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Windows Vista Repair | Vista and XP repair guides - Part 44

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Top Rated PC Backup Software

Because there is such a serious probability of something going wrong with your computer at some point in time, it is really imperative that you take the proper precautions beforehand. This means having your computer fully backed up, so that in case it ever crashes you will still be able to retrieve all your important files.

PC Backup Software

For this purpose, there are a few different pieces of PC backup software that are available. One of the bestselling pieces of software here is the Acronis. This is a top notch piece of software, one that makes it easy to backup your computer, even if you are a beginner.

This is a heavy duty backup and restore program that performs almost any file storage and rescue task that you can imagine.

Another very popular choice for PC backup software is Second Copy 7. This is a very simple and elegant backup program. Whether you are a novice to the world of computers or technology-savvy you will enjoy this software, and it is one of the most favored pieces of PC backup software available on the market today. The downside is the current version does not do a full image backup so if your hard drive crashes you would still need to re-install all your programs.

There is also the Memeo AutoBackup Premium, which is one of the newest and most technologically advanced pieces of backup software today. The general idea of the program is nice and the simplicity of it makes it easy for anyone to use.

It does dedicate large parts of its interface to persuading you to buy other products and services however which is rather annoying but besides this, it is easy to see why this choice is so favorable for PC backup software worldwide. I don’t like it just because of the additional advertising but all in all the software portion works great.


There are a few helpful tips that can help make the process of PC backup as easy for you as possible. For one, you should make a list in descending order starting from which files on your computer you consider as being most important.

Another thing to keep in mind is that by default, most of your applications will dump any files that you create into your My Documents folder, which separates all files for easy copying, however in the case of a computer crash it is not that helpful because it resides in the Windows boot partition which is the most vulnerable place on your hard drive.

To solve this problem you should create a new partition for your data, and this will be advantageous because it will ensure that you avoid overwriting the files when you reinstall Windows. The other work around is to purchase an external hard drive as well. External drives are very cheap now a days and another benefit is you can take your files with you any were you go.

PC Repair Online: Safety Issues and Frequently Asked Questions

PC repair online is becoming a new trend that people opt for on fixing their computers. This is due to the numerous benefits it could give you. Some of these benefits include convenience, affordability and efficiency. However, there are some issues or questions that you may be concerned about especially if you’re new into having your PC repair online.

Is PC Repair Online Secure and Safe?

Security and safety may be your number one concern with PC repair online. Well then, you can stop worrying now because online repair is definitely safe. When you are connected to a certified technician of your service provider, a 128-bit key is encrypting the connection you are having; which in the Internet world is considered to be a good thing.
This is the same connection used for other sensitive online transactions. Having a PC repair online guarantees a similar level of high security that you get when making sensitive transmissions like when you are online banking or buying from a reputable retailer.
In addition, you are also in total control with the remote session you are having. You have the power and the liberty to take control of your mouse anytime that you want. You can also end your session immediately if you want to.

How Long Does It Take?

Most repair sessions would last for 1-1½ hours. The session can also vary. It can be longer or shorter than the average. The length of the session mainly depends on the number of problems being addressed and the severity of your computer problems.

There are some cases that an onsite visit is additionally done by a technician, especially if your computer was diagnosed of having a heavy infection of spywares and viruses.

Who Does The Job?

A certified expert technician does the troubleshooting or repairs of your system. What happens usually, is when you call up an online repair company, you get to talk with one of their customer service representatives that is technically trained. The customer service representative would find out about details regarding your problem. He/She then would assign it to one of the company’s expert technicians.

Is There Continued Access?

Another concern that you may have is whether a technician can still access your computer even if the repair session is already done, even without your consent. Well, you can say goodbye to this worry, since those technicians can only have access if you allow them to. Every time a technician accesses your computer, there is a program that is installed temporarily to allow connection. Once work is finished, the session is logged off and the temporary program is entirely removed and uninstalled from your system.

Backing up your computer

We have just got done writing two great guides for backing up your Vista and XP computer. both of these articles can be found at
How To Backup A Computer and Backup Vista Home Premium

Why You Need Vista Backup Program Files

All of you Mac people can go off into a corner and snigger all you want; I’m talking to most of the rest of the world that are more than happy to use PCs. Now, PC fans, we all know that Microsoft makes some wonderful products – but security is not one of them. Also, their most recent release, Vista, has (to put it mildly) a few bugs to work out. Some older computers are having trouble handling Vista, causing the whole computer to crash.

Which Means…

If your computer crashes, or is stolen, then you haven’t just lost the computer – you’ve also lost all of your priceless data. According to a recent Harris poll, 43% of laptop users have lost valuable data to crashes, system failures or viruses. That means all of your contact information, your digital photos, your music library, your creative writing, and your bookkeeping records – all gone. This is why you need Vista backup program files.

But It Has A Wizard For This

One of the new bells and whistles hyping Vista is the Vista backup program file Wizard. This is supposed to easily and efficiently take care of your entire Vista backup program file needs…yeah, right. Come on – this is Microsoft we’re talking about. Remember the Microsoft security program, Microsoft Defender, which came with Windows XP? Wasn’t that a load of crap? No one uses that for their internet security!

For the same reasons, you shouldn’t trust Microsoft’s Vista backup program file Wizard to keep your valuable data safe and secure. Just as we PC lovers have needed to go to outside sources to be safe from cyber criminals online, so we need to use other sources for our backup needs.

However, many online backup services have not been able to figure out how to adjust their websites to Vista backup program files. In this way, you are better off with computer backup software, such as the award winning line up from Acronis. They’ve won awards, editor’s picks and rave reviews from such tough to please publications as PC Pro, Computer Shopper and Personal Computer World.

HardWireMag (HWM) put it best when they wrote, “Acronis True Image is also able to clone disk images — making a perfect copy of a currently existing disk.” And really, that’s all we ask for, isn’t it? Especially when it comes to exploring the wild and wacky new territory of Vista backup program files.

Vista Problem Solutions: Repair Vista Online!

The release of Window’s Vista was a remarkable phenomenon for computer users. Within a few months of being out in the market, numerous problems and flaws regarding the operating system already came into being. That’s why a lot of Vista users are having a lot of minor to major setbacks from the program.

If you are one of those Vista users having a problem with your operating system, then computer repair must be a regular thing you do. Sometimes, cleaning up and updating your system becomes a chore, a very irritating and boring routine to be exact. But due to the great innovations of technology, now there can be an answer for your problem.

You can now repair Vista online! Yes, you read it right; you can actually repair your Vista online, without having to go out to bring your computer to a service center or have a technician visit you at home.

Making Life Easier: Repair Vista Online

Your life can be a lot easier, when you repair Vista online. But how is this possible? —Easy, through online computer repair. This is a method in which you can have your computer fixed by a professional technician by the means of an Internet connection.

There are a lot of online computer repair service providers that also answer your Vista problems and needs. All you have to do is call them up and ask for assistance. Then you will be asked about your problem and be connected to a technician that would fix your Vista problem for you. We recommend using the services over at www.onlinecomputerrepair.org because they guys are very affordable and have a no fix no fee policy.

Most Common Vista Problems

There are numerous problems encountered with Vista. However, some are rare cases and some of them are very common. One of these common Vista problems is the backing up of files. This has become an issue because only Vista Ultimate and Business have the feature of full image backup.

Another common Vista problem is its vulnerability of being infected by the Vundo virus, which is a spyware that would make your system slower and would cause a lot of popup ads to appear.

Vista can sometimes have a malfunction with a lot of software that you install. That’s why software manufacturers tend to publish a new version of their software that is “Vista ready”.

These are just some of the reasons why most consumers are unwilling to change and upgrade to Vista. If you’re already a Vista user, you don’t have to worry that much anymore. The said problems are answerable, and can be treated by having an online repair session. So instead of pondering much on your problem, repair Vista online now, and you can say goodbye to your Vista problems!

The Advantages Of Computer Backup Software

Almost every other day, it seems there are stories in the media about major companies and government departments having their data stolen or compromised. In the summer of 2004, the Philadelphia offices of pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline in a skyscraper suffered flood damage because burst water pipes, loosing lots of customer data. Whether it’s Mother Nature or an all-too-human mistake, the need for data protection in the form of computer backup software is clear.

What About Online Services?

One of the fastest growing online industries is in the data backup industry. There are many online services that are seemingly all of the rage. For example, in 2005, the customer demand for online backup went up 140%. You store your data on the website of the online data backup service. Fees vary according to how many gigabytes you need. These fees add up, especially for a business or for an avid music collector.

One major advantage of computer backup software like the kinds made by Acronis is that you don’t have to keep paying higher and higher fees for more space that you need to rent from an online backup service’s website. You also get reminders when to back up, which are usually not a part of an online backup data service.

Another problem you won’t find with Acronis computer backup software is that you can backup your entire hard drive more than once. Because of the amount of time it takes which can clog up bandwidth and shut a website down, most online data backup services will only allow a one-time entire hard drive back up.

What About Security?

One argument often cited in favor of online data backup over computer backup software is that the data is more secure, like money in a bank as opposed to under the mattress. However, data banks can be robbed by cyber criminals. They would most likely sneak malware onto a company’s website through a backdoor and then just sit back and spy on who comes by.

You have more control over who does and does not get to look at your private data – including customer data – when you use Acronis computer backup software instead of an online service. You know where all the data and backup data are as opposed to trusting that an online site has kept up with the latest cyber criminal tactics. You could then store your vital backup discs in a safe deposit box.

to learn more about this software visit the Acronis site HERE