In the US, technology touches every one of our lives.  Whether you were born yesterday, or 90 years ago, advances in technology has been involved with you in ways that we now take for granted.In the United States, each house hold averages two computers.In the age group 15 to 24 nearly 20% possesses a cell phone.  20% of US residents over 12 now own an MP3 player and one in twenty own more than one.  How do we keep up with all this technology?  Computer Magazines contain all the information we need to learn about new devices and upcoming gadgets.  The articles on technology in computer magazines we will learn about Future technologies that is starting to break through and will change many of our devices that we own today.

If you are reading this article youare certainly using IT, although you may not know what it stands for.Information Technology, is abbreviated IT,.  Information technology is all about the world of computers. In the broad sense it means the processing, managing, and editing of information stored in computer databases and on the Internet at large.This includes software and computer generated entertainment.There are Computer Magazines to weed through this information and guide you along certain aspects of the procedure.

For instance home computers have evolved from simple word processing to multimedia gaming monsters.  Kids can perform Internet research for school as well as download music and playing realistic games.Articles in computer magazines offer information on updates to software and games as well as new hardware that makes the computers faster and more dependable.

And what about cell phones, once only the rich had in their cars, now everywhere you look kids, students, adults, businessmen and woman and even grandparents have cell phones.Cells phones functionality ranges from simple to advanced.Many cell phones offer text messages to be sent back and forth over the phones.  The more advanced phones have full operating systems and function similar to a laptop.They can send and receive email, browse the Internet, compose documents, keep schedules and use organization software if available.

Future articles on technology in Computer Magazines even cover cutting edge topics.Nanotechnology, one of the hotest topics today.  Nanotech deals with structures that are extremely small, therefore allowing electronics to be created equally as small.  For example a computer hard drive can be created using nanotech and small enough to fit on the head of a pin.  This technology is far from everyday use, but on the way none the less.  Major advances in technology also touches our daily lives in the medical field.  More lives are saved than ever before due to the advances made and how the technology is used to get better medications and machines to assist when we are ill.

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