use a program like Doc2Text. So long as you can use Windows’ drag and drop functionality, you can quickly and easily convert files all day long. Really, really fast – around 150 files a minute.

Sure, there are other programs out there that do the same thing but they’re more expensive (by an order of magnitude). You can check out Doc2Text for free here.

Computer Privacy On The Internet

There are a few different ways you can talk about computer privacy if this is a concern for you. Actually, it should be a concern for everyone, but some people donít think about it, or they donít care about it. You should think about your personal things that you have stored on your computer, and also, privacy in regards to what you post online about yourself and your family. There are some major mistakes that people make without thinking how it might directly affect their personal privacy and the lives of those that they know and love.

When it comes to posting online, your computer privacy is in your own hands. Really think about how anyone anywhere would view what you are about to post. There are many parents who refuse to post pictures of their children in any public place online. That is a smart idea for many reasons. Just knowing there are pedophiles out there looking for such pictures is enough for some. Others realize that pictures, along with any identifying clues on the rest of the site, could lead someone right to a child. That might be one of the biggest computer privacy concerns that all parents have right now.

Assume that anything you put online is public knowledge. Not only do you have to think about this, you have to teach your children to think about it as well. Some have MySpace pages, and they assume that only their friends are looking. That is rarely the case. They should understand that computer privacy means that they are going to have to watch what they post. Any personal information should be off limits. Those who wish to harm children can use clues that might seem harmless to locate a child. Keep an eye on all online activity and make them change what you donít like.

Your computer is full of your personal files. These could be anything from drafts of business letters to personal correspondence with friends and family. You may have family tree information, and a ton of personal photos and videos. Obviously, these are things that you donít want to share with the world. Have password protection in the event that your computer is stolen, though some know ways around such things. In regards to computer privacy, avoid file sharing programs. You may be sharing more than music files. If you travel a lot with a laptop, save personal files to CDs or other forms of data storage and remove them from your computer at least once a week.

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