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Windows Vista Repair | Vista and XP repair guides - Part 51

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Why Anti Virus Software?

I have worked on computers profetionaly for over 10 years now.  It still amazes that over half of my bussiness is from people who are infected with viruses and spyware.  Listen to me!!!  Pay the 50 bucks to protect your computer.  It is worth it.  On average I charge 129 to 188 to repair and fix computers from viruses and spyware.

Here are a few more things to twist your arm into spending the money.

25% of all computers out there connected to the internet are infected with a virus of some kind.  Many of these have a bot on them.  The bot is controlled by another computer and basically your computer becomes a zombie.  What this means is your computer is an unwilling participant and can send out spam.  Your system may also download and install spyware. Even worse the software installed on your computer may be a key logger and this records every key stroke you make.  It then sends the key log to who ever controls the bot and that person now has your credit card numbers, bank account passwords, paypal or ebay info,  basically every password to every site you visit online.

Still not convinced!!!!

50% of all computer connected to the internet with a high speed internet connection like cable or dsl will have a virus in less then 11 minutes.  Thats with out having active anti-virus software.

Now for a little more info to help you out.  Having anti-virus software is not enough.  You need antivirus, spyware and a firewall.  The good news is most programs now come with all three.  They are called internet security suits. Basically any program with the name internet security suit will have what you need.  Here is a list of programs we recommend. Vista antivirus programs.

For the 50 dollars up front it’s well worth it.  Not to mention most of the mentioned software programs can be installed on up to 3 computers.  Be sure and revew the program each year so you have the latest active protection.

Digital Rights Management DRM

So what is DRM anyways and how does it affect you?

Usually, new software enables you to do more with your computer. Vista, though, is designed to restrict what you can do.

Vista enforces new forms of “Digital Rights Management (DRM)”. DRM is more accurately called Digital Restrictions Management, because it is a technology that Big Media and computer companies try to impose on us all, in order to have control over how our computers are used.

DRM gives power to Microsoft and Big Media.

  • They decide which programs you can and can’t use on your computer
  • They decide which features of your computer or software you can use at any given moment
  • They force you to install new programs even when you don’t want to (and, of course, pay for the privilege)
  • They restrict your access to certain programs and even to your own data files

DRM is enforced by technological barriers. You try to do something, and your computer tells you that you can’t. To make this effective, your computer has to be constantly monitoring what you are doing. This constant monitoring uses computing power and memory, and is a large part of the reason why Microsoft is telling you that you have to buy new and more powerful hardware in order to run Vista. They want you to buy new hardware not because you need it, but because your computer needs it in order to be more effective at restricting what you do.

Microsoft and other computer companies sometimes refer to these restrictions as “Trusted Computing.” Given that they are designed to make it so that your computer stops trusting you and starts trusting Microsoft, these restrictions are more appropriately called “Treacherous Computing”.

Windows Vista Blue Screen of Death

So your new computer came with windows vista and you thought you were all done with the windows blue screen of death.  Well Window vista is a more robust and stable operating system then XP but you can still get the windows blue screen of death.  The most major cause of blue screens is registry damage.  The good news is there are many registry cleaners out there for a very reasonable price.  Windows Vista Registry Review has reviewed some of the top performing registry cleaners for windows vista

How did my registry become corrupt and what is the registry?

Think if the registry as the library for your computer.  When you click to open a program the registry kicks in and points to all the dependent files.  Over time as you install more programs and remove programs the registry can become cluttered and corrupt.

Registry cleaning software scans through your entire registry and removes all those bad and invalid files.  You should run registry cleaning software at least once a month to ensure proper and optimal function of your operating system.  This will cut down on the windows Vista blue screen errors you are getting

Online Computer Repair Directory

We are proud to introduce our new sister site onlinecomputerrepair.org. This great site now offers you local links to computer repair companies in your area. Browse by State and then city. this online computer repair site is still under works but at your fingers tips you now have an easy way to view your local companies.

If you are a computer repair company and would like your listing added, all you have to do is register and then post your add in the correct State.

Anti-spyware Removal

A detail anti-spyware removal guide has been created in our articles section.  The guide walks you through step by step on how to remove spyware.

Anti-Spyware Removal Guide

The spyware guide gives you links to many great free programs as well.  This is to help you remove the spyware. In the guide we do still recommend you purchase one of the following.

Spyware doctor or  SpySweeper

both of these programs offer a free 30 day trial.

Qwest Actiontec M1000 Modem not working with Linksys or D-link router

Here is the senaro and the fix for it.

Qwest is now offering the Action Tec M1000 Modem/router. This is a router even with no wireless unit installed. If you have another router you would like to use with the Qwest M1000 such as linksys or D-link you have to configure the Linksys or D-link as an acces point in order to make it work. (For the life of me I do not see why Qwest is offering a router with only one nic output)

Anyways here is what you do. The exact steps will vary depending on what type of router you have. With the Qwest Actiontec M1000 DO NOTHING. This will be our router. With the second router login.

D-link is and linksys is . You need to plug the router directly into a PC with out is being hooked to the M1000. If you are unsure what the ip is you need consult your manufacturers website. Log into the router and change the local IP for the Router itself to Now you will have to re-log into the router using this new IP. We now need to change the range of the addresses given out.Change the Starting IP Address: to Go ahead and save changes. Now you will have to disalbe the DHCP server on the the router. You are almost done. Now conect the Qwest Actiontec M1000 router to the back of the Linksys router. DO NOT plug it into the WAN port. We have set the router up as an AP so plug it into any port 1 through 4. You may need to re-boot the linksys or d-Link router but you should be good to go. This has worked several times for me and should work great for you. The first time I contacted Qwest about the issue and they kept telling me that the M1000 is not a router unless the wireless is turned on but they are on crack and totally wrong. Post your comments if this worked or if you need more help.

If your still having issues then head over to www.onlinecomputerrepair.org .  these guys are great at setting networks up and can get you going for a very reasonable price.