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Windows Vista Repair | Vista and XP repair guides - Part 49

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Remove Startup programs in Vista

With windows Vista it is easier then ever to eliminate those startup programs that you just don’t need.

Simply open up Windows Defender and select “tools” then software explorer.  Here you will see all those programs that are auto starting on you.  Do not remove them all because many are needed.  You want to remove the software programs you just don’t want to auto start.  Common items like quiktime, nero, itunes, adobe update, google update.  Items like this really do not need to auto start.  Spend 5 seconds and check what programs are starting on you.

Speed up Vista with one Click

TuneUp Utilities 2008

If your are looking for an easy way to speed up your New Windows Vista operating system then this program is for you.  While it works great be sure and read the full review before purchasing.

Tune-Up Utilities will speed your system up by doing the following, Defragmenting your hard drive, repairing the registry, easily manage and stop unwanted startup programs, switching off memory intensive programs, removing junk files that clutter your computer and the most important feature is a Windows Vista optimization tool.

While this piece of software is great and tune-Up Utilities has been around for years many of these features you can already do in Vista.  For instance you can already manually remove many of your junk files and you can defrag your system using the free windows tool built into the operating system.  You can now also control your startup programs much easier then in xp.

With that said if you are not a geek and just want a simple click and be done tool this is the one for you.  It’s very easy to use and you will notice the difference once you use all the tools and you will be able to speed up Vista.

The optimazation tools are nice and these are some simple tweeks that once again anyone could do but you need to know what your doing to do it manually.

If you are very comfortable with Vista then I would encourage you to browse this site and learn how to do it your self.  If you are like many average users then this is great software to have.

Find What Processes Are Runing with Process Explorer

Have you ever been working on your computer and all the sudden you hear your hard drive working hard.  Has your computer just slowed down for 30 seconds and then gone back to normal.  Well if it has and your running Windows Vista you now have a great free tool from Microsoft to help you track down what processes are running.  The tool is called Process Explorer an the most current version is 11.04.  Process explorer will have two different windows.  The top one shows the current running processes.  the bottom mode can show different things depending on which mode it is in.  This application is great for tracking down errors and for finding out what is currently happening on your computer.  You can download this program at www.microsoft.com/technet/sysinternals/ProcessesAndThreads/ProcessExplorer.mspx

Trend Micro Anti Virus For Vista

Trend Micro has one many awards and is considered the best all round anti-virus and anti-spyware program on the market according to Consumer Reports.  While Trend Micro Internet security has all in one protection is it really the best?

After installing the 2008 version on one of my notebooks I imeddiatly noticed how slow my computer was.  I have 1 gig of ram and a an Intel 1.7 processor so common logic tells me my computer should be able to handle it just fine.  While the degradation in speed was not horrible I was not happy with it.  This was an XP computer that the 2008 trend Micro internet security was installed on.

I then installed it on my Duo core, 4 gig desktop running windows Vista.  The system did slow done but to a point were normal users would barely notice.  The daily updates only take about 15 seconds to complete and the user interface was extremly easy to use.  All in all I really do like the 2008 version but I would not have it installed on a notebook or an older computer due to the fact that it just slows it down too much.  any newer computer running Windows Vista with 2+ gigs I would say go for it.

back in 2006 I highly praised Trend Mirco because the program was so simple to use and did a fantastic job.  I still like the program but ever since the 2007 version it just takes up so much active memory that older computers really have a hard time running it.  I know many people who gave my computer shop a call beck when the 2007 version first came out and asked about the change.  While I like Trend I will say again unless your computer is newer and has 2+ gig I would not install it and would go with a lighter Internet security suit.

To see how much memory is in your computer simply click the windows start button (on the bottom left) and then right click on the “My Computer Icon”.  Now select properties and wait for the dialog box to populate.  You will see how much Ram you have installed and what type of processor you have.

If you already have purchased trend micro and need to upgrade to a version that is compatable with vista go to esupport.trendmicro.com/support/viewxml.do?ContentID=EN-1034344 for instructions on how to do it

What Can Error Nuker can do for you?

Vista registy cleaning software

Error Nuker has been around for a many years now.  In a nut shell it is a registry cleaning program.  Your registry is like the library of your computer.  When it gets errors you start getting blue screens and just kind of weird issues overall.  Your computer also slows down a bit when your registry gets garbled.  Error Nuker is more preventive maintenance then anything else.  Will it actually solve your blue screen issues?  Not really to be a 100% honest.  If the blue screen is related to your registry then yes it will but more often then not it hardware or other software installed on your computer that caused the blue screen.

Like I said Error Nuker is more for preventive maintenance.  It should be run once a month to ensure you have no invalid or corrput entries.  This program overall is very easy to use.  You install and then for the most part just open the program and hit run.  You do not need to be technical to use it.

I always like try it before you buy it software.  They offer a free scan so you can at least see how bad your registry is.  If you have only a few errors then it’s not imperative you need to buy it.  Once again this is more of a preventive maintenace program.  It’s great for keeping your pc running at 100%.  Try the free scan and see if it’s for you.  If it is not or you just don’t like the feel of the program then don’t buy it.  They do have a money back guarantee so regardless you have nothing to loose.

If your having ton’s of issues already on your computer this program may help out but most likely it will not solve the issue unless it is registry related

The Best Anti Virus Software for Vista

Just because something is popular does not mean it is the best.  Norton for instance has been around for many years.  In fact most companies use Norton.  Most likely your company does as well.  Here is a brief run down of some of the best anti virus software on the market for Windows Vista.

Norton Anti Virus

Probably the most popular virus software on the market.  Norton Anti Virus offered by Symantec.  Symantec makes a habit of fighting viruses and they have one of the most comprehensive libraries of virus removal tools on the market and they offer their updates free to their existing customers.  It is a passion to fight viruses and the extra lengths that Symantec will go to in offering their regular updates free of charge to their customers that makes Norton Anti Virus one of the best anti virus software titles available.  The Norton name did not become popular by accident, it has taken years to develop the reputation of being one of the top virus fighters in the industry and Symantec takes their job very seriously.  The down side of Norton is when the program has an issue it’s hard to resolve.  Most of the time you end up having to un-install it completely and re-install it in order to fix the issue.  It also does take up a lot of active memory.  If your system has under 2 gigs and you are running Vista you should think about going with something else or upgrade your memory,

Kaspersky Anti Virus

Kaspersky Labs offers Kaspersky Anti Virus and what makes this one of the best anti virus software titles available is their hourly updates to their virus protection files and their attention to protecting laptops.  With the Kaspersky Anti Virus a laptop is protected even if it is not connected to the internet to receive the hourly updates.  Kaspersky also scans incoming and outgoing email to detect any malicious code.

Trend Micro

One of the other big names in virus protection is Trend Micro.  They have been voted the best for the last few years in a row by consumer choice magazine for having the best virus protection, spyware protection and firewall.  You get all three in the internet security suit. Trend Micro offers safe internet surfing by protecting against any possible Trojan viruses or hackers that may be trying to crack into your computer through your internet connection.  Trend Micro also pays extra attention to pop up ads and spyware that may try and load itself on your computer. This is what separates Trend Micro from many of the other titles and allows it to be considered one of the best anti virus software titles on the market.  Spyware is malicious code that can load computer chocking pop up ads, it can take your internet surfing information and send it back to a marketing data collection agency for sale to other internet marketers, or it can steal your personal information.  Trend Micro is one of the best anti virus software titles at fighting annoying and potentially dangerous spyware.