With Vista taking a steady hold on the market it seems many people out there want to know the best way to clean the Vista registry.  It is very important to keep you registry clean and the Vista OS is no exception.  After testing several tools out in Vista we have finally found the one that takes the cake.  It was the first tool we tried and the reason is simple.  It’s from the smae makers to the only anti-virus and anti-spyware software we promote on this site.  The program is called Registry Mechanic and it really does work wonders.  With this automatic registry repair and Vista cleaning tool it is hard to mess things up.  when you scan using registry mechanic you get to backup you registry before any thing is done.  This simple yet important step is missing on many of the free clients out there.  After the scan you simply have to hit one button to do a repair and removal of invalid entries.  This program also features many other do it yourslef tools to help speed up your computer and maximize it’s performance.

THe guy took the cake because it takes no computer knowledge to use this program.  It really is that simple to use.  Great advances have been made in this product since is first came out and for the most part it is all automated.  You say yes I want to optimize my computuer and Registry Mechanic gets to work.

Not everyone is comfortable messing with their own computer.  I know far too many people that tend to push way too many buttons.  registry Mechanic takes the fear out of things so you do not have to think twice.

For those that are still hesatent to even use this program you can also just download the free trial and install it and run thhe scan.  No it wont’ remove or do anything for you untill you purchase it but you can at least see for yourself how easy it is to use.

If you are still on the call about things but know your computer needs a little help then consider having a pro take a look at it.  As always we have a place for you to go.  Head over to this SLOW COMPUTER reapiar site.  These guys can remote into your computer and take care of everything for you for 89 bucks.  It’s far cheaper then calling a tech out to the home and the results are great. Easy on the wallet and a great service for those that need a computer tune-up.

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