In a shock and surprising move, Apple has said that it is to abandon the annual tech seminar event called, 'Macworld' after this years January event. News is still circulating that Steve Jobs, the CEO for Apple will not be addressing the popular seminar after more fears about his health. Steve Jobs suffered a bout of cancer four years ago which was very serious and it is reported that concerns have risen once more.

An Apple spokesman, Steve Dowling said that he did not want to discuss the issue of Steve's health and said that the reason they are pulling out of the Macworld seminar is because they are not relevant anymore. "Apple is steadily pulling back on trade shows and in recent years is reaching more people in more ways than ever before", Mr Dowling stated. It is cmpletely understandable considering that over 3.Five million people visit the Apple retail stores and much like any other company, trade shows are a small part of how they can reach their audience. Although Apple have scaled back on the trade shows they have put more money into promoting their promotional adverts on television and all over the internet like they have in September this year to launch the new 3G iphone.

The Macworld expo is regarded by many people as the highlight of the year for Apple fans as new products like the iphone and ipod are introduced by the charismatic Steve Jobs. However Steve's last appearance at the Macworld expo shocked many worried fans as he appeared extremely gaunt and weak. All we can hope is that Steve recovers as soon as possible as he truly is a loved character amongst the Mac world. The main thing obviously is that Steve regains his health as soon as possible. I can understand Apple's choice to back out of trade shows however it is important for your audience to interact and relate to a face on the company and Steve Jobs performs this job very well indeed.

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