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Windows Vista Repair | Vista and XP repair guides - Part 43

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Simple Ways to Increase the Speed of Your PC

Whatever the configuration of your PC might be, if you don’t take care of it, it is bound to slow down eventually. And, a slow computer not only tends slow down your work, but may also cause unnecessary frustration and headaches.

Discussed below are some of the common causes of computer slowdowns and computer errors. We are also going to discuss the methods that will help you prevent these problems and maintain a high-speed Windows PC for a long time to come.

Registry Errors

The registry is one of the most used, and also most neglected components of a Windows computer. The registry is essential for the proper functioning of your Windows computer because it comprises all configuration information of the hardware and software on your computer. Over time, the registry gets filled up with loads of unwanted information pertaining to incorrectly installed/uninstalled programs, buggy games, software, and device drivers, virus and spyware infections, and many more such problems. All this unwanted data causes registry bloating that can even damage and corrupt registry files. A damaged registry slows down your PC and also starts generating computer errors. To prevent these problems, it is essential for you to maintain a healthy and error-free registry. You can do this by regularly scanning your registry for errors and unwanted information and removing it from the registry. To do this, you may use a reliable and efficient registry cleaner tool.

Malware Infections

Malware programs, such as virus, Trojans, worms, spyware, and adware are also a major cause of concern for computer users today. These programs usually infiltrate your system through infected emails and dubious games and freeware software programs. They infect your applications, download and install more infected programs on your computer, and generate several computer errors. They run several unwanted processes on the system that not only eat up your system resources and slow it down, but also collect your confidential information and send it to external sources for malicious use. To prevent these programs from taking over your system, you must use reliable antivirus and antispyware programs to regularly scan your system and eliminate any malicious information from it. Even cleaning the registry with the help of a registry cleaner tool will help you remove any malicious registry entries added by these malicious programs.

Hard Disk Problems

As you install and uninstall programs on your computer, and add and remove files from it, the hard disk tends to get filled up with unwanted data. Additionally, the number of fragmented files on the system increases. Over time, the problem increases and may even cause physical damage to the hard disk. A filled up and fragmented hard disk slows down your system and also starts generating several computer problems. To prevent these problems, two very useful tools are shipped with your Windows computer.  They are the Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter tools. You must regularly use these tools to cleanup your hard disk and eliminate fragmented files from it.

Less System Memory

These days it does not take long for a system to get outdated. With new software being released every minute, we may soon need to upgrade our system hardware. One of the most important components that helps you speed up your computer is upgrading the memory or the RAM of your PC.

Start a computer business

This is not really Vista related but many tech people out there may find this post useful. If your one of the thousands of people in the US who start a computer repair business there are a few things you should know before getting into one.

The first is to know what you are getting into. It’s not hard at all to start a business. In fact you can fill out their paper work online in under 20 minutes and get an FEIN from the goverment and open up the doors. The hardest part is sales. You need to develop a business plan before getting started. This guide will not be that in depth but if your unable to even acomplish this task you should not start a business.

If you have the cash, about 70+ K then you should consider joining a franchise. This way you buy into an established name that has buying power and a full game plan all ready to go. Doing this saves many heaches and you get the training and marketing you need to get started. I know this is not in most peoples budget but really is the better way to go.

For those that do not have the cash then most likely you will be running the business out of your home. Be sure to check if you are in a home owners asosiation or a renter to make sure you can do this. I started my first computer repair company out of my home and was a renter. Because cash will be tight expect to have a part time job in the evenings so you can bring in a little cash on the side. It will be needed unless you have a good 40 or so grand lying around that you can lean on. The first place to have an ad is the newspaper. Just place an add in the business section. Do not expect this add to get much at first but after several months it will more then pay for itself. You should also contact all your local phone book people and speak with a rep. This way when the new books come out you can be listed in them. In fact you may want to plan on starting the company on the date the new book is released. This way you already have a little influx of business when you open the doors. The first year you join a phone book they normally give you a great discount. I got 50% off so I paid the 500 bucks a month and got a half page full color ad. This worked well for me and brought in some cash right away. Do not over looke other types of income. For instance I also run an online computer repair company located at www.onlinecomputerrepair.org. this has been a great way to bring in extra cash. I market the website online and that is it. I’m not the one repairing the systems. I just make 20% per sale. Check out the link on the bottom of the Computer repair site to see what I am talking about.

Up-selling: When you start to make sales don’t forget about the extras. This is were a 100 dollar job turns into 200 bucks. If they need memory then say so. Any system under 2 gigs needs memory. If they need anti-virus software then sell it to them. If they need a data backup solution then offer it. You ge the point. Any house with more then one computer needs a wireles network. If they already have one then see if it’s secure. If not offer this service as well. The goal is not to take advantage of people but to offer solutions to issues they might not even know about. If they do not know they can upgrade the memory and make the computer faster then you are doing them a disservice by not offering your expertise.

Stay focused. There have been days when no calls were coming in and even a week would go by with no sales. It’s times like that when you have to hit the pavement or close the doors. When I say hit the pavement I mean going door to door. Knock on the door and tell them you are in the area that day and offer them a great deal. I normally give away free memory if they want a computer tune-up. The tune-up is 129 bucks and them memory costed me 20 bucks so that;s 109 profit on every tune-up I do. Not bad at all. If I can get two sales that day then thats 218 bucks in my pocket.

Once again the key is to find alternative ways to get the most out of each and every sale. Don’t be afraid to make partnerships with place like gotomypctech. This company will give you 20% of every sale and you do nothing but have to send people their way.

Transfer Files to New Computer

It may of taken you a while but you finally broke down and got yourself a new computer. You brought it home and fired it up and thought you were all ready to but then you realized all your program discs are lost and gone and your files are still on your old computer.

Not to worry you have a few different options here. The simplest one will of course cost you money. PCmover is the leading data transfer software on the market. It is the only program on the market that actually transfers over programs as well as personal files and user accounts. You can read more about this software on there website at www.laplink.com/pcmover/

Besides special software we already mentioned the using the Windows Transfer wizard and have a full step by step guide on how to use this over at our how to transfer files site. This built in feature is not all that hard to use but it does lack many options that PCmover has.

If you want and many people do you can just make a fresh start and just manually copy over the files you want onto a USB hard drive or CD and then copy it onto your new computer were ever you want it. The biggest down side of this is you will not be able to transfer over the user account settings. So you would have to re-create the user accounts. Another negative aspect is finding were to place some of the files like your favorite list our your outlook data file if you use that. This method really should only be used if you just want to transfer over a few personal files and not user settings or account information.

As you can see you have several options out there. Pick the one that works best for you and you will be up in no time.

PC to PC Data Transfer

We have been getting a ton of questions on how to do a PC to PC Data Transfer. It’s no real surprise when you consider everyone moving over to Windows Vista. The most requested data transfer guide is how to transfer XP to Vista? Because of this we have dedicated a whole new site just for transferring files to your new system.

In a nutshell we cover how to use the free Windows Easy transfer Wizard. It really is not a hard thing to do. The biggest issue most people have is how to get the data over to the new system. You can always burn the data to a disk or use an external hard drive. The simplest way is over the network but if you do not have a network setup then an external hard drive is the best way.

For a detailed guide on how to use the Easy Transfer Wizard visit our XP to Vista Data Transfer site.

Internet exploer 7 seven printing html code

Is this you?

When you try and print in IE7 ( internet explorer 7 ) your printer just spills out a bunch of giberish other wise known as html code. Well if this is you then there are some very simple fixes for the printing html code. I have seen some people out there writing registery fixes for this but it’s not all that hard.

If you have XP then click the Windows “Start button > Control Panel > Add Remove Programs > Set Program Access and Defaults (this one is on the left bottom side of the box. Now select Custom and press the down arrow over on the right. The First thing you see is : Change a default Web Browser. Choose Internet Explorer or whatever your browser is that you use. Now close and re-open your web browser and click the print button. Walla!!! problem solved.

If you have Vista then click the Windows Start button and then choose “Default Programs” Make IE or whatever your web broswer is your default again and your good to go.

Many people want to know how this happened in the first place. Often times whe you un-install a program like AOL or Earthlink your default web broswer was never re-set. When this happen you get the pinting html code thing.

If this worked for you POST a reply and let us and others know.

How To Secure Wireless Netowrk With Vista

Setting up a wireless network on Vista and Securing your wireless network on Vista is the same as XP. the security for your wireless device is not on the computer. the encryption and security is setup on the wirless router.

The best way to figure out how to setup security on your wireless router is to look at the manual that came with your device. If you do not have it handy then you can always go online to the manufacturers website and download the lastest guide.

For this instance we will be taking a look at the linksys WRT54GS model as it is very popular. We are going to assume you already have a wireless network going.

Open up your favorite webbrowser like IE or Firefox. Type into your broswer’s URL. Now you will need to login. The default on many Linksys devices are user: admin password: admin . Now select Wireless then Wireless Security. Now you get to choose what type of encryption you want. WEP is the most commen but that is slowly changinging as the others listed are more secure. We will use WEP as this example. Now you can type in a Passphrase. Just type something. That will generate the passcode you need to use. the first Key will have the default password you need to use. Write that number down. It will be something like F2C7BB35B9 or else 20 digits long.

Once you have that save your settings. Now on a wireless system try and loggin into your network. You will be asked for the pass code. Enter the pass code you wrote down and your good to go.