Have you ever lost a picture you couldn't replace of a family event or other important occassion?  If so, then you would know that said pictures are irretrievable once lost.  The use of online photo backup programs, such as Mozy or Carbonite, is a way to keep up with those important and irreplacable digital photos.  Many reviews of Mozy and Carbonite backup reviews are extremely positive.  Some of the benefits of both types of backup programs are automatic backup and the ability to synchronize between computers.  Without online photo backup programs such as these, many people would have a hard time remembering to back up their important and irreplacable photos.


Many people like to save their photos on their computers, but what happens when that computer crashes and loses data?  If the photos are not backed up somewhere else, then they will have been lost forever. Using an online photo backup service like Carbonite or Mozy will avoid that horrible action of lost memories forever from happening.


According to some Moxy backup reviews, the Mozy backup program is great for people who want to save their photos for a cheap cost.  There is a free version that has 2 GB of backup storage space, but a person can pay five dollars a month to upgrade that to unlimited storage space.  The Mozy online photo backup is considered a great program for home users.


Carbonite, on the other hand, has no free version, but has unlimited backup capability for a low price.  According to one Carbonite backup review, it is extremely easy to see which files have been backed up.  When a file or folder is backed up with Carbonite, it gains a small dot next to the icon.  The program also puts a drive under My Computer, which is the place where all of a person’s files are backed up.


It is always good to have online photo backup, especially if a person has many irreplacable and memorable pictures on his or her computer.  Both the Mozy and Carbonite backup programs are great to have. Carbonite offers a 14 day free trial of their unlimited storage account, while Mozy has their completely free 2 G free account, their unlimited account has no free option.  Always look for reviews on both products before getting them, though, because one may have features that the other program does not.  Saving those important and irreplacable photos may help prevent a tragic loss of memories in case the computer crashes and loses data.

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