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High-Performance Computing turns a courner

Hardware maker Nvidia has announced thier new computer that has the power of a cluster of computers at a small fraction of the cost. Nvidia, working with several partners, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Western Scientific, and others, has developed the Tesla Personal Supercomputer, using the graphics processing unit based on Nvidia’s Cuda parallel computing architecture. Burton […]

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Utilizing Two Monitors on One Computer Is More Productive

Using Two Monitors on One Computer You might ask why anyone would use two monitors on one pc but there are reasons.  Known as dual pc monitors, these have a multitude.  A great reason for using two monitors is for someone in the photography market.  For instance, photographers working on digital pictures, trying to view, […]

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Spyware: The Lurking Danger On Your Computer

It is not always possible to know whether or not your laptop or computer has become affected by spyware since such malicious programs are something that remain in the background and go about their business in the shadows without letting you become aware that a problem exists with your personal computer or laptop. Be Aware […]

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Getting Technical Help From Computer Forums

Most of us are not well versed in what we should do when something goes wrong with a computer. We use computers more than ever, and it could very well be something that becomes more and more important as we move on through time. Sadly, there are many small things that can go wrong, quite […]

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Learning Computer Basics

My first time with a computer was in eighth grade, but we really didnít do much with them. We made greeting cards which were printed out on printers that have fallen by the wayside a long time ago. When computers became more advanced, nothing that I learned in the way of computer basics applied. Iím […]

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