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Windows Vista Repair | Vista and XP repair guides - Part 5

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Fixing Your Mistake With Hard Disc Recovery

You may need to perform hard disc recovery if you have downloaded a virus or just deleted a file whether it is on purpose or by accident. There are many different options available and your computer may come with its own data recovery software. It is important to remember that there are options and you do not have to start over from scratch.

Your hard disc does not actually delete a file when you erase it. What occurs is that the space where that file was has now been labeled as free to be used again. So when you save a new file eventually your computer will write over this spot. It is only at that stage that the file will be completely deleted.

There are plenty of data recovery programs that can be obtained and used to restore your deleted data. There are even some programs that can recover data from reformatted discs. Because of the way that files are stored and disc space is re-used, it’s important to act as soon as possible to maximize the chance of getting your data back.

However opening your hard drive is an issue. Most times if you have a mechanical problem than it can cost a lot of money to recover that information. You can damage your hard drive if you open it yourself.

A professional will open the hard drive in the right environment so that the disc is not further damaged. They will then transfer the data to a stable disc. Whatever you do, don’t try this at home! It needs to be done in a completely clean atmosphere otherwise you’ll do even more harm to your data,

It is recommended that you have two different types of backups, one on your computer and another on an external source. This could be in the form of a USB stick, an external hard drive or one of the online backup services. There are plenty to choose from and it’s a cheap safety strategy.

Security Tool is a Fake Security Client

Security Tool is a rogue antivirus software application that displays false security alerts and notifications in order to trick PC users into believing that their computers are compromised and that there are critical problems that can only be solved by purchasing a paid license of the product. Make no mistake about it, Security Tool is nothing but a scam to steal your cash and that is one reason that you should remove this virus as soon as you find out you are infected. check out this Security Tool Removal site.  It provide some great details on this threat.

In most cases this program enters the computer from social media links and fake video codecs, it can be near imposible to find out exactly how the user got infected. Even Security Tool will display all kinds of notifications and pop-up messages related to critical security warnings, it is quite safe to completely ignore them and concentrate on the proper steps to conduct a complete Security Tool removal.

Once installed on a PC, Security Tool will try to secure its presence by blocking access to major legitimate security websites. Its objective is to isolate the infected computer from accessing legitimate online anti-malware scanners and information websites, increasing the chances of the end-user to actually pay money for solving the problems that are falsely reported and artificially created by Security Tool. For some more exact details on removing this you should check out the guide entitled delete security tool

Users will also notice this threat takes over the Windows Security Center and makes it look like Microsoft is recommending that the user purchase this bogus program. There are many false warnings that users see and one of them is “Spyware.IEMonster activity detected”. However, it is not recommended to use any of the features that Security Tool has since it can lead to further operating system damage and loss of privacy.

In order to even start removing the infected files you will need to stop the currently running Security Tool process, the problem here is the file always changes.exe”. what makes this threat so hard to remove is the file name changes with every new infection so it can be very hard to tell what the correct process is that needs to be stoped. Once you are able to finally stop the main executable program from running you now have to dig into the registry and remove the settings that are making this program autostart. Once this step is done you just need to re-boot and run a full scan using your favorite security client.

How to Remove Security Tool

Security Tool


Security Tool is a well known fake security client that is making the rounds right now.� For detailed removal information we recommend you check out this www.removevirus.org/how-to-remove-security-tool article.� If you are in need of a pro to remove this for you then consider this company.

In plenty of cases a legit website may of been hacked, I run several sites and have had one very popular site hacked more then once.

(What is it to be pushed to download a software ? From time to time, hackers will enter into websites (legit, good ones !) and modify them to put their own malwares to be downloaded via a mechanism called ‘drive by download’. It means the next time an user will browse that website, the site will push to download the rouge program unto the user’s system ! Plenty of folks out there do not use security clients or are usign a free based client that does not provide enough protection !)

Of course, as you can guess, this program is not going to do what it claimed it will and the online scan you thought were scanning your system…was a fake one ! If you are already infected then a good source for information in general on computer viruses is this www.removevirus.org site.� They have many helpful guides to help you remove just about any computer virus.

Upon re-booting your system, you will notice something is scanning your computer.

You should not be shocked to see the following messages:

“SecurityTool Warning

Spyware.IEMonster activity detected. This is spyware that attempts to steal passwords from Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Outlook and other programs. Click here to remove it immediately with SecurityTool”

What did you read read ? Where is Security Tool coming from ???

Security Tool is another malware ! It comes from the same family as Total security 2009 and System Security. All of them are designed to hurt your computer badly and beyond that, to steal your money ! (They want you to make an online purchase with your credit card ! You don’t need to do it and you should NOT do it !). All those softwares are also called rouge programs.

Chances are the step you did a while back is what got you infected in the first place. It then installed itself into your computer.

Think that this new (and fake !) video code could be responsible for the infection.

Once installed, it will change your System Registry so on each reboot, Security Tool will automatically run. This nasty program is resident in the background.

You will then get what seems a system scan (it is a fake one !) you will also see plenty of warning messages telling you that your infected !

That is not all it does ! You will get pop-ups warning you of infections and the following will happen to your system:

Security Tool will disable your Task Manager, it will modify your Browser Setting, it will deny you to update your security program, it will deny you to access online security-related programs or websites ! Why ? Security Tool was designed to protect itself NOT to be easily cleaned !

You will quickly find you neither your System Restore� is working ! You will notice your computer performance decreased too !

The very bad commercial advertisement telling you to buy the full version of Security Tool (with your credit card !) will eventually appear ! Don’t but into this faek product ! Security Tool is a malware !

Always remember all those reports about infections are bogus. This product is not real and just looking to scam you out of your money.

LCD TV Advantages

LCD TV more popular and more people are using LCD TV to replace their old TV or add existing TV, and also many people use LCD as a computer monitor for their desktop because of the connectivity features are available so as to facilitate merge LCD Television with desktop or laptop computer if someone wants to get clear and bigger picture.

LCD TV has several other advantages compared to other TV types such as CRT TV or Plasma TV as follows:

LCD TV uses less energy if compare with other TV types so that the cost of electricity that must be reduced by using the LCD TV

LCD television has better seen for images brightness, contrast images, and sharpness, also the audio quality better heard than with other television types.

LCD size lighter and thinner, so easy to move and don’t require a big space to be put anywhere even in a small-scale room LCD television may be placed by placing the LCD television that hangs on the wall

LCD TV features easy to be understood for their users and more compatible with elevation change are other reasons why many people like LCD TV.

LCD TV prices are declining and more affordable so that more people can afford to buy the LCD, and it is one of the main reasons why many people who switched to LCD TV

LCD TV users can watch TV all day without having to interfere with the problem of light that enters the room because the picture on the LCD TV can still be seen clearly.

With a assortment of advantages LCD television it’s unsurprising that the LCD TV has many people or company use not just for house purposes, but as well for business sector purposes such wedding party, music exhibits, at meetings or seminar room, in the launching products and so forth, and if you plan to purchase a television then the LCD television you consider advantageous for buy

Info On Best DSLR Cameras

If you closely at the specifications and functions of the models that are provided by the top brands you will notice that the differences are minor. Such that the one that you choose is then based on what you prefer rather than anything esle. To illustrate this point I will briefly review the top 10 cameras for clarification.

  1. Canon Rebel XS: has DIGIC III image processing, Can shoot 3 frames per second, is 10.1 mega pixels and 7 point wide area automatic focusing .
  1. Olympus Evolt: Has 2.5 inch LCD live view screen, is 10.0 mega pixels and accommodates different storage accessories such as Micro drive, CF and memory cards. It is very light and can be used with a number of lenses.
  1. Nikon D700: You can make light, brightness, color and contrast adjustments and it also has a wide area focus and has preliminary picture preview to allow you to see how the image will look like after you’ve taken it.
  1. Nikon D300 DX: Has the new 51 point auto focus system, a 3 inch LCD live view screen and is 12.3 mega pixels .
  1. Canon EOS 40D: is 10.0 mega pixels, a 3inch live view LCD and 6.5 frame per second shooting
  1. Nikon D80: Excellent quality pictures and very good optical image reolution.
  1. Canon EOS 50D: Has face recognition and motion sensor modes, uses standard USM lens, DIGIC IV sensor and is 15.1 mega pixels.
  1. Nikon D60: comes with a G vibration lens, is 10.2 mega pixels and has a 2.5 inch LCD screen .
  1. Nikon D90 DX: is12.3 mega pixels, includes scene recognition system and has a 3 inch LCD screen.
  1. Canon Digital Rebel XSi: capable of storing images on normal memory cards, Has DIGIC III image processor, is 12.2 mega pixels and has an integrated cleaning system .

You will find other excellent products under Sony, Panasonic and Kodak, the ones that I’ve mentioned here are the current favorites among the DSLR camera range. You can see these and more at any one of the following:

  1. Best Slr Digital Camera
  2. Best Dslr Camera Photography
  3. Used Digital Slr For Sale

Data Recovery From Hard Drives That Have Crashed Can Be Done

For those who experience computer crashes from a failed hard disk, it may seem that data recovery from hard drive is a far off possibility. It’s frustrating to even think about this because such an event would mean the loss of hundreds of files and documents, whether personal or work-related. The truth is, it’s really not the end of the world because there are still ways to retrieve your data; the lesser the damage to your drive, the greater the chances of recovery. Yet, there are still a few things you should never do in this given situation..

First, never try fixing the drive on your own. The sealed casing of the hard drive should remain closed because once the parts are exposed to the dust particles, the damage could worsen. Even if you are able to identify the problem and repair it yourself, the exposure to air particulates could cause another problem altogether. Keeping the hard drive sealed but attempting home remedies wouldn’t work either. For instance, freezing your hard drive wouldn’t make things any better. What you should do instead is keep your calm and consider the right steps to take.

The first thing to do during hard drive failure is to check if your drive is still recognized by your unit. If it still works physically, the crash may have been caused by a software. In some cases, it may have been caused by a virus. You can try running a virus scanner through your files. You may find some files corrupted but the drive still works. Furthermore, many drives can become unreadable as caused by file fragmentation. This problem can be alleviated by running a file de-fragmentation program.

And then of course, there is always the probability that a mechanical failure caused the failure. This is evidenced by the strange sounds emanating from your drive, or if it simply doesn’t work at all. In this case, it’s best to leave the process of data recovery from hard drive to the experts. Such recovery is only possible with the use of a clean room, suitable tools, and the skill and knowledge of an experienced computer technician. The cost could run up to a considerable amount but it should be worth every dime you spend if you are able to salvage your important files and data.

Most people have to experience the woes of a hard drive crash before they finally realize the importance of backing up data.  If you do online backup now before facing the unfortunate event of having to deal with your first hard drive nightmare, you are saving yourself from wasting a lot of time, effort and thousands of dollars. While recovering information from a hard drive which just crashed remains doable, investing on a good computer backup is a practical option to consider as it saves you from having to go through the stress of data recovery.