microscope images

An electron microscope can offer a person many different types of advantages over other microscopes. If someone has never used one of the many types of electron microscopes, then they are seriously missing out. This type of microscope offers more clarity and a better magnification than most any other type of microscope on the market. In order to choose the best type of the many electron microscopes, a person must understand the various types that are available for them to enjoy.

Three types of electron microscopes exist. They are the transmission electron microscope, the scanning electron microscope, and the scanning-tunneling electron microscope. The original of all of these types of microscopes is the transmission electron. The TEM, as it is commonly called, transmits electrons through a small slice of a specimen in order for the image to be seen. These types of microscopes are great for seeing inside the cells of beings on the planet. Much has been learned by using these microscopes for seeing all types of various cells.

The other electron microscope types that are used are the scanning electron microscopes and the scanning tunneling microscope. The SEMs, or the scanning microscopes, have a greater depth of field because of the difference of how they work. Because the specimens are covered with atoms, when the electron beam is scanned over the item to be looked at, the electrons on the surface become excited and thus an image is created. These images can be 3-d and can allow a person to see the image in depth. The scanning tunneling microscope or STM, can show the tiniest of atoms on a surface because the electrons actually jump between the tip of the microscope and the specimen. This tunneling current will then create an image. These images are also very in depth and can allow a scientist to see atoms that previously could not be viewed.

The electron microscope can make viewing specimens so much easier than ever before. Things, such as cell mitochondria and cell nucleuses, can now be seen and studied in order to better help those who suffer from certain dysplasia. Looking at things under a microscope has never been more fun and more exciting.

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