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Windows Vista Repair | Vista and XP repair guides - Part 48

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Vista Data Transfer Software

If you just bought a new computer chances are it’s windows Vista. The issue now is how to transfer all you files from the older XP computer over to the new Vista system. We will cover 4 different methods in this article. We will not explain how to use each one in-depth only bring to light four different ways to get the job done.

The first method to transfer over your data is by using the free Windows Easy Transfer. With the data transfer method you can copy all your documents and user settings over to your new pc. Programs do not transfer over but all the settings and user data does. Most people find it easy to use when they get a USB easy transfer cable. Those do cost around 30 bucks so some people just stick with a disc by disc transfer or by using a network or USB hard drive.  If your going to purchase the coard you might as well purchase software because they all come with a USB transfer cable or a crossover cable.

Laplink PC mover is next up. I use this program all the time to transfer customers data over to new PC’s. It is the only one I know of that also copies programs. Keep in mind that not all your XP programs may be compatible with Vista. If you are unsure then don’t copy the program over. Just try to install it fresh and see if it works. Laplink PC cost’s around 50 bucks and you get the USB data transfer cable with it. This method is preferred by me because it just saves time and is very simple to use.

Next up is CA’s Data transfer program called DNA Migrator. This program comes with a cross over cable. It looks just like a regular network cable but inside the wires have been switched around so two computers can talk and transfer files over with ease. Again this software is very easy to use and cost the same as Laplink. The downside is you can not transfer over programs. The install is fairly easy but I have seen some customers have trouble using it because they did not disable their firewalls.

Migo software is the fourth method. I have used this several times and the newest version has some much need improvements. I had some issues on the last version and did not like the customer support I really do not use it. Overall Migo has a great interface and their software does include the crossover cable as well. The overall feel of this program is a little better then CA DNA migrator but not as apt as Laplink PC mover.

I did contact the manufacturers and got some coupons that are good till mid or late February of 2008. Use these coupons when checking out.

Laplink.com use coupon CJPH7Q when checking out for $15 dollars off.  That’s like a third off!

ca.com  Use coupon code CADNA20 to get 20% off the price

Migo has a 10% off code but I do not know when it expires.  That code is CJXP10

transfer files to new computer | file transfer software

Computer Associates Software for Windows Vista

It’s been 3 whole years since I download and tested computer associates anti-virus software. I decided with Vista out it was time to take this guy for a spin again. I normally praise Trend Micro internet security because it is one of the best. The problem with trend Micro is it just takes up to much active memory and running it on a Vista Laptop just does not work well. My Desktop has no problem but my 2 gig laptop seems to take a while to boot because of it.

Anyways back to CA. They have several different product lines that you may find useful. The anti-virus is top notch and very easy to use and understand. The interface is just as user friendly as Trend and as a bonus it runs on less system resorces so your computer will ultimately run faster. The scan for most systems will take 40-50 minutes which is average. It did have issues removing Vundo and and smitfraud as well as virus pro. It did a good job blocking the programs from being installed but once I placed the spyware on the system and then installed the spyware it did a poor job of actualy removing it.

So if you are already infected with a virus or spyware I would not use CA anti-virus because it seems to be poor at removing the actual threat. If you are NOT infected then I would say go for it becuase it does a great job blocking programs in the first place.

The CA firewall was not too hard to understand and move around in. Trend is easier but CA is far easier then Norton 2008 and Mcafee. It’s not hard to unblock programs if you acidentlly block one.

I was able to get a hold of a CA rep and they gave me a list of current coupons :). I love running popluar sites because I always seem to get free software and also discounts for my viewers. Here are the coupon codes I got from them

CA – www.ca.com Click Here to use the coupons
15% off on CA’s Internet Security Suite Plus 2008- Enter coupon code CAISS15 during checkout. This is the one you want because it is the all-in one. Virus, Spyware and Firewall.

SAVE 20% on CA Anti-Virus 2008 Enter coupon code CAAV20 at checkout

SAVE 20% on CA Anti-Virus Plus CA Anti-Spyware 2008 by applying coupon code CAAVP20 at checkout

Save 20% on CA Anti-Spyware 2008- Use coupon code CAASPY20 to apply discount.

SAVE 20% on CA Anti-Spam with coupon code CAASPAM20

SAVE 20% on CA Personal Firewall with coupon code CAPF20

Save 20% on CA Desktop DNA Migrator using coupon code CADNA20 in checkout. Migrator is something I use for my customers. If your looking for a simple to use data transfer software to transfer xp files to Vista then this is it.

HP dv9000 wireless not working

If you own an HP dv9000 laptop and the wireless is not working then I have good and bad news for you.  First off the wireless card is most likely not bad.  The main cause for this is actually the mother board.  In fact HP has ofically launched a product recall on all dv9000 models for this issue.  So if your XP or Vista dv9000 wireless is not working then contact hp and they will ship you a box to send them the unit it.  The whole repair process normally takes 7-9 business days for the repair.  When you think about it that is really fast considering half that time is transit time.  I do like the fact the HP stepped up to the plate and issued a product recall.  The bad news for many out there with this issue is they have no idea the dv9000 has been recalled.  I recommend not calling HP about it.  Instead go the the hp.com website and select the contact us button on that page you will find a “chat with us” link.  Ask about the recall and they will take all the info right there in the chat log and start the recall process.  It’s a great way to go and saves an hour on the phone.  Have the unit near by so you can provide the serial and Part number to them.

Once again for the  HP dv9000 wireless not working contact HP  because the product has been recalled.  This is the model with t he AMD 64 bit processor and  it can have Vista or XP on it.

Repair Windows Vista the Easy Way

Did you know that the majority of all software issues related to Windows Vista can be resolved by just doing a system restore? I’m not talking about reloading your Windows Vista operating system or even using the Windows Vista Restore disk.

Think of the Windows Vista Restore as a way to send your computer back in time to when it was functioning. The restore will remove any trouble software that was installed after that restore point and you will not loose any of your recent documents like word, excel or pictures.

To repair windows Vista the easy way simply hit the windows start button on the bottom left and in the search box type RESTORE and you’ll immediately see System Restore at the top of the start menu. Now just select system restore and then the date you would like to restore your computer back to. Go back to a date when your computer was functioning just fine. If the issue has just started I recommend going back at least 2 weeks. The dates you can revert back to will be in bold. Just select the date and hit next. Follow the simple on screen prompts and you will be good to go. If for some reason the system restore fails follow the below.

Every once in a while your system will not be able to restore the computer. When this happens shut your computer down and start pressing the F8 key to boot into safe mode. Select the safe mode option and once you log into the Windows Vista OS follow the above to do the system restore again. Pick a different date and you should be good to go.

If you can’t even get into windows, you can boot off the installation dvd, and choose the “Repair your computer” option on the lower left hand side. Click next on the next screen.

Now choose System Restore from the System Recovery dialog. It will take a few seconds to come up, and you will see the same screen that you would see in Windows. I hope this info has helped. Please reply and post your thoughts and give us some feedback on this article. It will help others to know how this is working.

Some times this will not work.  When that happens you can still be up and going quickly by using www.onlinecomputerrepair.org .  These guys are great and can fix just about anything.  Best part is if they can’t fix it then you do not have to pay anything.  Give them a call or visit them today if you are still having issues.

Transfer Files from XP to Vista | How to Guide

Now that you bought your new Vista computer you may be wondering how are you going to transfer all your data from the old XP computer to the new Windows Vista computer. Not to worry we have you covered. We will go over the free Windows easy transfer already installed on your computer and a cheap alternative method.

First off the easiest method to transfer files will cost you around 50 bucks. The program is called Laplink PCmover. This program is very simple to use and with the download version you can get started right away. The actually box version will cost 10 dollars more but you also get a hard copy of the software. I tell everyone who is not technically inclined to use this method because of how easy it is. It is also the ONLY way to transfer programs like office over to the new computer with out having to re-install it.  This is the only software suit on the market that will transfer over programs.

( Great news! Laplink contacted us and gave us a $15 dollar off coupon. This coupon was still good the last time we tested it in Aug 2010! Use the code S6ch2 to get the discount CLICK HERE )

The free method is a little more hands on. Windows Easy Transfer lets you decide what files you want to transfer over. This free method will NOT move program files over to your new computer but will transfer over all your files and user settings.

To start the Transfer wizard log into the computer you want to transfer files from and click the windows start button on the bottom left of the screen. Then select “All Programs” “Accessories” “System Tools” “File and Transfer Wizard”

What method should I use?

You will have several options and the right one will very. If you have a network setup then I would use that. If you have a transfer cable then that will work good as well. The other options are burning the data over to discs or copy it to another hard drive.

Easy Transfer Cable

An Easy Transfer Cable is a unique USB cable that allows you to connect two computers together using your USB ports. (most likely you old system has a USB port, but check to be sure). This method is one of the best because of how simple it is. The cost of the EASY TRANSFER CABLE is around $25-50 bucks ( Ebay has IT ). This method will work great transferring files from XP to Vista or XP to XP. For this method you will start the transfer wizard on the new computer. Do not plug the cable in until you are asked to. Just follow the on screen prompts and do what it says. If you end up going this route just purchase Laplink PCmover because you get a transfer cable free with your order. That alone is the cost of the whole software package.


Connect both computers to your network, start Windows Easy Transfer on the new computer (the computer to which you want to transfer files and settings), follow the instructions. If you want to transfer the files over with out copying them (I think the beter way to go) you will need to get the transfer KEY from the new Computer and start the wizard on the old one and type that key in. It is not a bad idea to make a copy and just send all the files over. This may help in the future incase you loose files and no longer have the old system.

DVDs or CD

This option is straight forward. You simply start the transfer wizard on the old system and select DVD/CD. Windows Easy Transfer will let you know how many discs you will need for the transfer. Be sure to check that your media can be used on both machines. For instance does your new computer have DVD/Cd ( 99% of the time it will but never hurts to check). Once all the data is copies over start Windows Easy Transfer on your new computer and just follow the install instructions for transferring from a disc. If you are transferring data from 2000 or XP over to Vista you will not be able to use DVD media.

External hard disk ( Hard drive or USB memory stick

Start Windows Easy Transfer on your new computer (the computer to which you want to transfer files and settings), and then follow the instructions for using a USB flash drive or an external hard disk. During the transfer process, Windows Easy Transfer will estimate how much disk space is needed to transfer your selections. If you use a USB flash drive, try to use one with enough storage space for the entire transfer. If your USB flash drive isn’t large enough to transfer everything at once, you can copy as many files as it will hold, transfer those files to the new computer, and then reconnect the drive to the old computer and repeat the process.

So what do I transfer over?

You have the option of transferring all user accounts, files, and settings to the new computer or transfer your user account, files, and settings only. You can also use an advanced option to transfer specific folders.

“All user accounts, files and setting” This will transfer over all users, files and settings. If you are on a domain you must set that up first. If you do not know what a domain is then you most likely are not on one.

“My user account, files and setting only”. This option will just transfer over your user account info, files and settings not other users.

“Advanced options”. This is the option you want for more advanced features such as only transferring a select number of user’s accounts, files and setting. You will also be able to select the folders you want to transfer over as well as program settings. Be sure and install the programs you want first on the new computer before running the transfer on the new computer. If you do not then the programs setting will not transfer over.

If you read all this and still have questions or are just confused then I strongly urge you to either call a pro or just pay the 50 bucks and get Laplink PCmover.

We should also mention that it is always important to backup your data.  Personally I use Mozy.  It’s an online data backup service.  They have a free 2 gig account or you can pay 5 bucks a month and have unlimitted online storage.  It’s well worth a look.  Check out Mozy Here.

data migration | file transfer software

Ready Boost Use This Device Greayed Out

So you have heard about ready boost and got all excited to use your USB device only to find out you can’t.  Well not to worry we have a work around for using those older USB devices that windows Vista deems not worthy.  Follow this instruction set to get up and going and give Vista that shot of adrenaline.

Step 1. Plug in the USB stick, ignore the auto play thing.  Select the windows vista start button.  Now select “Computer”.  Now right click on your USB device and select “properties”. Now you got to select the “Ready Boost” Tab on top.  Check the “DO not retest this device” and press the OK button.

Step 2. Remove the device and hit the windows vista start button again and type in regedit . Now you have to browse down HKLM (Local Machine) -> SOFTWARE -> Microsoft -> Windows NT -> CurrentVersion -> EMDgmt .  You should now see a list on the right that shows the many different USB devices you have used.  You need to select the one that you just unplugged.  Now that you select the device you will now double click on Device Status and change the value to 2 then just hit the ok button.  Double click on for ReadSpeedKBs and WriteSpeedKBs, changing their values to both 1000.

Reboot the computer and stick that disk in.  You should now be able to use the device for Windows Vista Ready Boost.