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Are your Photos Safe? Two good Online Photo Backup Choices

Have you ever lost a picture you couldn't replace of a family event or other important occassion?  If so, then you would know that said pictures are irretrievable once lost.  The use of online photo backup programs, such as Mozy or Carbonite, is a way to keep up with those important and irreplacable digital photos. […]

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Start Backing Up today Easily with an Automatic Backup Program

It’s just a fact of life not enough people do the things they really need to. Whether it’s saving money, eating right, or backing up their PC. Backing up your computer might seem like a tough task, how ever using the right automatic backup program makes the process simple and hands free. In this article […]

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Do Disk Imaging Tools do a Good Job?

Most people that use a disk imaging program never really know if their image is done correctly or not. That is until something crashes and they need to recover files or lost data.It is how ever something that should be looked into since most find out their image is bad after a crash occurs and […]

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Quick and Dirty Method to Backup your Computer Online

It’s the one PC task we should all know how to do, backing up files.Of course, we’re all none the wiser until everything is lost in a computer crash. I speak from experience so trust me when I say there is no better time then right now to get started with an online computer backup […]

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You Know Not, When A Computer Crash Cometh

Making Backup Copies of Files and Data is a Must Those of us that don’t run a business from our PC should also be backing up files. It would be heartbreaking to loose all your family photos due to a hacker or virus.Computers have become our lives, all important data is stored there, therefore we […]

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Keeping Important Files Safe – How to Backup your Computer

The majority of us know that we should be backing up our data.If you’ve been lucky enough to never have a computer crash on you then realize that you’re a lucky fella and there’s never been a better time then right now to start backing up your important data. There’s a few tips and items […]

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