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Windows Vista Repair | Vista and XP repair guides - Part 8

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The Reasons for Linux Web Hosting Popularity

Different web hosting systems run all the websites on the internet today.One of the most popular web hosting systems today is the Linux system.Most webmasters today prefer using Linux systems in their websites, which is basically an operating system.

The reason for this is because the Linux system is compatible with open source programming languages like PHP, Python and Perl.Linux hosting is the best choice for use in your website as it can be easily made to synchronize with open source programs.

In addition to this, Linux system is an affordable mode of web hosting, making it possible for more people to use.As you can use the help of special tools to create a website according to your need, more and more people prefer using Linux web hosting system

Another reason many people prefer using Linux web hosting services is because of its excellent security measures.It is a secured system that provides your website protection from worm, intrusion and even viruses from a third party.The added security and protection you receive for your website assures better performance from your website.This protection also gives a lower probability of experiencing any downtime your website.

At its inception, Linux operating systems were difficult to use, and was thus used only by IT professionals.However now it is easy for anyone to use Linux operating systems because of the modifications it has undergone over time.There is better stableness and control when you use Linux operating systems.Linux is now very popular and high in demand and is no longer meant for use only by large companies.

Linux web hosting not only has so many features to boast about, when compared to other web hosting options, it is also comparatively cheaper than other web hosting options.Nothing more is required to give you the perfect web hosting solution.

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Choosing a Laptop Bag

Laptop bags can be bought in an extensive range of shapes, sizes and designs. They also vary greatly in cost from inexpensive laptop bags for less than $20 to pricey designer or leather cases that are above $250. The kind of laptop case that you buy will depend on your finances and your lifestyle. Students often have to to carry around plenty of papers and text books in addition to their laptop consequently a backpack laptop could be perfect. Business people will probably find a briefcase style laptop bag to be just what they need.

Of course, you get what you pay for so if you purchase a low-cost laptop case don’t suppose it will last very long or furnish proper security to your laptop. If you do not travel around often or you just require a case to hold your laptop at home a cheap laptop case possibly will be acceptable.

Different Types of Laptop Cases

Backpack laptop bags are best if you must to carry around lots of equipment as well as your laptop and you find a regular laptop bag too cumbersome to carry. You can place all your gear in your bag, sling it on your back and go! Just take care that it has ample padded straps so that it is comfortable and secure.

Briefcase style laptop bags are often lightweight and durable and are great for commuters. They are useful to place your laptop on while working, on the train for instance. They are usually very strong and long-lasting.

Another kind of laptop bag you may want to bear in mind is the rolling laptop bag, particularly if you do a lot of travelling and you must lug around heavy stuff besides your laptop. These types are like travelling luggage and typically have an extendable handle. The handle is typically made out of aluminum and is tough and light and easily collapsed or extended with a button. While they are a little pricier than similar laptop bags without wheels the extra expense will more than pay for itself in the lack of strain on your arms!

Laptop bags can be purchased in numerous colors and designs several specially made for women. The least expensive laptop bag which is available is about $18 but at this price you’re not going to buy a laptop case that will offer much protection. Cheap laptop bags nevertheless are often very light and might be much better if you find a bag that is heavier causes you some discomfort. More expensive laptop bags made from leather start at around $130 and will be good for many years. Whichever sort of laptop bag you prefer you should always check that it is big enough to accommodate your laptop and accessories and is the right one for your way of life.

Backups Help Wipe out Mistakes

  Backup protection not just give protection against data loss caused by hardware breakdown, lost power, extreme weather, or some other disaster. No, the backups also give extra security against small mishaps. We do backup to external disks and to tape backup devices in order to protect the organization from loss of its data that could cripple it if it happens. In some cases, the protections of backups are not for businesses but for home users. These are private computer users who have not done repeated backups and collected tons of family photos the loss of which would be irrecoverable.


Suppose you work as a PC computer geek and you get contacted by one of those computer users who say that the PC won’t work and the machine won’t start up again. Most likely the hard disk had a breakdown. And you know by experience that there would not be any backup. Now imagine this! The user, since he was able to get a DOS prompt, tried a system utility called FDISK. He figured out that the name meant “Fix disk” and just happened to delete one of the disk partitions. This is a case when a utility to recover lost data partitions is useful to have in the emergency kit.


Of course, disk partitions on hard disks should only be changed by those who know how computer works, so that the risk of disasters can be minimized. The best thing is to have a partition utility product such as Norton Ghost that will make a partition backup of the basic configuration and system software and then a another software such as Novastor Backup to do incremental and complete backups of user data files. There are cases when a simpler partition tool for partition recovery can be used to restore disk partitions back without serious data loss.


Because the disk drive refuses to start up, this does not always mean that the system disk can’t be made to work. It some cases it could be that just a limited area on the hard disk contains bad blocks and that this location is is blocking Windows from booting up because several booting errors are reported by the system. If a partition becomes deleted by accident, then the data in that may still be there. Just the partition table has to be modified.


EASEUS Partition Manager is a software product which can restore deleted partitions. File Scavenger is another one. File Scavenger claims that it can recover from formatting of a partition. You can  find other software utilities for this, but the goal here is to recreate condition from which you can move the data files onto another partition or backup and then create a fresh boot partition. Now, it can happen that after running the partition recovery tool that Windows starting up but in case that it won’t, you want to at least be able to get to a DOS command prompt and be able to see the files that need to be moved off.


If you have the fortune to see on your monitor the DOS prompt command and see the files that is stored in the user’s “My Documents” folder, then you should be able to hook up to an external backup drive (the simplest solution is to use a USB external hard drive) and to move the data files off to this drive. Then, the hard drive can be formatted, Windows installed, and the files recovered. It’s a cumbersome restoration but your customer will be glad to get the family pictures back.




How to Transfer Files from Vista to Windows 7

In order to be able to transfer files from Vista to Windows 7 it is important to first decide on the exact selection of data that needs to be migrated. Once the selection has been made, there are several methods by which transferring files from Vista to Windows 7 can be accomplished.

Even if by many experts burning data on external storage disks such as CD or DVD is considered as a rudimentary solution, it is still one of the primary methods of transferring files from Vista to Windows 7. However, due to the fact that most likely the PC user will have a large volume of data for backup, such as media, installers and other possible large archives, transferring files from Vista to Windows 7 by burning them on a DVD and then copying them back to the target operating system may prove to be a redundant and inefficient method.  This is an option you really should only use if you have very little data to be transferred over and even in those cases I would personally just use a USB thumb drive also known as a USB jump drive.

Perhaps the best option out there for most people is to use a third party software program that was built for the purpose of transferring over data to a new computer from the old one.  Laplink PCmover, software specialized in managing the process of file transfer from Vista to Windows 7, has been published and appreciated by most software reviewers. As a matter of fact, Laplink PCmover is capable to assist in the file transfer process between any older version of Windows and Windows 7, turning it into the perfect software companion when upgrading to the latest operating system released by Microsoft.

As an alternative, when upgrading from Vista to Windows 7, it is also possible to use Easy Transfer Wizard. Windows Easy Transfer has been designed to aid in the process of transferring files from Vista to Windows 7 in order to allow Microsoft operating system users to transfer personal files such as e-mail, files and various data from an old computer setup to a new one.   However this program does not transfer over programs.  To do that you would have to use the Laplink PCmover program.  Also with the Easy Transfer Wizard you will need to install your programs first on the Windows 7 computer in order for data to be imported correctly from whatever program settings you are transferring over.  This tool is not always the easiest to use but it can get the job done just fine for many people.

Regardless of the solution that a PC user will find more suitable for his own particular case, there are several options by which it is possible and comfortable to transfer files from Vista to Windows 7. In the end, it is all about scalability and usability, according to each operating system and especially according to the volume of files that need to be transferred from Vista to Windows 7.

We do recommend transferring the data over a network or directly to a new computer using the Laplink PCmover software and a data transfer cable.

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XP to Windows 7 Upgrade

I know plenty of people out there who heard about the problems Vista had and opted to get the XP operating system instead or downgrade from Vista to XP.  The problem tens of thousands now have is upgrading their operating system from XP to Windows 7.

Microsoft does not support a direct upgrade path for XP to Windows 7.  That means that if you want to install the latest and greatest operating system you have to do a clean install.  That means wiping out your drive and installing the new operating system on it.

I know what you’re thinking and I am right there with you.  Why would the big M do such a thing?  The answer is rather complicated but in a nut shell XP is a legacy operating system.  It’s been out for a decade now and has not been supported by them for a while besides updates.

The truth of the matter is you do have several different options.  I will do my best to give you a quick over view of your options.  Please read till the end because there are some important steps you do not want to miss out on.

The first is a delayed data transfer.  Basically you use the Easy Transfer Wizard to backup all your personal settings and documents.  Then you save it to a DVD, external drive of over the network.  Now that you have a copy of all your personal stuff you can wipe the drive.  Ensure you disconnect the backup device you used first.  This ensures you do not do anything too dumb like wipe the wrong drive.  Now you can install Windows 7 and then transfer over all your personal settings and documents.  I should note that you will still need to re-install your programs but your custom settings and personal files will be there.  Don’t think of it as a inconvenience.  Instead think of it as starting fresh.  Your operating system will never of been faster.  At least I’m trying to look on the bright side.

The second option is not one I would personally use but it works.  It requires you to, dare I say it,  buy Vista.  You use the vista disk to first upgrade from XP to Windows Vista.  Then install the SP1 for Vista and then upgrade again to Windows 7.  It works like a charm.  Just note that you need to keep the same bit platform. So if you have XP 32 bit then you will need to use the Windows 7 32 bit.  Also if you use Vista home then you will have to use the Windows 7 home, the same goes for Pro.  If you use Windows Vista Premium then you have to use Windows 7 premium.  Are you confused yet?  I will add a chart at the bottom of this article to help you out.

I saved the best option for last.  Call it a reward for you reading through the rest of the article.  In this option you will be able to transfer over all your programs and custom settings.  That is correct.  You will not have to re-install your software programs.  The only down side is you will need to spend around 30 bucks on a program called Pcmover Upgrade Assistant.  This is the best 30 bucks you will spend this year.  In a nut shell you install the PCmover  Upgrade Assistant program.  Then run the wizard.  Just follow the prompts. Then insert the Windows 7 CD.  Choose “custom” install.  The purpose of this is so you do NOT format the drive.

Once the install is done you need to re-install the PCmover Upgrade Assistant software.  Now you can follow the prompts and get all your data moved over into Windows 7.  This software works on 32 to 64 bit transfers and vice versa.  It is really a slick program for the low cost.

Now onto the important message.  Before you install Windows 7 you need to think about a few things.  First is to ensure your programs will still work on Windows 7.  Chances are they will but you may want to double check first.  I would recommend using the Windows 7 upgrade adviser tool from Microsoft.  Just follow the link.  It’s a free tool and it will let you know how well your PC should run on a Windows 7 as well as what hardware and software will work.  Keep in mind you may still need to get some driver updates or update your software program to make it compatible.  Just be prepared for that.  You need to run the free upgrade adviser tool first just to make sure.

If you are using a computer built from a manufacture then I would suggest you go to that manufacturers website and click on the support section.  then go to the drivers section.  You want to ensure drivers are listed for Windows 7 there.  If no drivers are listed then it may pose a problem after you upgrade.  In 95% of all cases I am guessing you will not have an issue.

Another cool link to check out to ensure software is compatible besides the Windows 7 Advisor program is www.microsoft.com/windows/compatibility/windows-7/en-us/default.aspx

Here is the chart I was talking about earlier

XP to Windows 7 upgrade

I hope this article has been helpful to you.  Again our recommended solution is to spend the 30 bucks and use PCmover Upgrade Assistant.  We are working on getting a video made to show the exact steps on doing this.

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How to Upgrade Windows XP to Windows 7

For all those people who want to upgrade from Windows XP to Widnows 7 I have great news. There is now a way to do it with out having to jump through a hundred hoops.

As many people know Microsoft does not support a direct upgrade to Windows 7 on XP computers. This has made things very hard for all those who did not want to use Vista and have been waiting for Windows 7.

There are two standard ways to do an upgrade to Windows 7 from XP but only one of them will preserve all your programs and the currents settings as well as all your documents. The method involves using PCmover Upgrade Assistant. With this very affordable program you can very easily upgrade your computer with out loosing any data at all. This program has worked great on two test computers of ours. The only catch is you need to purchase multiple licenses if you are going to be installing Windows 7 on multiple computers.

The only other way to upgrade from Widnows XP to Widnows 7 and keep all your current programs is to first upgrade XP to Vista and then upgrade again to Windows 7. This is a big pain for most and why would you want to purchase a whole other operating system just to be able to upgrade to Windows 7 from XP. It just does not make sense.

Those are the only two options we have been able to find that will work to easily migrate all your current programs over to the new operating system with out having to re-install and re-register them.

Other options you can consider

Another option you can consider if you do not wish to purchase PCmover Upgrade Assistant is to wipe your XP computer then install Widnows 7 onto it. Of course you would need to do a data backup first. You can use the Windows Easy Trasnfer method and do a delayed external backup onto a seperate hard drive or over the network. Then wipe off XP and upgrade with Windows 7. We should point out that this method will not transfer over any of your current software programs and that you will need to re-install them all. In order to transfer over programs you would need to use the PCmover Upgrade Assistant.

For those that are trasnfering Data from an Old Windows XP Machine to a New Windows 7 computer you have other options

If you needed to migrate all your programs over from XP to Windows 7 then you should use the regular PCmover program. This program works great at moving all your data including all the programs you select and custom settings over to a new Windows 7 computer. This is the simplest way to go for sure to transfer data from XP to Widnows 7.

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