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Windows Vista Repair | Vista and XP repair guides - Part 46

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Computer to Computer File Transfer

All the time I get people calling the shop asking how to perform a computer to computer file transfer. The age old question of how to transfer files from one computer to another is not really a hard one.  Like everything else there are many different ways to go about doing it.  We will cover several of them in this article and hopefully you find one that works best for you.

Depending on what type of computer to computer file transfer you need done will determine what the best method is for you.  For instance lets say you have an old computer that has 98,Me,2000,XP, vista and you want to transfer the files to your new Vista computer.  You need to ask your self a few common questions.  Will you need to transfer any programs over as well?  If you need to transfer not only documents and files but also programs then you will need to use specialized software to transfer over those programs as well.  Laplink PCmover is the only program I know of that will transfer not only files and user settings but also programs.

If you have a router and just want to copy over files from the old system then the simplest way is to setup a network.  To do this all you have to do is ensure both systems are on the same work group.  Click the windows start button and then right click on “My Computer”  also known as “Computer” in Vista and select properties.  Now under the  “Computer Name” tab click the change button and ensure that you name both computers the same work group name.  Now reboot.  On the system you want to grab files from open up My Computer and right click on the C: drive.  Share the entire contents.  You will get a warning about sharing entire drives.  Just hit Ok because we are just going to share it long enough to grab all the data off.

Now on the system you want the files placed go to Network places in the control panel and view workgroup connections.  Now browse to were your files are stored and copy and paste them over to where ever you want.

Computer to computer file transfer using Windows File Transfer

All XP and vista system have a file transfer wizard.Browse to All Programs > Accessories > System Tools >  File and settings transfer wizard.  The wizard if very straight forward.  You will have options of transferring files over the network, onto another hard drive, onto a disc, over the network.  The wizard is very easy to use but if you do not have a network setup already or you want to transfer programs over then once again I would just use PCmover from Laplink.  The software also comes with a free transfer cable that most places sell for around 30 bucks.

The last method is simply manually picking and choosing the files you want and then bringing them over to the PC of your choosing.  Many people just burn the files to a disk or copy them over to jump drive or USB hard drive.

I have found a coupon that is good for PCmover but it expires in a few days.  You save 15 dollars buy using coupon code: CJPH7Q when checking out.

pc to pc file transfer | file transfer software

Vista Complete Backup

Back up your PC and be sure to restore it

Windows Vista has a built in Backup program to backup your documents. However unless you own the Windows Vista Business or Ultimate edition you can NOT do a Vista complete Backup of programs and your files. I should not say you can’t but the software that comes in Windows Vista will not do that because you did not pay for it.

To do a Vista complete backup for Vista home premium and Vista basic you will need software like Acronis. This is your all in one backup software and as far as I am concerned is the best on the market for the price. They also offer a free trial so you can at least see if you like it before you buy. I already know you will.

Acronis is one of the only Vista complete backup solutions on the market. It will make an image of your entire drive. This means programs, the Vista system itself, documents, the works. You can also schedule it to do periodic backups and the program has about 15 other great features that are very easy to use.

Before you buy this software you should consider if it is really right for you. If you already have a Windows Vista restore disk and if you are already using the Windows backup software to back up your documents then you may not need this software. Think of it this way. If your hard drive crashed today you already have the Vista disk and your most current documents. All you would have to do is re-load Vista, then copy over your documents and then re-install all the software. Your custom setting would be gone but you would have all your documents. This is good for many people who are not heavy computer users and don’t really care about their installed programs or user settings.

On the other hand. If you want your computer to look the exact same after your computer crashes then Acronis is the program you want. Your computer will function the exact same, programs, settings and all if you have a Complete backup of Vista. This method is great for those who have many programs installed and already have a ton of custom settings like Outlook, favorites, network settings, printers and the like. With Acronis your data and files are secure and that is why I use it.

Windows Vista Backup

This Windows Vista backup post is for our latest Windows Vista article that covers data backup procedures in Windows Vista. Here you can ask your questions and give us feed back on the article located at Windows Vista Backup. Please read the article first before posting your questions. This section is for support of all current and future Data backup articles relating to the Vista operating system.

If you are looking for other software besides the standard Windows Vista backup program then you should consider Acronics as it really is the best full data backup software on the market and works great with all versions of Windows Vista. It is one of the only programs that creates a full image backup of your entire computer so you can recover everything on your computer in case of a hard drive crash. When I say everything I mean all documents, programs, files, settings, the works.

Sysprotect Removal

One of our sister sites has a great article on how to remove Sysprotect from infected computers.  This is a rouge fake anit-syware program and should not be boughten.  This software tries to tick users into buying the software by giving fake virus warnings and tries to scare the user into thinking thier credit card information and identity is being stolen.  to view the removal guides visit our sysprotect removal page

Virtumonde Removal and Vundo Removal

since we wrote our vundo removal article just a few weeks ago we noticed that thousands of people are viewing and commenting on that article. It appears there was no single site dedicated for the vundo virus and it’s removal. Well that has changed. I spent the last 16 hours building a site for ONLY the removal of the Virtumonde stain and all it’s variants. This site is dedicated to the eradication of everything Vundo related. I despise this vundo trojan and we will do out best to keep people informed about it. Our new site can be found at.

Virtumonde or by going directly to www.virtumonde.net

So far 4 different articles have been written and all of them will work.  Right now we are trying to put together a detailed manual removal process.  this one will take a while but for 99% of all people it is not needed.

Run Windows Vista on a Mac

You heard me right. You can Run Windows Vista on a Mac. Many of you out there have been eying the Slick looking Mac models but never took the plunge because you have way to many windows applications that will not run on a mac. Many games are PC based and even Smartphones and some cameras will not work with a Mac.

Well that is a thing of the past. With a neat little software package called Parallels you can switch between Mac and Windows Vista with out having to reboot. In fact you do not even have to switch between the Oses to run the program you want. Parallels has been around for several years now but it’s finally getting a good rep because so many people are purchasing a Mac now.

To learn more you can go to the Parallels website at www.parallels.com/en/products/desktop/ or you can read our full review of what this piece of software can do for you at Run Windows Vista on a Mac .