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There is no substitute for an experienced computer repair support technician

It does not matter whether you own just one computer or an entire network of computers, you will need to find a very good, experienced computer repair support technician to help you keep those computers humming along smoothly and working for you as you need them to work. There is almost nothing more frustrating than […]

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Getting the most out of your computer by giving it a tune up

My computer had been under performing for a while and I was thinking of getting a new one. I looking through the usual computer sites like Dell and PC World and they had some really good offers on. What did strike me though was that the spec on new computers was not so diffrent from […]

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Computer buying checklist

Steps For Buying A Computer Buying a Computer What To Do And Why   It isn’t fair, but buying a computer is just plain easier for some than it is for others. Those who've purchased and used a computer in the past already have an idea of what they need in a new computer. But […]

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High-Performance Computing turns a courner

Hardware maker Nvidia has announced thier new computer that has the power of a cluster of computers at a small fraction of the cost. Nvidia, working with several partners, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Western Scientific, and others, has developed the Tesla Personal Supercomputer, using the graphics processing unit based on Nvidia’s Cuda parallel computing architecture. Burton […]

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Utilizing Two Monitors on One Computer Is More Productive

Using Two Monitors on One Computer You might ask why anyone would use two monitors on one pc but there are reasons.  Known as dual pc monitors, these have a multitude.  A great reason for using two monitors is for someone in the photography market.  For instance, photographers working on digital pictures, trying to view, […]

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