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Windows Vista Repair | Vista and XP repair guides - Part 45

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Error Code 31: Uninstalled KAV 7.0 – No Internet; Lost Network Connections


Please provide a quick solution to restore Internet connectivity. This is not a “virus” issue. Many people have the same problem when removing anti-virus software from their computers. Here are the sequence of events:

1. Uninstalled Kaspersky Anti-Virus 7.0 through a 3rd party uninstaller called Revo.
2. Uninstallation process was not smooth with plenty of traces in Registry.
3. Deleted many items in Registry pertaining to KAV.
4. May have deleted some critical files that are the root of this problem.
5. Lost Internet connection and all network connections were deleted.
6. Uninstalled all network drivers, rebooted and Vista reinstalled again.
7. Yellow triangles next to all drivers including Intel wireless driver & Marvell.
8. Fixed TCP/IP stack and Winsock through command prompt.
9. Ran CCleaner to clean system.
10.Computer is running well with exception to network drivers.
11.Must be a problem with systems32 files that were deleted thinking they belonged to KAV.
12. Turned off System Restore so no going back in time to restore old settings in Registry.
13. Computer: Sony SZ780, T8300, 2.4 GHZ, 7200 RPM, 2GB RAM

Have spent three days researching and feel a solution is close. Please provide all suggestions that may help restore Internet connectivity. The solution will benefit many others. Thank you for taking the time in advance to assist.

Printer Driver Unknown

If you are getting the printer driver unknown error chances are you already pulled out half of your hair looking for the answers. 16 hours is what I spent on this issue. I can not recall a time when I had to spend so much time on one stupid issue. Why it happens in the first place I do not know but I do have a solution.

I have seen the Printer Driver Unknown error only on HP printers. Please post a comment with your model and brand so others may find if this works for them as well. I don’t see why it would not. This works for Vista and XP.

Unplug the USB cable first from the printer. MUST!!

Onto the fix. The first thing to do is uninstall all printer software. Go into the control panel and then add remove programs and remove all printer software. While in the control panel go into installed printers and remove the printer. Just right click and delete. It is also wise to remove the driver from the list by clicking the File menu, click Server Properties, and then click the Drivers tab. In the Installed printer drivers list, click the driver you want to remove, click Remove, and then click Yes to confirm.

Now reboot your computer. You have to re-boot to fully uninstall all the software.

One done we are going to temperarily turn off Terminate and Stay Resident (TSR) programs and other background programs

1. Click Start and then click Run. The Run window opens.
2. In the Open: box, type msconfig, and then click OK. The MSCONFIG utility window opens.
3. Click the General tab.
4. Select Selective Startup.
5. If there is a check mark next to Load Startup items, click the check mark to remove it.
6. For Windows XP systems only – Click the Services tab and place a check mark in the Hide All Microsoft Services box. Select Disable All.
7. Click Apply and then click Close.
8. Click Restart to restart the computer.

Now re-boot the computer again. Once re-booted you will see a box pop up saying startup menu has changed. Just click the Ok box.

You are ready to re-install the software now. DO NOT plug the printer in untill you are propted by the software to do so. You printer should install just fine now.

One the software is installed you may be asked to re-boot again. Do so.

After the re-boot go back into the msconfig menu and undo what you did above. You want these services to be normal. Now re-boot again and all should be good with the world.

Let us know if this worked for you and what brand and model you have. Also describe any issues you have with this article so we can improve it and make it easier.

Free Vista Software

Many people out there love free software. The issue is most of the time free software comes with a price. Too many programs have viruses out there or spyware software built into the software. Because of this we are starting to build a list of 100% free software. This list will evolve over time and with your input we will hopefully have a hundred or so programs listed below all 100% free and work well with Windows Vista.

The google pack takes the lead here. In this pack you get to pick and choose what programs you want. All are free adn you can download elsewere as well. The pack includes the free versions of , Norton, Spyware Doctor, Picasa and the like.

AVG anti Virus

AVG Spyware

Spybot Seatch and Destroy


File Transfer Service

In today’s day and age with everything being online you would think their would be a service for transferring files and settings online from one computer to the next. Google had something in the works a year or so ago but that never came to lite.

We have already posted a few articles about how to transfer your own files and setting from your old computer to the new one but as of yet have been unable to find a company that will not only transfer over documents but user settings as well to your new computer. The online computer repair shop known as www.onlinecomputerrepair.org does transfer over all your old documents and files but not the actual user settings.

The next best thing rather then paying someone else for a file transfer service is to use software that can do it for you with only a few simple steps. the best program on the market would be Laplink Pcmover. This program transfers over all your user settings and files along with user accounts and any software and network settings you might have.

Alternatively you can use the built in Windows Easy transfer software as well but that requires a little more work then many people are willing to do.

If you know of or find an online service that transfers peoples documents and settings then please post a comment below and let others know about it.

File and Transfer Settings

We have just got done writing an article on File and Transfer settings. The article explains how to use the Windows Vista and Windows XP file transfer software built into the operating systems. With that software you can transfer over you file and settings from your old pc to your new pc. Items that can not be copied over this way are programs. To copy over programs you would have to use Laplink PC mover.

the article can be found here at File and Transfer settings

Windows Anti-virus and anti-spyware software

Were always demoing and testing out new software. One product we never even looked at before was Windows Live One Care. This product has been on the market for a while now but we never even thought of using it or testing it out. Normally we read magazines and other online statements to get leads for what is popular and then review the software.

Well our hand was forced to review this product because a customer wanted to know if the product was any good. All Qwest MSN Dsl members get this product for free and with so many of our customers out there using Qwest dial up we took it for a spin. We bogged down a computer with some of the nastiest stuff we could find like Virtumonde and the like. All in all Windows One Care was able to remove almost all traces. The traces it could not remove were quarenteened and caused no further issues.

Keep in mind that these viruses would not of gotten through in the first place if the program was already installed. We did the install after the fact because many people wait to be infected before getting protection.

Windows One Care consists of an Anti-spyware client, an anti-virus client, firewall, backup tool and tuneup tool as well as a program that checks for the latest Windows updates. All in all this program is very easy to use.

Some things we did not like about this was the time it took to scan the drives. The total scan took around 2 hours. This is about double the time for most scanners. However the fact that it caught most items made up for this. After all it’s quality we are after. The program it self takes up about the same as most internet security suits but less then Norton and Trend Micro.

The backup features are rather basic but you can schedule a backup to run whenever you want with ease. Without even setting up the tuneup tool the computer schedules it every other month or so. The tune-up is nothing advanced. The system does a defrag and cleans junk files off the system. The update tool does little good for most because you should already have auto update on.

For the 50 or so bucks this program retails for I like it better then Trend Micro, Norton and Mcaffe. I would place this program right under the PC Tools Spyware Doctor internet security suit program. I really am a big fan of Spyware Doctor and that has not changed for years now.