With the latest Bond film, Quantum of Solace, being released recently, here are some great spy gadgets that will satisfy anyones spy fantasies. Unfortunately they are not cheap things to buy.

Land Rover Defender 10 (£67,850) – This car may not look wonderful, however, it could take a punch, or well anything you want to throw at it really. The beast of a car has armour plating that can protect you from 5.56mm and 7.62 mm rounds. Plus with bullet proof glass, you can be sure that no bullets will hit you on the school run. If you’re concerned about the odd grenade or mine, fear not, the bottom of the car is grenade and anti personnel mine proof.

Tornado Night Vision Goggles Generation 2 + (£3,162.50) – Although they may be pricey for some goggles, you won’t be walking into lamp posts at night with these things on. These goggles come with 2 eye pieces and one night vision tube, they really are state of the art. Also, if you fancy zooming in, there are different lenses available. All of this runs on 2xAA batteries and comes with a bag to keep it in.

Taser C2 (£248) – This one is for non UK residents really as it is illegal in the UK, unless you’re a policeman. The Taser C2 is a stun gun that allows you to zap your target by shooting a C2 cartridge at them. The powerful lithium battery is good for 50 uses, plus the whole thing fits in your pocket.

Spy Camera Glasses (£89.99) – Some covert cameras now, they are normal sun glasses, however, these come with a 1.3 megapixel camera built in. The sunglasses also include 1 GB of memory which can store up to 1000 pictures. That’s not all, you can listen to your favorite music while stalking someone with the built in earphones.

Every James Bond wannabe should have some of these gadgets. The only problem is that you won’t look like 007 driving in the Land Rover.

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