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Windows Vista Repair | Vista and XP repair guides - Part 47

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Why you should run a Spyware Scan even if you don’t show signs of being infected

Even if you do not have any signs of being infected with spyware you should still run some free scans to ensure you are not. Nothing worse then finding out after the fact that your identity or personal information has been stolen.

All the programs listed here are either 100% free or at least offer a free scan. If you ever get board try and install 3 of them and run them. Once the scan is done you can just uninstall these programs. The ones listed here work good and will at least tell you if you are infected. One thing to mention is many if not all will find cookies and say they are threats. Any cookies found don’t really matter. You can remove those for free using Ccleaner anyways so don’t but the program just becuase it says you are infected with a thousand cookies. Those will be the traces that have domain name in them like google.com or google.in and the like

Here is a great list of free trial software to download and run. This whole process can take a while so just relax and make sure you have a few hours.

StopZilla : I like this one because it actually does a great job at removing threats that are already installed. It’s not the absolute best out there but is great for removing threats if you are already infected.

Spyware Doctor: Great program. The best on the market in my opinion. However this program does a poor job of removing malware alarm and Virus Pro. It will block just about anything but if it scans and detects those two DO NOT buy this product to remove them as it will after like 5 scans but who wants to wait that long. It will find and label cookies as shigh threats but like I said you should not buy it just for that. Use CCleaner instead and remove them free. I was given this coupon just today from them. It is good till 3-31-08 so act now on it if you plan on buying it.

20% off PC Tools Spyware Doctor
20% off PC Tools Spyware Doctor Offer Expires 03/31/08

Coupon Code: pctools20
Trend Micro Internet Security: Great all round protection. This is not only spyware protection but the whole works, Virus and firewall as well. It has one the consumer choice award for the best virus, spyware and firewall protection. I do not reccomend buying it if your PC is already slow as it takes a bit of system resorces.

Absolutely Free software

Spybot Search and Destroy: This stuff is free and has something called tea timer. This will auto install as well as the anti-spyware program. It’s good stuff all round. It’s free so if it fins anything you can also remove it.

Ad-aware: I used to like this stuff a lot until it started auto loading on me. It will slow your pc down and bug you to buy it but you can still use the free scan and removal tools. If you use this the be sure and uninstall it when you are done so it won’t auto boot on you and slow your system down.

All the programs above are easy to use and install. You basically just hit enter a few times for the install and then update the software and run. Some of the scans can take an hour but it’s worth doing this once every 6 months or so just to make sure your current anto-virus software is doing it’s job.

Protect Your Smart Phone from Viruses and Intruders

Norton Smartphone Security

You knew it had to be coming. As of today Norton has developed a Smart phone Security Suit to protect all Smart phones from viruses, worms and hackers. All I can say is it’s about time!!!!!

I’m sure you have started to hear about people getting their personal pictures and files stolen right off their phone from someone hundreds of miles away. Our that person at your office who’s phone caught a virus and they lost all their contact information.

Well The Norton Smart Phone Security suit will now stop all those Denial of service attacks and keep all your data secure. Here is a simple run down of this nice piece of software.

Security technologies include:

  • Antiviru
  • Firewall
  • SMS Antispam
  • Minimizes SMS spam – Blocks short text and multimedia messages from unknown senders.
  • Blocks snoopware from turning on your camera – Prevents intruders from entering and exporting data from the mobile phone.
  • Protects against viruses and other threats – Prevents malicious threats from entering your smartphone and compromising your privacy.
  • SMS antispam protection: Short messages (text and multimedia) from unknown senders are blocked.
  • Advanced protection: Award-winning Norton AntiVirus™ technologies automatically scan, detect, and quarantine harmful viruses, worms, and mobile spyware in individual files, file archives, and applications.
  • Real-time protection: Enhanced firewall blocks hackers, intrusions, and denial-of-service attacks.
  • The Symbian® and the Microsoft® Windows Mobile® platforms are supported.
  • Easy-to-use interface: You can easily manage and schedule antivirus scans and protection updates*, set the firewall protection level, and manage which files are encrypted.
More Information System Requirments

Microsoft® Windows Mobile® 5.0 and 6.0
Installation footprint:

  • 1.8MB (Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone or 6.0 Standard)
  • 1.7MB (Windows Mobile 5.0 PocketPC or 6.0 Professional)

Symbian® OS 9 (Series 60 Version 3, UIQ 3.0)
Installation footprint: 1.5MB

Example Supported Devices:
(list does not include all devices supported by Norton Smartphone Security. Norton Smartphone Security supports any smartphone with Symbian 9 or Windows Mobile 5.0 or 6.0 )

Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional

  • HTC Touch

Windows Mobile 6.0 Standard

  • Samsung Blackjack II
  • Motorola Q q9

Windows Mobile 5.0 PocketPC

  • Palm Treo 750

Windows Mobile Smartphone 5.0

  • Samsung i320
  • Motorola Q
  • i-mate SPL
  • Samsung SGH-i607 (Blackjack)

Symbian OS – all Symbian OS 9.x devices

  • Nokia E50
  • Nokia E61
  • Nokia E90
  • Nokia E91
  • Nokia N93
  • Sony Ericsson P990

In a nut shell if you have a phone that has a windows operating system on it or Symbian OS then this software is for you. The really nice thing is the software piece does not affect the overall performance of your phone and even if you do notice a difference it is well worth the trade.

Norton Smartphone Security – Safeguards your privacy against mobile threats. Click Here

We wrote another quick guide about spyware on Viruses that you might find useful if you want more information go to our Cell Phone Spyware Page.
It would be nice to hear from anyone who has been victomized from spyware and viruses.

Computer Will Not Turn On

As with every Monday we try and post an answer to common computer issues.  this guide will walk you through the basic trouble shooting tips for computer that will not turn on.

 Computer Will Not Turn On

If this is a Desktop read the following.  If this is a notebook Jump to 2.

For desktop copmuters that do not turn on you first need to determine if the power source from the wall is working.  Plub in a lamb or other electonic device into the socket.  If the light turns on then you no you have a good electric power source.  If the light does not turn on then the outlet may have a short and it is not your computer.

Now that you know the outlet is good try pluggin in the computer again and press the power button.  If you are still getting NO lights or sounds when hitting the power button then keep reading.

Check the voltage on the back of the computer.  It should be reading 115 and not 220.  It is normally a red switch.  Flip it over to 220 and then back to 115.  Try turning your computer on.  If it works great if not keep reading.

Try a different power cable.  It’s rare but in the last 15 years of repairing computers I have come across a few of these being bad.  Many monitors use the same type of conector.  If it does not look aorund your house chances are you can find a different cord that will work.  Still no luck!

If that did not solve your issue you will have to pop the case from the computer.  You will see your power supply conected to the motherboard.  Make sure your computer is unplugged at this time.  Now unplug the P4 cable and the Large 20 pin or 24 pin cable.  Check the power supply and see if there is a reset button. Most do not have one.  Gateway does and a few other models but most do not.  Now re-sead the P4 and the 20 or 24 pin cable.  Try turing the computer on.  If it works great if not you power supply is bad and needs to be replaced.

The average cost of a power supply is around 60 bucks for a good one.  If you own a Dell computer you will need to order one from them as they have pripriatary devices.  DO NOT use a regular power supply for Dell.  Yes it will fit and yes it will Fry your board.

For all other models almost any power supply will do.  The power supply is only held in by four screws in the back.  Make sure you disconnect all the connectors and pull the power supply out.  You will see a Watt number on it like 300W or 350W.  Ensure you get one that has at least that wattage if not more.  Also take a look at the big plug.  Count the pins.  If it is 24 pins ensure you buy a power supply that is 24 pins.  Look at the connectors to the hard drive and optical drives.  They may be Sata or IDE.  If it’s a skinny black end then you will need to ensure you purchase a power supply that is Sata.

when installing the new power supply ensure you plug the P4 back into the mother board.  This is the most over looked mistake most people make when connecting a new power supply.  Once installed turn the computer on and you should be good to go.

If you still do not have power  (Unlikely) then just return the power supply and take your computer to a shop to be tested.  If it’s not the power supply then it probably is the mother board board at this point.

2.  Computer will not turn on LAPTOPS Section

If you computer does nothing at all when you hit the power button chances are one of three things are happening.  It may be more then just one of them
1.  Your battery is dead.

2.  You power supply is dead

3.  The DC power jack is bad.

Key things to remember here is you computer did NOTHING when you turned the power button on.  If lights came on at all this guide is not valid for you.

Take the battery out of the computer.  Does it have a button you can push to test the charge.  Many HP models have this.  If not set it to the side.

Plug the power coard into a KNOWN good power outlet.  Does the light on the power supply box turn on.  If not then you have a bad power supply and most likely your battery has been drained and now your computer has no good power source.

Try and find a friend that has the same or similar model and use their battery for testing.  If it works then plug in the power cord and see if the power cord charges the battery.  Most likely it will not because the light never came on to the power supply cord.

If you power cord light did turn on then plug it into the notebook with out the battery in.  If your computer does nothing at all when you hit the power button one of two things are most likely the cause.  Bad DC power jack or bad mother board.

Once again in this senario find a friend with the same battery that is charged.  If his or her battery works then you know it has to do with the board or DC power jack.

It’s all that simple.  The DC power jack is not something most people can repair themselves.  It involves soldering the DC port onto the motherboard.  The other repair is to just replace the mother board.  Doing this will solve both issues.  If it’s the board then your issue is solved because you now have a new one.  If it the power jack your issue is solved bacause you have a new one with your new board.  Replacing the mother board on a notebook is something that takes skill as well.

The average cost to replace a DC power jack is around 229 and the cost for an average mother board for a notebook varries widely.  Expect no less then 350 dollars for that one.

Configuring the Windows Vista Firewall

Configuring your Windows Vista Firewall is not a hard thing to do.  Think of the firewall as a brick wall.  The wall blocks people and programs from getting into your computer and also blocks programs from getting out.  In many instances you will need to allow programs to gain access to the web so they can update.  Today we are going to cover how to do this.

How to set an exception for the Vista Firewall

Click the Windows start button on the bottom left and then open up the Control Panel. Under the Security diagram you will click “Allow a program through Windows Firewall”. Click on the Exceptions tab and then click Add Program.

You will now see a long list of programs installed on your computer.  Locate the program you want to allow through the Vista fire wall and  check the box next to that program then click OK.

The Windows Vista firewall really is quite impressive overall.  The XP firewall did work but not as well as the Vista one.  Most Internet Security suits such as Trend Micro and CA will have their own fire wall.  When you install these programs they often times disable the Vista firewall which is fine as long as you have a firewall enabled and running.  I do not recommend running both the Windows Vista firewall and a separate firewall as the programs will conflict and it can be harder to drill down access issues.

Vista error code 39 code 31 code 32 and code 19 Fix

If you have a Vista system and your CD Rom drive does not seem to be reading any discs then you have an upper stack error. Common error codes are

The device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device (Code 31).

A driver for this device was not required, and has been turned off (Code 32 or Code 31).

Your registry might be corrupted. (Code 19)
The most frustrating part is I have had several Toshiba customers call me about having this issue on brand new laptops. The good news is it is a simple fix that anyone can do.

First lets confirm your issue. Right click on “Computer” or “My Computer” in XP. Select Manage and then on the right side select device manager. On the left if you see a yellow exclamation mark next to your drive and were getting any of the above error codes then we have a simple fix.

Go ahead and right click on the CD or DVD drive that has a yellow exclamation mark next to it and select delete or remove.

For Vista click the windows “start” button on the bottom left and in the search box type regedit . You will be asked to confirm your admin account. Just hit next or continue.

Now browse to



It’s just like browsing through folders so don’t worry about it. if you get lost just start over. BE SURE you follow the path 100% There are many similar files and folders so double check they all match up.

Now that you are at the 4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318 Folder on the right side you will see several entries. right Click and delete the Upperfilters and Lowerfilters. These will be remade once you reboot.

for XP follow the above but instead click the windows start button and then select run then type regedit .

Reboot your computer once you have removed the upper and lower fillters. When your computer boots back up it will see the drives as new devices. give it another 20-30 seconds to install the new device. badda bing badda boom! your issue is solved. Feel free and send me a buck or two for this fix. you can donate on my main page at www.windowvistarepair.com It does cost money to run this site and I only get like one donation a month so help keep this great information coming.

Here is a Video made as well showing you the above
error Code 31 fix

Now that we have solved your issue I would like to recommend a remote computer repair company for future issues if you can not resolve them yourself:

I do computer repair and run an online computer repair company.  If you ever come across an issue you can not fix please consider checking out www.onlinecomputerrepair.org .  Bookmark it now so you can find it when you need to.  We offer great services at a very low price.

Windows Cannot Connect to The Printer Access is Denied

If your are trying to connect a network printer or a shared printer in Windows Vista you may of come across this great error “Windows Cannot Connect to The Printer Access is Denied”. when I first ran into this I ended up uninstalling the firewall on both sides of the systems. The thing was I could see the files and access them just fine. I was even able to share another printer on the network but when I tried sharing and connecting my HP printer it just would not work. Now I have not spent enough time to figure out why this is happening but I do have fix. I would rather have my issue resolved and not know what’s happenign then to know whats happening and not have my issue fixed.

Anyways on to why you came here.

Instead of clicking add network printer just select “Add Local Printer”. Now at the bottom click on “Create a New Port”. You will see the default is “Local Port”. Keep that the same and then click next. Now is were you add in the location to the printer. All you have to do is use the computer’s name you are connecting to and the shared printers name.

It will look like this


BE SURE TO USE THE SHARED PRINTER NAME,  not the regular name of the printer.

so my path was \\COLUMBIA\hpdeskjet5500

That is it. Now you solved your frustating Windows Cannot Connect to The Printer Access is Denied error.

Be sure and respond if this worked of if it did not for you. If it worked then share the wealth and spread the news. You can allways just point people to this article as well.

P.S. The super bowel this Sunday was awesome. I did not have a team in it so I was rutting for the under dog. It was awsome seeing the Giants pull it out.